Punggol BeachImage (C) Kennth Wong

A quiet neighbourhood in the northeastern part of Singapore, Punggol has transformed itself into a new residential community. The Punggol area was once dotted with farmhouses, rearing poultry, pig and fish farming, as well as plantations.

Much of Punggol is populated with young couples settling into newly built public housing flats. With new urban developments, the estate is now busier with shopping malls and better transportation options.

Take a trip to Punggol Beach and experience the quiet life, freedom and nature on the clean beach.

Punggol Beach

Image (C) Jeremy Hui

The beach brings back grim memories to older generations because during the World War II in 1942, 400 Chinese civilians were massacred by the Japanese soldiers. Located at Punggol Point, this place is also known as Punggol Beach Massacre. The location has been marked as a national heritage site.

Engage in challenging water sports such as the wakeboarding and boating. Wakeboarding activities started in Singapore only in mid 1990s and became more popular among the young in 2000.

Punggol Sea-Sports

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