Early settlement of the Bugis From Macassar, Celebes

The home of the Bugis is Macassar, Celebes, They played an important part in the political development of the Malay Peninsula in the 18th century. They were great warriors and this enabled them to extend their political influence to Kedah and Perak and established a Bugis Sultanate in Selangor.

Soon after the founding of Singapore Bugis traders came to the settlement. By 1820 the “Pallari”, the distinct Bugis vessels, were e familiar sight in the Kallang River.  About 500 Bugis with their chief Arong Bilawa in 1822 fled from Macassar to Singapore to settle down here. Raffles in his master plan for the settlement allotted to the Bugis the land between Kampong Glam and Rochore River.

During the Japanese Occupation a number of Bugis were resettled in pontian, Johore and others moved out to Beach Road and Arab Street.

Today the Bugis have been assimilated into the Malay community and live in the Housing and Development Board flats.

Historical Sites in Singapore
Jamae Masjid
Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple
Japanese Cemetery Park
Cavenagh Bridge
Victoria Theatre And Memorial Hall (Empress Place)
Saint Joseph’s Church
Raffles Statue (Opposite Victoria Memorial Concert Hall)
Ban Siew San Temple
Sri Krishnan Temple
Oranjie Building
Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall
Ministry of Information
Read Bridge
Po Chek Kiong "Tan Si Chong Su"
Raffles Hotel
Keramat Iskandar Shah
Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus and Its Chapel
Telok Ayer Market “Lau Pa Sat”
Thandayuthapani Temple
Saint Andrew’s School
Mount Faber
Raffles Institution
Jinrikisha Station
Tan Kim Seng Fountain

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