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Bangsar: The Jack Of All Trades
by: Sophia

Located at the periphery of the city centre, Bangsar has been a popular entertainment district for some 15 odd years now. Initially starting out as a rubber estate, Bangsar was later developed into a residential area and now there is a whole host of houses and condominiums to choose from. The growth of Bangsar can highly be attributed to the hustle and bustle of the Telawi area.

The Telawi area is a potpourri of leisure, entertainment and good food. It is easily accessible and noticeable with its bright lights and the intense energy pulsating from the streets. But alas, there is a price to pay for being one of the most renowned and visited hot spots in town, a shortage in parking spaces. A new multi storey car park is being put in place to prevent the inconsiderate activity of double parking and illegal parking.

Telawi is well known for its pub scene; housing over 40 pubs, cafés and restaurants along its charming streets. From the ubiquitous Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to Baskin Robbins and Dome, Bangsar is an extraordinary potpourri of flavours. It peppers visitors with fancy restaurants like La Bodega, Alexis Bistro & Bar, Flam's Restaurant & Wine Bar, and Finnegan's Irish Pub…to just name a few. La Bodega is highly recommended for those who want a delicioso taste of Spain . Let them pamper you with their authentic tapas bar and the smooth sounds of jazz in the backdrop. Mak Koh Seafood Restaurant is noted for its affordable and great tasting local delights. Top it all off with an outstanding dessert choice of Tiramisu at the Alexis Bistro & Bar. For the fast-food fanatics, there is no shortage of eateries for them too; take a quick browse around and you'll soon find McDonald's, KFC and Burger King.

Head over to Telawi Street Bistro (TSB) to sample the array of TSB's signature cocktails and swoon over their infamous Spanking Boards (vodka concoctions) in a cozy yet rugged ambience, complete with hip-swaying tunes for those longing to groove. Another definite must-see is Club 11.15; a pub that resembles a prison inside out. The whole she-bang comes complete with images of the prison walls and mannequins dressed in prison warden uniforms.

Shopping itself is a leisure activity that many enjoy. Shopping in Bangsar is like discovering many hidden treasures from all over the world. Bangsar offers clothing stores that cater to every type of fashion tastes imaginable. The frequented boutiques include Vivid, Euromoda and Fabric Avenue , Shopaholics, Cat's Whiskers, Gossips, Blook and many more. Every Sunday from 5pm , a strip of night market or locally known as Pasar Malam (night market) lights up the already colourful Bangsar. Complete with open-air shopping stalls that sells all kinds; it's another cheaper option for shoppers to pack their shopping bags with. While making your way from one stall to another, be prepared to maneuver in between human traffic. Things on sale vary from vegetables to fresh seafood and children's toys to apparels and these are made available to shoppers till the wee hours of the morning.

The artsy crowd will especially adore Bangsar with its share of local theatrics. Catch plays, dances, mimes, concerts and also choirs only at the Actors' Studio Bangsar at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). The performances are guaranteed to tickle your funny bones, inspire and move you to tears. Housed within BSC, the Actors' Studio Bangsar is where you can get acquainted with local performance genres spanning from dance to theatre and drama to comedy. Tickets are affordably priced and their performances usually don't disappoint.

Easily accessible from many major roads of Kuala Lumpur and though only 10 minutes' drive from the city centre, visitors to Bangsar are advised to try the Putra Light Rail Transit (LRT) which stops at Bangsar station. Another option is the feeder bus system; conveniently dropping off passengers at any flourishing corner of Bangsar. With such an affluent neighbourhood and variety of entertainment themes, the culture that characterizes Bangsar is trendy, vibrant and above all… unmatched.

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Bangsar: The Jack Of All Trades

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Sophia, Writer for Malaysia
Sophia writes for Streetdirectory Malaysia. Robert J. Steiner manages & is an online gifts and flower site in Malaysia. Sophia is a music graduate from Trinity College London. In between classes, she still finds time to write movie and music reviews for various online and print publications. Now venturing into travel writing, she is able to blend both her passion for wordplay with her passion for travel. 

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