What to Look For In an Auto Body Repair Shop

by : Terry Fitzroy

It's unfortunate but every day of the week all around the world auto accidents occur and they do occur few are prepared for the costly repairs that result. To make sure that you are getting quality repairs for the best price here's what to look for in an auto body repair shop.

Selecting the right auto body repair shop will save you a lot of stress and money and you'll know that you'll get a decent repair. The first thing you need to do is have a look around the auto body repair shop. You might only be able to sneak a glance but that can tell you an awful lot as to whether you want to hire them.

Is the shop well lit? Is it nice and clean? Does the equipment look modern and well maintained? Up to date equipment means you are getting the best in repairs.

If they will allow you to take a tour of their shop it's nice to browse around and talk to staff. Don't be surprised if they deny your request because due to safety precautions. However some also allow for short tours while no jobs are in progress.

While you are in there take a quick scan of the area and see if there are signs of plaques that indicate special training staff has undergone or safety awards that have been won. These are often displayed out in the office where they are visible to customers.

Training and qualifications are really important when it comes to doing high quality auto body repairs. If the team knows what they are doing your repair will look just like new and no one will know there was even a repair.

Windows may need to be replaced, parts such as lighting, fenders, grill, or doors may be damaged and either need to be repaired or fixed, and chances are you are going to need some painting.

When you receive your vehicle back inspect the paint for small paint bubbles that are still there after the work is completed and set. You should also check the glass to make sure it is secure and doesn't, shake, rattle, or leak.

Before you turn your car over for repairs you will want to know their policy if you are not happy with the work. Will they fix it for no charge or will there be additional fees. How long is the warranty for? How long will it take for the repairs to be completed?

When you pick up your car it is important to take some time to exam all the work that has been done and if you spot anything that does not appear to be right mention it immediately. If you notice nothing at the shop but spot something when you get home then it is important to notify them as soon as possible.

Now that you know what to look for in an auto body repair shop there's a good chance that your vehicle repairs will be good as new and nobody will ever know that your car was in an accident.