Nasi Briyani


Nasi Briyani begins with uncooked rice fried gently in ghee or vegetable oil, together with a selection of spices and herbs such as cinnamon, pandan leaves, ginger, saffron and garlic.


This is then steamed in a stock made from chicken or mutton bones, together with portions of chicken, mutton or even fish. The result is a fragrant meal of spiced rice and meat, served with curry gravy, and a plain salad of sliced cucumber tomato, onion and green chili.


Mutton Briyani

The dish is sometimes accompanied by a side order of raita (cucumber and yoghurt salad), fruit or vegetable pickles, and papadum (fried lentil crackers).


‘Nasi’ is rice in Malay, which tells you that this originally Indian dish has been adopted and influenced by the Malays, so much so that it is a traditional main dish for Malay weddings and other auspicious occasions.


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