Kembangan (Malay for 'expansion') is much influenced from its Malay heritage. Most of the streets in Kembangan take on Malay names and the Malay terms “lorong” and “jalan” instead of “street” or “avenue” i.e. Lorong Sarina, Lorong Melayu, Jalan Senyum, Jalan Selamat etc. Little is known about the history of Kembangan, but one can say without doubt that Kembangan was probably a Malay kampong for the Malay community in Singapore. Today, Kembangan is largely an upscale residential area in the eastern part of Singapore. It is sandwiched between Bedok and Geylang and is within the vicinity of the Katong area.

The residential neighbourhood of Kembangan consists mainly of private residential estates and high-rise condominium estates.

Places of Worships
Although Kembangan is heavily linked to the Malays, the residents here make up of different races and religions. There are a plenty of religious centres here i.e. Mangala Vihara Buddhist temple, Dhammasukha Memorial Hall, Mongkol Dharm Centre, The Buddhist Union, Masjid Mydin, Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah etc.


  • Taman Kembangan Playground
    This fairly big open fitness park and playground is where the residents often flock to in the evenings to take evening strolls and let the young ones run around. The open park nearby is also where frequent soccer games are held.
  • Kembangan Plaza
    Kembangan Plaza houses a 7-11 store, several medical aesthetics (cosmetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, beauty school, etc) centres and reputable tuition centres (Frankel Tutors etc).

Other Informations in Kembangan: Expansion of Malay Kampung into Residential Hub for Everyone
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