To reach nirvana is to be in a blessed state of fulfillment and serenity, which is the goal of many of the overworked people today. Rustic Nirvana is a spa that aims to do just that; to provide an Arcadian resting sanctuary that applies traditional methods spiced with contemporary touches. With all three outlets dressed in unpolished stone floors and deep wood furnishings, the spas look no different from a laidback resort that promises to ease your burdens away with their extensive range of over 80 treatments and quality products.

Best known for their Chopsticks Oriental Massage and Pre and Post- natal programs, with many local celebrities like Zoe Tay and Annabelle Francis testifying to the excellence of Rustic Nirvana, the people behind this new age spa do not simply rest on their laurels but constantly design new spa packages every now and then to expose their patrons to a wide range of beauty treatments adopted from the best of the region and beyond.

Their jamu lulur treatment is not just another promise for detoxification. Starting off with an invigorating scrub, you will be introduced to the best that Indonesia has to offer and the knowledge that Rustic Nirvana has to offer. Using just herbs or jamu in Indonesian, you will be able to absorb the next treatments much easily. Following that, you will be massaged with boiled herbs that will assist in your detoxification. The smell may be slightly too acquired for some, but what's that compared to the benefits it holds for you? Completed with a wrap, and we mean that literally, you will be scuplted into a figure of perfection. This is to assist your detoxification and to prevent the sagging of skin. Placed in a steam bath, your body will release all the toxins within you as your sweat glands go into overdrive. The results are almost instantaneous, explaining its popularity amidst locals and celebs alike!

The latest highlight available now is the Da Chang Jin Jewel Face and Body Therapy that is specially adapted from popular Korean drama, and utilizes essential elements that are ideal for soothing and refining the Asian skin.

Starting off with the Korean imported Da Chang Jin clay mask, impurities were drawn out from the pores and soothed the skin, making my face feel thoroughly cleansed. There was a slight stinging sensation felt on my face during this duration, but my therapist assured me that it was due to the ingredients of the mask that was acting on the bacteria.

The next step features an intriguing massage therapy that uses specially tailor-made Jewel rings worn by the therapist, who will use the rounded tips of the rings to gently apply a relaxing facial massage, designed to aid in healthy blood circulation and also get rid of weariness and eye bags. The jewel rings felt cool against my face, and was deeply invigorating as she carefully applied appropriate pressure at pulse points and tense spots. My treatment was then completed with a chilled Da Chang Jin facial mask, and was left to rest for 20 minutes in the serenity of the private treatment room. The therapist then returned to the room to apply a protective layer of green tea extract to seal in all the goodness of this facial.

Immediately after the facial, I was amazed to find that the stress spots that plagued my forehead were all smoothened out. The facial proved efficient in relaxing not only my face, but my entire body alongside. Perhaps my state of bliss could be considered as reaching nirvana.

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