Panama: The Interesting Places

by : Laurie Cooper

Doing a tour around the interesting places in Panama is a different experience that you should try. A great advantage comparing to other countries in Latin America is that most of the population understand and speaks English although their main language is Spanish. Generally, the people in Panama are warm and friendly so that visitors don't feel alienated wherever they go because of the hospitality and the services that characterize Panama. Although this have been the vacation haven of most visitors from US, Canada, Venezuela and Europe in the recent years, tourism is still in a development stage in infrastructures as many other of the interesting places in Panama. In fact, most of its stunning beaches are still undeveloped or underdeveloped with amazing and exclusive projects. There is a boom in tourism in Panama, prices are still affordable, places are not crowded and there are still many available slots in their hotels, resorts and other accommodations.

Panama has now become one of the fascinating places to visit. Tourists find a lot of attractive places suitable for their vacations and holiday trips as well as investments and trades. Arriving in Panama is convenient with its high facilities in airport and transportation. The interesting places in Panama includes beaches, highlands mountains and within city locations. Many of these interesting places in Panama feature the heritage of the people of Panama, the exuberant flora and fauna and places where people can relax and enjoy.

One of the most concurred interesting places in Panama is its beaches. Some of beaches in Panama are composed of white sand and blue waters which others would even describe as scenery that is seen in postcards. Most of these beautiful beaches are located in the Pacific side of Panama's coastlines which takes only a few hours drive from Panama City. There are also beaches in the Caribbean side of Panama coasts. For each beach, there are specific activities that you can do. If you want to do surfing, the perfect beach for you would be in El Palmar, Rio Mar, Playa Venao and Punta Barco. One of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean side is Bocas del Toro, a perfect place for surf and enjoy the nature. If you simply want to swim, sun bath and just hang out, Coronado and Farallon would be a good spot. For sailing, the quite waters of Taboga, Contadora and Pearl Archipelago would be appropriate.

There are also interesting places in Panama on the highland mountain side, there are places just an hour and a half from Panama City such as Cerro Azul, Sora in Chame and El Valle de Antón. One of the important and productive areas are located in the Chiriquí highlands. There you can practice activities like bird watching as Panama has one of the many biodiversity of birds from the north and south migrate to the isthmus where Panama is situated more than all the birds together from USA and Canada. When you go to Boquete at Chiriqui, one of the places in the mountain side of Panama, you are able to visit the Volcan Baru; you will appreciate the varied forms of plans that are seen in Panama alone. Bird watching is also done here as different kind of birds settles on the mountain. When you go hiking or mountain climbing in Volcan Baru and reach its peak, you will see the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the volcano's different craters.

In the city downtown, there are also interesting places in Panama that you can hang out and have fun. The panama nightlife is a different experience with restaurants for diverse kind of food, bars, lounge and discotheques that performs live music like salsa, jazz, reggae, electronica and rock. In daytime you can walk around the Metropolitan Nature Park where bird watching can be an activity or you can simply may take a walk at the Coast way, enjoy the wind of the bayside having a delicious meal in one of the different restaurants that surrounded the area. Aside from this, the Marine Exhibition Center, which is located at the entrance of the canal at the Pacific side, is an interesting place in Panama for life in marines and its ecology.