Like many things during the Renaissance period, art was more intellectual, more abstract and more scientific with perfection of form, precision of method, and creative grandeur. Art of that era was translated into the tangible and intangible. In 1916, Alain Bernadin envisioned an artistic form of dance perfected in the nude. Crazy Horse was established to celebrate the 'Art of Nude', embodying all that is immensely sensual, elegant and powerful.

Opened in Singapore on 5 December 2005, Crazy Horse has proved to be the latest buzz for both locals and tourists. It changes the perception of nudity; from sleaze to high sophistication.

Performing in the elegant setting of the last golden age, it extracts the anthropological justification of beauty from the old but remains open to the innumerable treasures and cultural merges accumulated in time, giving it a particular flavour distinct from any other theatre.

  • The Crazy Horse was designed by the finest talent to enhance and create a lavish setting that mirrors royal simplicity, the 450-seat theatre - the largest Crazy Horse theatre in the world - comprises of Le Restaurant, Le Lounge, Le Café and Le Boutique. The lounge-style theatre is draped with plush velvet, resplendent silks, two golden statues (similar to those in Crazy Horse Paris and Las Vegas) and intricately designed motifs, all reflective of the neo-classical era.

  • The show is a clever blend of glamour, seduction, comedy, heart-pumping music and astounding effects. Take away the 10-minute intermission and you're left with 90 minutes of world class dance items performed by young European (mostly French) ladies with professional classical ballet background.

Contrary to classical revues, there is no lead dancer at Crazy Horse and each dancer has her distinct individuality and talent. My favourite item, Champagne Taste is a funny and charming piece about money-grabbing socialites in the early 1900s.

Bodies in immaculate shape and perfect size, these talents are all stunningly beautiful and classy. They'll convert the conservative and dazzle the artistically inclined. Sink in soft blood red sofas or chairs, absorb the splendour of Renaissance décor, sip on a Moët & Chandon and enjoy 'Art in Nude'.

Located in the prime entertainment area of Singapore, Clarke Quay, Crazy Horse is one show not to be missed.

Alain Bernadin tenaciously conveyed his art and his perception of beauty into an aesthetically erotic performance that has today become an infamous cabaret.

  • Important Information
    Please take note that Crazy Horse has ceased operations as of Jan 2007.  
Written by:
Micheline Doray