Ambrosia . The food of Gods. But for us, mere mortals, Chocolates comes a very close second. Legend has it that chocolates were a gift of the gods. The Aztec God, Quetzalcoati, supposedly brought down the cacao tree to mankind.

Chocolate has long been associated with love. So much so that influential men and women such as the Aztec Emperor; Montezuma, Madame De Pompadour and the Marquis de Sade thought that it is good for lovers while Casanova believed that hot chocolate was the “elixir of love”. While not exactly an aphrodisiac, chocolates contains high levels of a substance called phenythylamine which promotes feelings of euphoria and causes one to react in much the same way as when one is in love. A highly probably reason as to why chocolates makes a great gift on Valentine's Day!

Singaporean loves chocolates and what better way to celebrate love than to shower him or her with a boxful of premium, delectable gourmet chocolates from around the World.

  • Godiva

    Godiva – a name synonymous with divine, all out indulgence. Each piece promises a realm of sensations and represents the art and soul of the chocolates. Godiva chocolates have couverture or an outside coating, which snaps as you bite, heightening the anticipation of that special flavour to be savoured. For Valentine, Godiva has put together a collection guaranteed to melt the heart of that special someone. Whether you choose Cuddles the Bear who lovingly caress a mini-heart box ($70) or the velvety romantic heart box ($125 - $280) – you simply can't go wrong with the pre-set selection which consist of heart shaped Pralinés with specks of gold dust or the sleekly-designed ganaches, caramels and carrés. Otherwise, opt for Godiva's iconic collection, the Gold Ballotin Gift Box ($50 for 14 pieces) lovingly wrapped with ribbon and rose charm. For a more unique and personalized gift, pre-order their scrumptious fresh strawberries dipped in Godiva chocolate, tagged with tiny hearts (2 pieces - $18) bearing your beloved name and you will be sure to win their heart.


  • Leonidas: Just think of someone

    If it is only the best and nothing but the best for your beloved, than try Leonidas Pralines. Eating a piece of Leonidas is akin to having all your senses awaken. Priced at $15 for 100 grams, the prices at Leonidas is very affordable for premium chocolates juxtaposed against a dazzling array of more than 80 varieties to choose from. For Valentine, Leonidas has put together a collection of heart-shaped chocolates with five types of fillings or try their latest collection, called L's de Leonisdas with scrumptious fillings such as smooth raspberry, custard-tart praline, ganache and cappuccino. Pick “L. St. Valentin”, a dark chocolate with a touch of liqueur and blueberry-flavoured ganache in the spirit of Valentine and have it packed in a luxury heart-shaped velvet box ($60). Who would have thought that chocolates could be amorously named but the chocolates at Leonidas are! Savour the fine characteristic of favourites like: “Manon Café”, “Casaleo” or “Carre Croquant“ or have fun sharing “Mystere”, “Forever” and “Irresistible” and top it off with enticing “I love You”!


  • Prestat: Decadent, Divine & Decidedly English

    At Prestat, be mesmerized by a dazzling array equal to none other. With each piece handmade in London and priced at $22 for 100 grams of normal chocolates and $26 for 100 grams of truffles, the chocolates here are costly. Nevertheless, be prepared to be transported to another place and time as your savour each bite. Think of your English Rose as you savour the Rose crème, a delicious milk chocolate concoction with the essence of rose petal and sweet-smelling fragrance to titillate your senses as you inhale. For liqueur-chocolate lovers, enjoy the Brandy Cherry, a delectable piece with its cherry soaked in French brandy for six months and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised as the smooth brandy ooze into the welcoming confines of your mouth as you toy with a tiny cherry. Highly recommended is the historically–named, Napoleon III Handrolled dark-dusted truffle, a delicious ganache and you will reliase that one will simply not suffice. Pick and choose to your to your heart's content. A heart-shaped boxful of these delectable pieces will set you back by $46 to $88 or choose to have it sealed in their jewel-box ($58 - $106). Alternatively, pick the dangerously delicious Valentine's Limited Edition Prestat Babes ($58) which consist of raspberry, lemon, mandarin, blackcurrant and passion fruit jellies enrobed in mild, dark and white chocolates. Now, you have a gift fit for royalty!


  • Teuscher: Chocolates of Switzerland

    For those with impeccable and discerning taste, this is THE chocolatier to go to in Singapore . Decked in hues of red and adorned with dangling faux crystal hearts, the atmosphere at this chocolatier simply screams festive. Walking into this gourmet Chocolate Wonderland is indeed an experience. Priced at $28.80 for a 100 gram, these chocolates are invariably the costliest here. Nevertheless, each piece is handmade and all Teuscher chocolates are specially air-flown in from Zurich .

    The Valentine's selection is endearing. Choose a handsome, handmade crepe-paper couple, nicknamed Jack and Jill and fill him or her with chocolates ($24.40 each). Or choose to fill the colourful Clowns, which comes in three sizes ($13.30 - $111). What is so special about these pieces? Each and every piece differs, as they are handmade by the old folks in Switzerland . For something more conventional, choose a 9 piece shiny heart-shaped box ($69.90) or pick the velvety heart-shaped rose box ($59.90 - $99.90) and fill it with the choicest of Teuscher. Of the mouth-watering selection, the most infamous is the Champagne Truffle. This is a definite must try. If your beloved is a liqueur chocolate lover, the Cognac Ball is simply one of the best around, if not the Best or pick the Cherry soaked in Grappa. Interestingly, the cherry has been soaked in grappa for a year and the result is an enticing and delectable piece with a stronger alcoholic aftertaste. For the health conscious, make sure the Cacao Truffle, a triple dark chocolate with 50% cocoa is within your selection or satisfy your sweet tooth with the smooth Milk Truffle. For pistachios lovers, try the Pistachio Pralines and be enthralled by the delicate taste of the praline intertwined with crunchy pistachio. Now, that is pure bliss!

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