Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo, or formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens, displays animals in the open. Residents of the animal kingdom roam spaciously in landscaped enclosures. In case you are worried about agile leopards and jaguars (known for their agility in climbing) creeping up to you, do not worry as these ferocious animals are kept in landscaped glass-fronted enclosures. At the Singapore Zoo, you will no longer find the oppressive cages found in conventional zoos.

With more over than 3,200 mammals, birds and reptiles, you can experience the thriving wildlife in this spectacular zoo. Be entertained by white tigers, elephants, baboons, polar bears, reptiles and of course, the infamous Orangutan. You can even have breakfast and feast with them, and their tropical friends, such as the Oriental Otter or even the reticulated python.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

A walk into the Fragile Forest and you will experience, hair-raising encounters with creepy crawlies and fluttering butterflies. This is the first open zoo which exhibits invertebrates and vertebrates under one roof! This trail is also considered as the world's largest butterfly flight areas!

Another special highlight at the zoo where kids will observe the animals in action is the 'Wonders of the Wild' animal show. You will certainly be amazed with how intelligent sea lions and otters are. Watch these animals and their tricksy friends stir up the audience with their mischievous performance or be dazzled by the orangutans as they swing from rope to rope with their feet just inches away from the top of your head. A bit too close for comfort I reckon. Nevertheless, an unforgettable Amazon experience.

Admire the fauna and flora of the zoo, and be immersed in the thriving wildlife experience in this tropical rainforest. Other highlights of the zoo await you such as the Wild Africa, Cat Country, Primate Kingdom and Reptile Garden sanctuaries.

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