With scorching weather and an almost perpetual sunshine, Singapore is the perfect place for those who delight in soaking in the rays and indulging in water sports. With more than 10 sea sports clubs, 6 beaches and 1 water theme park, who says that there is nothing to do on our tiny island?

The majority of these sea sports clubs are owned by the People’s Association, which are run by our very efficient Government that ensures that the fees are reasonable and equipment are well-maintained. These clubs are by far the most affordable for those who wish to participate in courses, or are looking to rent specific sports equipments. Private clubs are naturally more expensive, however, their members get to enjoy the privilege of using newer equipment, and some might even get full access to other club facilities like the tennis courts and swimming pools. Many of these clubs also form professional teams to allow their members to get further exposure to competitions locally or even internationally.

Here is a brief guide to the best places to go to for each sport.


For those who thrive on adrenaline rushes from skimming over the surface of the sea at high speeds with the wind in your hair, you will definitely love this sport.

  • People’s Association Sea Sports Club @ East Coast Park
    Offers dedicated instructors that organize clinics to coach beginners on the proper techniques and hands on lessons will be incorporated into the sessions as well. Those in tertiary institutions should contact their respective windsurfing clubs to enjoy discounted rates with the courses and rentals.
  • National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC)
    Allows only a maximum class size of 15 students which allows closer attention paid to every participant by the instructors. Rates are at $70 for members, and $81 for non-members, with a complementary 6 hours of free rental of the boards upon completion of the course.


Glamorized by the popular TV series The OC, sailing has been seen by many to be a sport of picturesque relaxation with just the calm blue sea, the wind and a simple white sailboat. However you should not judge a book by its cover. Whilst the sport is easy to pick up, it is difficult to master all the techniques behind sailing a laser to push it to its peak. Sailing is definitely a challenge of the mind and body.

  • National Sailing Centre (NSC)
    Home of the TeamSingapore sailors, the location of the NSC provides the optimum training grounds for aspiring sailors who want to sail professionally as it is strategically exposed to the South-West and North east Monsoons.
  • Changi Sailing Club (CSC)
    They offer a range of courses like keelboat, dinghy, catamaran, optimist sailing and also the powered pleasure craft driving licence course. The club also engages in competitive and social races regularly.
  • Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC)
    Owned entirely by its members, RSYC is also the oldest sailing club in Singapore . Besides offering the usual keelboat and dinghy sailing courses, they also have J-24 keelboats that can be chartered to other Southern islands of Singapore . However, participants are required to demonstrate sailing ability and possess a MPA Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence to hire and self-skipper the boat.
  • SAF Yacht Club (SAFYC)
    Specializing in windsurfing and sailing, this club regularly holds courses for member and non-members alike. There are also a variety of other sports to indulge in like jet-skiing and kayaking.


The people behind this activity made it seem like the coolest thing on earth, with hard core mind-blowing stunts and jumps showcased by the wakeboarding enthusiasts. The Singapore Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (SWWF) was registered in December 1975, but the sport was popularized only in recent years, with the aggressive promotional efforts by huge clubs like the Wakeboard Association Singapore and SWWF.

  • Maxout Hydrosports (Raffles Marina )
    They have comparatively lower rates for wakeboarding, and a nice clubhouse to hang out in. They organize a Western Sailing Circuit Regatta every August, and also work in conjunction with the organisers to co-host the Boardsailing and Wakeboarding Championships.
  • Extreme Sports (Kallang Riverside)
    This centre promises state of the art equipment and a comprehensive one-on-one coaching from champion wakeboarders and waterskiers. Lesson schedules are flexible and are available Tuesday through to Sunday.
  • Launch Wakeboard School ( Marina Country Club)
    For those who lack the confidence in picking up the sport in less than 3 lessons, this school offers a free 4 th session. They also hold occasional wakeboard camps.

Cable skiing

The sister sport of wakeboarding and water skiing, cable skiing participants will be hooked onto by an overhead cable mechanism across the lake that can travel at the same speed as a boat at a range of 24 - 58 kph. Significantly cheaper, this sport is gaining popularity amongst the locals, with its first and only establishment in the SKI360degree centre located in East Coast Park . The centre has just introduced night skiing to the public and operates up to 10pm daily.

With a vibrant water sports scene in Singapore , an increasing number of people are choosing to spend their time out in the sun engaged in these sports during their leisure time. Fuelled by passion and the love for adrenaline, its enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for areas of challenge and novelty.

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