Flowers can express a diverse range of emotions. From passionate love to treasured friendship, innocent affection or solemn sympathy, flowers are sometimes able to convey feelings and thoughts that words cannot.

Here at Flower Advisor, we offer a variety of blooms which signify and articulate different sentiments. Here are some Names of Flowers we offer;

  • Tulips: Tulips are seasonal spring time flowers and may not be available all the time. Bright and offered in different colours, tulips are a cheerful flower.

  • Lilies: Available year round and representing youthful innocence and modesty, lilies are very feminine and are popularly used in hand bouquets.

  • Carnations: Carnations can represent several different meanings. Red means “I ache for you”, while white says “I am still available.” The Carnation is often given as a Mother's Day gift.

  • Sunflowers: These tropical flowers are available throughout the year. Cheerful and spontaneous, sunflowers stand for adoration and sunshine.

  • Gerberas: Gerberas are ornamental flowers from the sunflower family. Easily available, they come in different colours and are an appropriate choice to express friendship and affection.

  • Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas are not as easily available. They are special flowering plants that come in a multitude of colours and brighten up any floral arrangement.

  • Ginger Flowers: Ginger flowers come in different species and are of differing colours, shapes and sizes. They go well with birds of paradise to create exciting and unique bouquets.

  • Birds of Paradise: These bright orange flowers are so-called because their distinctive shape resembles an actual bird. They are easily available year round and are uniquely beautiful.

  • Chrysanthemum: Usually used in sympathy arrangements, chrysanthemums were actually cultivated as an herb in China . They are symbolic of the passing of a life and are often seen at funerals.

  • Orchids: There are more than 25 000 species of orchids of different shapes and colours. Said to represent ecstasy, fertility as well as preciousness, they are popular in table arrangements and grand opening stands, but can also be used in bouquets.

  • Pom Poms: Pom poms are medium-sized flowers which are used as fillers in floral arrangements. They help to balance out a bouquet and provide complementary colours.
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