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Supper in Singapore view in map
Singapore Supper - Where to find late night food in Singapore

Arabian Nights
Arab Street of late has taken quite a revival, with it being a hit amongst the yuppies, the students and the tourists. While once it was largely patronised by the Arab community due to its strong religious and racial relations, this demographic has s ...

Five Star Chicken Rice and Service
Chicken rice cravings in the late nights can be satisfied at this quaint joint here. Located strategically at River Valley, the atmosphere here you get here will remind you of those documentaries on Hong Kong, where someone like Anthony Bourdain is g ...

Shah Alam Restaurant, Late-Night Flavours Of India
Shah Alam Restaurant, Late-Night Flavours Of India Sure, Boat Quay has its options of drinking holes, pick up joints, and dinner sharks. But when it comes to the late-night essentials, where do you go? When hunger strikes at the unearthly hour of 2 ...

Spize World, The Makan Place
Hungry late night crawlers have the option of Spize World to fill their tummies with the yummies. Conveniently located in River Valley Road , it’s near to Zouk and also just a few minutes of cab ride away from Mohammed Sultan Stretch. Serving a ...

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