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Shopping & Dining
by: Malaysia Tourism Board

Shopping for souvenirs is an exciting experience in Pahang. There are souvenir stalls in almost every town in the state, especially in areas around Kuantan, Cherating and Pekan. Shopping malls in Kuantan include the East Coast Mall, Teruntum Complex, Kuantan Parade, Berjaya Megamall and Kuantan Plaza. Visitors in search of novelty items and unique buys can visit the pasar malam or nightmarkets. Get a range of souvenirs from crafts made of pandanus leaves to woodcarvings and batik. Among the popular shopping spots in Pahang are:

• Medan Pelancong, Jalan Besar
• Crafts Complex, Jalan Pintasan
• Sungai Karang
• Cherating Village
• Pahang SilkWeaving Centre, Pulau Keladi
• Batik RM, Tanah Putih

A diverse variety of Malay, Chinese and Indian food add colour and variety to Pahang’s culinary scene. Continental food is available in major hotels and restaurants and fast food is easily found in various parts of the state.

Adventurous visitors can enjoy Pahang’s local delights that appeal with a tantalising aroma and taste. A number of dishes are said to have royal origins as they were specially created by the royal chefs of yesteryear. Destinations such as Jerantut, Lipis, Temerloh
and Pekan are regarded as the places to sample authentic Pahang food. Seafood lovers should not miss a visit to Temerloh, famed as Bandar Ikan Patin or ‘the town of silver catfish’.


Try these local favourites:

Mi Calong
A noodle dish served with spicy seafood gravy, Mi Calong is a delicious treat at any time of the day.

Laksa Pahang
Noodles and meat are cooked to perfection and served with a piquant gravy. Although laksa is available in other parts of the region, Laksa Pahang gets its unique taste and flavour fromthe special ingredients and special method of preparation.

Opor Pahang
Made of beef, mutton or lamb, this spicy dry dish is cooked with spices and coconut milk. Opor Pahang is best savoured with white rice or fragrant buttered rice.

Puding Raja
Hailed as a royal favourite, this delectable dessert ismade with amedley of bananas, prunes, dates, cherries and cashew nuts. The ingredients are then served in a thick creamy sauce made of condensed milk, corn flour and eggs. The taste? Utterly delicious!

Nasi Periuk Kera
A rare treat, nasi periuk kera literally means ‘pitcher plant rice’. This is a recipe from the state’s indigenous communities. A special variety of pitcher plant is sourced from the rainforest, cleaned and used as a mould to cook rice.

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Shopping & Dining
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