Treasure is often found unexpectedly, making the discovery delightful. Such is the case with Scent Discovery, which is lodged so unobtrusively in the rather desolate Rocca Balestier. You'd hardly believe that people are flocking to this building, where activities comprise mainly interior desigh, in order to rest, relax and forget their troubles. But Scent Discovery's homely atmosphere and expert service manages to detach you from the world and the crowd.

Scent Discovery occupies two units of Rocca Balestier's 2nd floor. The first unit is the spa's reception area, which is a bright and cosy area decorated by rugs, lamps and other unique items. Above the comfortable sofa, where guests sip their complementary home-brewed lemongrass and ginger teas before and after the spa treament, is a message board filled with guests' positive comments and feedback. On the walls are also certificates showing the therapists’ qualifications, which come from all corners of the globe and boast internationally-recognized skills. Warm and unpretentious, this boutique spa attracts regular customers who love the personal feel of the place.

The second unit, a much larger area, houses treatment rooms and facilities. The décor here contrasts with that of the reception area, with its parquet and carpeted floors. Dim lighting, cultural artifacts and narrow corridors create a mysterious effect, creating a sense of anticipation as you await your spa treatment. Each of the four treatment rooms is named after one of the four seasons, a theme that is accentuated by the petals scattered over the furniture.

While Scent Discovery has a catalogue that lists its services and packages, the spa's focus is much more on personalized service. Guests do not have to choose from the list, but are instead asked to describe their preferences and requirements. Constance, a co-owner of Scent Discovery, makes it a point to speak to guests about their schedules, their lifestyles and their likes and dislikes before recommending a treatment. For example, for those who have to work after a treatment, she recommends having the body scrub at the very end to wash away the smell of oils. I, of course, chose to do just that.

I took the Full Package, which includes a full-body massage, a facial and the body scrub, in that order. The Fusion massage, conducted by a skilled Indonesian therapist, brings out the best parts of different types of massages. By combining the pressure-point techniques of Asian massages and the relaxing character of the Swedish massage, bodily aches and pains are relieved in a soothing, sensuous manner.

Afterwards, I experienced Scent Discovery's Signature Face Spa, consisting of double-cleansing, a face massage and a mask. Attended by Constance, the cleansing procedure was a cooling, soothing one that was followed by a stimulating face, scalp and neck massage. Following that, Constance mixed a special face mask for me based on her observations of my skin's needs. While waiting for the mask for to work, another therapist began her body scrub to cleanse my skin of all toxins and impurities.

Streetdirectory's Take on Scent Discovery
The best part about the spa was definitely the massage. The therapist's passion for her art was evident throughout the procedure; Constance says that passion is an important ingredient in spa treatments, and that she only hires those who love their job. Friendly and warm but not intrusive, Scent Discovery is the perfect retreat for those who want to relax without the glitz and glamour of many spas these days.

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