Known simply as garlic and oil, aglio olio has gone on a long way to establish itself as one of the three integral pasta sauces in Italy along with the cream sauce and tomato sauce. The Aglio Olio Bistro located at Murray Street is the sister outlet to the original Aglio Olio in China Square Central. It aims to dish up delectable pasta dishes to whet the appetites of Singaporeans. Established for four months, this restaurant distinguishes itself by serving Italian fare with a local touch. Since its inauguration, office executives from the nearby Central business district have been streaming in to savour its unique pasta dishes, each having a variation of 4 levels of spiciness to suit local palates.

  • The Vibe
    Stepping into t he lounge-like bistro, which exudes a chic and romantic vibe, makes you feel like bringing your date along for a candle-lit dinner. The unique lamps set upon each table feature candles housed in pretty little lantern glasses, throwing a flickering warmth to complement the interior décor. Black and brown woody walls set a tranquil atmosphere for indoor dining whilst outdoor seats are also available for those who prefer to dine al-fresco.
  • The Food
    Begin your meal with the crispy mushroom nuggets ($7.90), which are made with fresh mushrooms coated with batter and deep fried to a golden brown. They are served with a sweet Thai dip that goes well with the mushroom nuggets. This dish makes good finger food when served piping hot! For added mushroom mania, try the black pepper Portobello mushroom with cheese ($9.90). The mushroom is topped with black pepper sauce and cheese, served with salad and potato wedges. I found the black pepper sauce a tad too strong as it masks the original taste of the mushroom itself.

    The pasta dishes are the soul of the bistro and the chef take great pride in being able to serve pasta with a Singaporean twist. Each pasta dish can take on 4 different levels of spiciness. The chef's deliberate choice to add chilli padi instead of the normal chilli flakes gives the pasta an extra oomph in each pasta sauce. My taste buds were revived upon trying the cream bacon pasta ($9.90) that was cooked at the extra spicy level (level 4). The addition of chilli padi gave the sauce an added kick to the otherwise mundane cream sauce with strips of sliced bacon and sliced mushrooms.

    The seafood olio pasta ($9.90) remains a hit with the bistro's customers. The pasta is well tossed with olive oil and chili bits and comes with fresh seafood. The beef tomato ($9.90) pasta has chewy minced beef drenched in tomato sauce. I personally found the tomato sauce a bit too light in taste.

    Pizza was next on the cards. We tried the assorted sausages with mushrooms pizza ($10.90), which carried a light cheesy taste. A testament of the chef's craft towards pizza can be seen through the crispy crust of the pizza. The crust was thin and crisp which brought out the rich savoury taste of the sausages. The seafood tom yam pizza ($12.90) brought back memories of Thai cuisine, as a bite of the pizza was reminiscent of the good old tom yam soup. The evident lemon grass flavour brought the best out of the seafood as its freshness was enhanced.

    To round it off, we had a brownie with chocolate ice-cream ($4.90) for dessert. The warm brownie, still smoking after being microwaved, had a rich chocolaty taste that is perfect with the nuts sprinkled within. Top the brownie off with a scoop of ice-cream and you have a sinful dessert, which may trigger you to hit the gym soon after!

    • The Service
      The people at Aglio Olio are affable to their customers and the service is prompt. The waiters are polite and are always watchful if a customer has a need. The black uniforms give the waiters a prim and proper image, giving assurance to every customer. Do ask for recommendations if you are there for the first time and they will be more than willing to let you in on their signature dishes.

    The SD Food Advisor's take on The Aglio Olio Bistro
    The bistro, with its magnificent setting for an intimate meal, is ideal for an evening out with that special someone. The menu is reasonably priced and that makes it a prime place for those on a budget as well. I personally like the ambience and to be able to dine at a pasta place with a unique local flavour, is a pleasure that's uncommon in town.

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    Plaza Market Café: Be spoilt for choice
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    Port Bar & Grill: Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds!
    Prego: Ambrosial Italy
    Prima Taste Kitchen: Dishing out an assemble of local delights
    Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant: A Feast for Your Eyes and Taste Buds
    Pu Tien Restaurant: Heng Hua Cuisine at its Classical Best
    Queen’s Tandoor: A Culinary Adventure of East meets West.
    Raku Japanese Restaurant
    Ras the Essence of India : North Indian cuisine
    Ras: 30 Layers of Spices
    Regent Hotel Tea Lounge: Afternoon Tea Delight!
    Regent Hotel Tea Lounge: Mini Buffet
    Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee: A blast from the past!
    Restaurant 1827 Thai: A boudoir, Extravagant and luscious
    Ricciotti: Not just spaghetti and pizzas.
    Riders Café: Of All Things Equestrian
    Rio Brazilian Restaurant: Where Carnivores Meet
    Ristorante Bologna: Soulfully Italian
    Ristorante Da Valentino: Oodles of character for a Nostalgically good time!
    Ristorante De Parma: Little Italy in Singapore
    Ritz Carlton Greenhouse: Seafood Galore with a Taste of Asia!
    Rivercafé at Robertson Quay: Breezy Australian Rievera affair
    Robataya Yoyogi: Grilled to its finest
    Rogues: Rush or Chill-out from Down Under
    Royal China: Classical Cantonese Culinary Experience
    Royal Copenhagen: Some scrumptious tea and cakes, darling?
    Sabar Menanti: An Authentic Minangkabau Feast
    Saffron Bistro: Authentic North Indian Cuisine Marries Healthy Eating
    Sage The Restaurant: For the Visually Oriented
    Sakunthala’s Food Palace: Feast like a Royalty
    Samar Restaurant: A taste of the mystic Middle East
    Samundar Indian Fusion Cuisine and Bar
    SanoBar: Reliving Arabian Nights
    Satsuma: A decadent and sensual exploration of Japanese cuisine and culture
    Sawadee: A Glimpse into Palace Fare
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    Shima Japanese Restaurant: The One-Stop for Authentic Japan.
    Shimbashi Soba: Your Freshly Handmade Soba at The Paragon
    Shiraz: An Exotic Feel of Persia
    Shiro Restaurant: Haven for Haute Japanese Cuisine
    Sho-U: A Gastronomic & Aesthetic Paradise
    Shunjuu: A lesson in the art of Japanese Dining
    Si Chuan Dou Hua: Cradle of rich flavours
    Siam Kitchen: Land of a thousand scrumptious dishes
    Siamese Fins: Thai-Teochew Seafood Delights
    Sidewalk Tavern: A steak lover’s haven
    Siem Reap I: Chill out the right way
    Siem Reap II: Divulging Asia’s rich culture.
    Singapore Heritage Restaurant: Sensually Asian
    Sistina Ristorante: Gourmet Pizzas, anyone?
    Space @ Humble House: Contemporary Local Cuisine
    Spice Brasserie: A Dose of Singapore in Little India
    Spice Junction: Spicing Up The Food Scene
    Spizza: Experience La Bella Vita at Spizza
    Spizzico: A Pinch of Italian tradition
    Spring Court: Authentic Chinese since the 1930s
    Stammtisch: Quality Swiss and German food
    Sticky Rice: Splashes of bold contemporary edge
    Stonegrill: The Hottest Concept in Dining
    Straits Café at Rendezvous Hotel : A blend of local delights with a Perankan twist
    Straits Kitchen: Appareled in local nostalgia
    Su Korean Cuisine: A Taste of Korea that is Simply SUperb!
    Sui Japanese Dining: Dine in Style
    Sumi Yakitori: Where Traditional Meets Contemporary
    Summer Palace: An answered prayer for takeaway gourmet cuisine
    Summer Palace: Delectable Chinese Cuisine
    Summer Pavilion: Sweet Nothings of Cantonese Delights
    Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe: The Modern Japanese All Rounder
    Superfamous: A New Face
    Swiss Culture: Do it the Swiss way
    Szechuan Court: A courtly Oriental Feast
    Table 108 Restaurant: Table of Fusion food from all over the world
    Tampopo: A Taste of Authentic Black Pig Ramen
    Taste Paradise: Paradise of Oriental Charm & Contemporary Chic
    Tatsu Sushi Restaurant: Say, “Sashimi!”
    Tea Chapter: An oasis of tea couture
    Tea Cosy by Eclectic Attic: Savouring Eccentricity
    Teahouse: Serving up sumptuous Cantonese Dim Sum
    Teochew City Seafood Restaurant: Oriental Delights
    Tepak Sireh: A Restaurant With a Historical Background
    Thai Accent: A Veritable Thai Oasis
    Thai Village Seafood: Back to the Basics of Food
    The Bark CafĂ©: Changi’s Secret Garden
    The Blue Ginger: Traditional Cuisine Redefined
    The Book Café: A Cosy Hideout Right in Town
    The Cathay Restaurant: Reminiscences of the Past
    The Cellar Door: Barge Right in; Cork open the Wine.
    The Chinese Feasts: Buffet in a Pot
    The Club Street Brasserie: Unpretentious French fare down the memory lane
    The Country Spoon: A Place For Hearty Meals
    The Eastern Restaurant, A Gastronomic Journey to the East
    The Mango Tree: Indian Coastal Restaurant
    The Marmalade Pantry: Do it like they do on Sex and the City
    The Olive Ristorante: Getting in Touch with Nature
    The Orange Lantern: Lighting Up your Appetite!
    The Prime Society: Enter With A Reservation
    The Pump Room: Pumping up Singapore
    The Rice Table: It’s All About Choices
    The Song of India: A delightful and delectable tune for the palate
    The Square: A Bustling Buffet of Gastronomical Gems
    The Station Kitchen: Three Kitchens and Dining Aplenty
    The Straits: Archipelago Craft Beer and Lovin’ It
    The Tapas Tree: Singapore Spanish Bar & Restaurant
    The Tavern: Good old steak in a cozy little Swiss-Chalet inspired restaurant.
    The Tea Party: A Rendezvous of Food and Play
    The Tent: Mongolian Fresh Grill & Bar
    The Turquoise Room: Your private getaway from city life
    The Universal: Casual Fine Dining
    THOS S.B Raffles Cafe: Take a break, grab a sandwich.
    Tibet Restaurant: True Tastes of Tibet
    Tiffany Café & Restaurant: Breakfast (and more) At Tiffany
    Tiffin Room: Exquisite North Indian cuisine preserved in time
    Togi: Go Korean!
    Tomo Fine Dining: Sushi Surprise
    Tony Roma’s: Getting a Good Ribbin’
    Top of the “M”: A French love affair
    Town Restaurant: Dining by the Singapore River
    Treasure Court (by the Mushroom Pot): Treasure Chest of Cantonese Surprises
    Triple 3, The Buffet Restaurant: A gastronomical tour across the 5 oceans
    True Blue Cuisine: Bring us home to Mum’s cooking
    Tung Lok Seafood (East Coast): Seafood restaurant serving up quality seafood
    Tung Lok Signatures: Modern Chinese Family Dining
    Vanilla Pod: An Intimate Affair
    Vansh: Delectably Pure Indian cuisine
    Via Mar Restaurant: Dining by the Sea
    Via Veneto: Italian Food in Singapore
    Vibe Restaurant
    Viet Lang: A Taste of Vietnam
    Villa Seafood Galleria: A Seafood Retreat
    Vis-Ă -Vis: Fine French with a Twist
    Waraku: Simplicity is Bliss!
    Wasabi Bistro: Where East meets West
    Werner’s Oven: Gemutlichkeit at its very best!
    White Dog Café
    Whitebait & Kale: The Food Company
    Wicked Chocs: Delightfully Sinful
    Wild Rocket: An Oasis in the heart of Singapore
    Windows on Club Street: A Brazilian Churrasco Affair, Alfresco-style
    Wine Garage: Dine with Passion
    Xi Yan Restaurant: Private Dining with a Taste Of Asia
    Yum Cha Restaurant: Its Dim Sum, baby!
    Yum Yum Thai: Thai Cuisine That You Won’t Go Wrong With
    Yumeya: A Japanese Dream House
    Zac’s – A Mediterranean Gem
    Zambuca: Sophistication and world class cuisine under one roof
    Zenden: Hip and modern gastronomical delights
    Zuko: French Restaurant
    Zurna: An Absolute Feast for the Senses
    Z’en Japanese Cuisine: the Stylish Cosmopolitan Way

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