Poetry No Standard

by : Joseph Smith

Never have I followed any standards which restrict my writing. Do you know why? I know the reason why, but do you? Poetry is the most personal form of writing for me and I would never let anyone tell me how to write my feelings down on a piece of paper, nor will I let someone tell me how to type my personal thoughts and feelings.

Writing poetry down on a piece of paper may not be as popular these days, since we have our own little PCs and MACs, but that doesn't mean that you have to let writing poetry become more standardized. Writing on the internet can give you a larger audiance and sometimes people will try to intimidate you, there will be more people trying to tell you how to write, or they will tell you how they want your poetry to be, but don't be intimidated by them. Your poetry is your own and having no standards really brings out your full potential; this is a fact, if you really look at how the greats in poetry have written their work.

Through the ages poetry has been revered and written in different ways, but never has great poetry been written by someone other than the individual who wrote it, so don't waste time with people who try to bring you down, I can't stress that enough. There really isn't much to tell here, but what I have said to you. If you really want to be great, then just be yourself.