It is a given that Christmas dinners won't be complete without that essential big bird gracing your table. While some industrious ones aspire to prepare their own stuffed turkeys, most of us would surrender and buy them straight from the kitchens of the experts. So to avoid the stressful search for the perfect turkey for that special night, we have compiled a list of the best turkey offerings this year, highlighting the best and the new birds in town!

  • Raffles the Plaza (featured in picture)

  • An excellent centerpiece to lush up the table, Raffles the Plaza offers a Christmas turkey prepared in the comforting old-fashioned way will award you an epicurean Christmas feast. Grilled honey-brown and glazed till perfection, this lightly peppered turkey, garnished with cubes of baked potatoes, carrots and greens, is a wholesome and sumptuous dinner affair that may have you hooked for the rest of the year.
  • Goodwood Park Hotel's Turducken
    For the second year running, Goodwood Park 's triple sensation Turducken still takes the cake with its crazy combination of tender chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a large turkey. To enhance its flavours and taste, there is also an Asian stuffing of a dried shitake & button mushrooms, chestnuts, red dates, Chinese chicken sausage and delicious glutinous rice . to make this one Christmas delicacy that truly packs in the punch. Also do take note of their new addition, the fusion-inspired poached Hainanese Turkey that looks to be this year's best newcomer.
  • Paulaner Brauhaus EDITOR'S PICK!
    You must be wondering, what do the Germans know about Christmas? Apparently a lot. Paulaner Brauhaus, a popular German microbrewery and restaurant situated along the borders of Millenia Walk does serve a lot more than quality German beer and food. The talented chefs have prepared a Christmas turkey that will prove irresistibly desirable for any Christmas table. Flavoured with a sweet cranberry marmalade and fruity yellow squash, the sweetness of the turkey is not cloying, and complements the slight spiciness of its juicy meat harmoniously. So, prost to the coming Christmas and some German-styled goodness!
  • Uberburger's Noel Burger
    Who ever said that turkeys must be served whole on the table? Uberburger, the upscale burger joint along Millenia Walk has taken it one step further by roasting and seasoning the meat, pairing it with a piquant honey baked ham and tangy apple compote. Conveniently sandwiched in a home-made bun and suitably christened as the Noel Burger, this treat sure packs in the essential satisfaction for some quick, fuss-free feasting this festive season.
  • Vansh's Turkey Feast
    Celebrate this Christmas in a quirky ethnic Indian fashion with the piping hot festive menu that is fresh from the tandoor. Kick off your Christmas dinner with the scrumptious Vermont Turkey Samosa or Vansh's house specialty, the Tandoori Turkey Tikka. Treat yourself to a warm and inviting bowl of Turkey Biryani or feast on the Turkey Dum Wala cooked on dum with rich saffron and cashew enriched yogurt, and is simply divine to the taste senses.
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Written by:
Hildra Gwee

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