Singapore is a land of just two seasons; the hot summer days and the gloomy rainy days. Although we have the privilege of getting all year round sunshine that is great for sunbathing and other outdoor activities, god knows that we sure need a refreshing change in weather once in a while. Want to engage in some winter sports but do not have enough time or money to travel? Snow City , located at the Jurong Town Hall , is your next best bet to experiencing real snow, right in sunny Singapore !

Snow City , a combined project of the Singapore Science Centre and NTUC Income, was spawned to accommodate to the needs of those who long for some winter getaway fun with family and friends. Offering a whole range of activities for its patrons, this snow centre also organizes interesting enrichment programs and winter sports courses. Using a special snow technology, the snow level in Snow City is kept constant at 400 mm in depth, ensuring everyone a near authentic feel of being in a winter wonderland. Further enhancing the ambience was the intricately painted alpine and polar landscapes on the surrounding walls that gave Snow City an experience that is close to near authenticity.

  • I want to do some snow sports…

    Ever catch yourself watching the Winter Olympics and wishing you could rough it out like those athletes on TV?

    Snow City offers beginner and advanced lessons in Skiing and Snowboarding. After going through the basic theory lessons, students will then proceed on to the next levels where they will learn the proper movements with their equipment, and also conquering the slopes of up to three storeys high when they have sufficient confidence. Those who thrive on greater challenges can look forward to taking on an even more advanced slope that is currently in construction!

    Rental of snowboards and skis are also available for those who render themselves proficient enough at just $5 for 2 hours. Similarly, jackets, pants and gloves are also available for rental and are charged by the session.

    Those who are looking for other forms of adrenaline rushes can opt for some “snow-tubing” where participants can expect to slide down a 60m long slope on inflatable snow tubes.

  • I want to learn something useful…

    Besides the educational lessons on liquid nitrogen that are highly popular with the local schools, expect to discover other enthralling hands-on workshops in ice-cream making, snow sculpturing igloos and snow art. Students will greatly benefit from learning crucial science concepts such as transmission of heat energy by conduction, effects of heat exchange, and thermal properties of snow. Now that is what I call effective learning outside of the classroom!

  • I just want to chill out…

    If you are looking to just escape the humid Singapore weather and not move a muscle in Snow City , there is an arcade and snack counter for you to relax and unwind, and also a snow-play area for some unhurried leisure strolls. However, as this place is often plagued with snowball fights between mischievous individuals young and old, do take cover when the battle begins!

  • I want to have fun with my kids…

    Those with children can amuse their young ones with the Artic Explorer, which is a children’s playground replicated after a ship half-stuck in ice and consists of delightful slides, play tunnels and even an igloo for hours of entertainment for the whole family. To enjoy a memorable birthday experience, this snow centre is also available for booking with fully functional facilities and also a Party room that serves up food and games. Prices are at $35 to $38 per person, which includes treats like door gifts and face painting for the children, a party host, a buffet reception and many others.

Not just a novelty establishment, Snow City looks set to be a hot favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. So the next time you are out mopping the sweat off your brow, why not gather your family and friends and make your way down to Snow City to indulge in some ice-cold fun.