Condominiums are mainly mid to high-rise buildings that are more luxurious with their full facilities (covered parking, 24-hr security, clubhouse facilities; e.g. swimming pools, tennis/squash court, gym, etc.).

Its stylish exterior and attractive facilities make it a popular choice for expatriates. From cozy studio units (1-bedroom or 500sq feet) to spacious penthouses (8000 sq feet), condominium living caters to all and is fast becoming a favourite form of accommodation even among locals.


While newer, more modern condo’s may cost more and are generally easier to maintain, older condo’s (above 7 yrs old) tend to be bigger in size with larger pools and gardens. If you enjoy your space, older units will suit you well. Click for directory listings of all Condominiums in Singapore complete with TOP date, number of room etc.

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