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Singapore Pubs - Pubs in Singapore

Archipelago Brewery: Brewing it Singapore Style
Some call it deconstruction, others call it madness. Whatever you want to call it, Archipelago Brewery’s introduction of their own line of beer makes them a pioneer in Singapore ’s beer industry. Backed by the mega branding of Asia P ...

Axis Bar and Lounge: Haven for Lush Cocktails and International Soul Acts
After the celebrated Oriental hotel’s recent multi-million dollar revamp in 2005, the Axis Bar and Lounge, which is located within its sleek interiors, has similarly undergone a refreshing facelift that looks set to become a first class bar tha ...

Balaclava Bar: The Luxe Enclave
If you like winding down where it’s elegant and swanky, Balaclava will provide the perfect backdrop for your chichi affair. Complete with sofa chairs, low tables, high stools, mod drapes, dark lighting and screen dividers, the watering hole is ...

Balcony Bar: Dreaming of Casablanca
It's difficult to live the dream, but we can all try the next best thing. For those who dream of getting high on Moroccan exoticism and balmy beaches, Balcony Bar brings you a little closer; that is, short of the beaches. An outdoor extension of The ...

City Space: Spacing it Out
Seldom has a bar ever managed to pull of chic living as masterfully as this. While most try hard, high-living takes an escalated appreciation at City Space. This is not just your everyday pub, with the risks of drunken brawls. No, this is where the B ...

Fiddling on the Loof
Just as you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes a place like Loof that makes you reassess your perceptions of what defines a cool club. With a concept that separates it from every other pea in the pod, Loof brings about a scene that is diff ...

Heat Ultra Lounge: WhereHeat” is the new Cool
It is all about the vibes these days, about being the trend-setter amongst the cool, about being seen in the limelight. Royal Plaza on Scotts introduced a new concept to Singapore 's nightlife on its reopening in January 2007 – a sophisticated, sensu ...

Intro Bar: Prelude of the Climax
Keeping it casual and kicking it chic, Intro Bar will be get you acquainted with an upscale bar lifestyle. The ground-level bar is the prelude to everything that the Equinox tower, famed for housing its restaurants and bars within its skyscraper, has ...

New Asia Bar: Up to Higher Heights
It's no longer enough to just party where it's fun. No, clubbing has taken on new heights and a new high. If you're not much of a crawler but still, you don't want to go wrong with your choice, then listen hard. You want to go down to Swissotel, walt ...

One Rochester: One Life, Rochester-Style.
Stressful as the urban jungle is, it is not without its treats. And this treat comes in the form of One Rochester, the latest buzz word in town. The whispers that you hear of this enclave do it not justice. For once you’re at One Rochester, you ...

Penny Black: More Than A Penny
Same old, same old. When it comes to English pubs, wait, hold on … when it comes to the English and pubs, the association is stronger than say, them and the Union Jack. It’s almost mandatory for every country to have at the very least, o ...

Q Bar and its Vodka Stash
All those who pride themselves in being Vodka vulcans, be prepared for humility. Q Bar, the latest ultra stylish bar to hit our shores, is so committed in stocking up on the different Vodkas available that a Russian winter sounds like a walk in the f ...

Rooftop Bars in Singapore at CBD Area
Halo Rooftop Lounge @ Wangzhotel Opens daily from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Enjoy a nice view here. They have a one-for-one  cocktail deal for ladies on every Wednesday night. Sip their specialty drink, The Gold. Prices range from $8.50++ to $17++ ...

Screening Room: The Celebration of Food, Cocktails and Whisky
Behold the pleasure of five different experiences all in one building known more affectionately as the Screening Room. Like its name suggests, the marriage between food and films takes one's dining experience to the next level – there is always more ...

Sunset Tavern: Not-So Away From Home
Should I stay home or go out? Cuddle on the sofa or have a drink in the tropical outdoors? With the opening of Sunset Tavern, you no longer have to make this choice. If the bar is not close to home, the neighbourhood setting of Sunset Tavern will at ...

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