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22 Sq Km with an estimated 300,000 residents.

About Bedok
The Bedok Town Area, once a hilly region, covers a land area of approximately 9.4 square kilometers, 42% of which are designated residential districts. The hilly are is its focus and orientation, with parks and multiplexes built on this high ground of the town.

There are 8 sub-zones in bedok mainly Kaki Bukit, Bedok Reservoir, Kembangan, Bedok North, Frankel, Bedok South, Siglap and Bayshore.

Part of the Bedok area was reclaimed in 1966. It became a constituency in 1976 under the charge of Haji Sha'ari Tadin who formed the Citizens' Consultative Committee. In 1980, Professor S. Jayakumar took over as MP for Bedok. The name Bedok is actually one of the oldest names dating from the time of Sir Stamford Raffles. The Malay word Bedok (pronounced as bedoh with the ‘h’ pronounced as ‘k’) refers to a large drum used in the olden days to call the Muslim community to the mosques for prayers, or to sound an alarm, before the days of modern technology.

A large residential area closely situated to Singapore Changi Airport and Tanah Merah Country Club, Bedok District also has many famous eateries (as a result of the large residential area). This suburb is equipped with all the necessary facilities such as shopping malls, stadium, clinics and schools.

Siglap,  Frankel, Kembangan are areas that have some very desirable landed property and condominiums. A couple of Singapore's ministers are also staying there. Bayshore,  a high-end residential condominium, is close to Bedok and has an excellent view of the sea.

Bedok is considered as one of the older towns in Singapore. Some 58,000 units of flats are dedicated to the New Town, the majority of which are 3 room or 4 room flats. There are also 2,700 of executive housing estates and 538 units of HUDC (Housing  and Urban Development Corporation) flats serving some 200,000 residents.

There is the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system running through the town itself. The Bedok MRT Station and well as SBS (Singapore Bus Services) interchange are located at the town’s center in addition to being situated side by side each other. Residents and visitors alike are able to commute freely and with ease.

There is quite a fair bit of industrial factories mainly in Bedok Industrial Park & Kaki Bukit Industrial Park

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