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They have an ongoing CNY promo- with sets ranging from $238-$588. Whether you have a small or large family getting together this CNY, Uncle Leong's menu will be sure to delight everyone. Request for the Guinness Pork Ribs.
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5 Feb 2013 09:54:17
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Braddell Tech , 15 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh 319262
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They have an ongoing CNY promo- with sets ranging from $238-$588. Whether you have a small or large family getting together this CNY, Uncle Leong's menu will be sure to delight everyone. Request for the Guinness Pork Ribs.
My second visit here trying crab beehoon soup this time. A must try dish here!
Visit their outlet at punggol. Nice ambience, perfect for weekend nite out!
simply delicious chilli crabs n meehoon crabs by uncle leong..visit their new outlet at tebing lane..nice environment..:)
The dishes in uncle leong seafood is tasty, flavourful and cook just right. not to mention the famous crab makes every penny worth it. The carbo dishes, (fried rice, hor fun, hk noodles. eg. will satisfiy your every taste buds. Service there is also friendly and prompt.
Came here for this thick broth of crab bee hoon soup. My friend and I are not crab people, to us, the effort that goes into digging the flesh is not worth the taste. But well as both of us are uninspired as to where to head to for dinner, here we are at Uncle Leong. The crab noodles was very flavourful, the soup was tasty with a hint of crab roe / meat in it. If you flip to the underside of the crab shell, the crab roe and whatever is in there will tempt you even though it may not be the best thing for your cholesterol.We had the 3 eggs spinach, not bad too but would love to have more century eggs in it.and the crispy fried toufu. Not bad, but too many for just the 2 of us. Love the toufu as it is crispy on the outside and very soft in the insides.Bad habit I must say, love to order a variety knowing that we will be too full by the end of the meal.
Punggol Promenade is a new attraction for residents staying at the North East. It is a very beautiful place when Singaporean can enjoy the scenic view and and exercise along the river. Restaurants have also established along the riverbank and one of them is Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant. Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant is famous for its Shimmering Sands Crabs and it started from Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 opposite the famous Mellben. Words had that both restaurants are opened by family members. The Ang Mo Kio branch has been closed and now they have 2 branches at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 and Punggol Promenade. The new restaurant at Punggol Promenade has both an air conditioned and alfresco dining area. I prefer the alfresco dining area because of the scenic view facing the river. I did not order the Shimmering Sands Crabs this time. I had the Vegetable with 3 Eggs, Steamed Red Grouper Hong Kong Style and Butter Prawn instead. The Vegetable with 3 Eggs was a disappointment for me. It was let down by the watery broth. The Steamed Red Grouper was very fresh and cooked to perfection. I have eaten Oatmeal or Cereal Prawns but not Butter Prawns. The Butter Prawns were big and fresh. The butter coating on top of the prawns were simply delicious.
If you like to eat crabs and wanted to try another interesting version of it, do visit this seafood restaurant to try their crab bee hoon soup.The crab is very fresh and the meat is very juicy and sweet, which at the same time make the soup base really sweet and with the natural flavour from the different types of chinese spicies and herbs in it.The bee hoon is thick and chewy which has absorbs the full flavour of the soup, which is so tasty.The portion is generous and good to serve at least three to four adults for per pot of it.Great to eat it on its own and also with a plate of plain rice is equally suitable as well.Spending: Approximately SGD 40(Lunch)
its seafood time! this is a new place to me.. we had some seafood over there.. the shark fin soup taste good to me the main item.. was that kind of crab.. which is not the usual type i ate really good .. crispy bits.. and the sauce were tasty worth the try
We were craving for crab bee hoon and so it was either Mellben Seafood or Uncle Leong Seafood. Not wanting to wait for hours at Mellben Seafood we headed to Uncle Leong Seafood which was recently shifted to 6 Tebing Lane #01-03 Punggol East Singapore 828835. What I heard was Mellben Seafood and Uncle Leong Seafood are related in some ways – they are brothers. Both has outlet at Toa Payoh too. Finally an air-con restaurant – no longer the coffee shop cze char.Price: $36 Top up another $8 for additional bee hoon and soup.We ordered the small crab for 2 and we roughly had total 7 bowls of bee hoon with the top up.Price: $15 I wanted to have the blueberry prawns but the reception said it wasn’t that nice and he recommended us to have the golden prawns. Talking of which, I miss the blackcurrant prawns from Yummy Claypot @ 340 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427592. Total bill: $67.60 inclusive of GST Verdict: The soup base of the crab bee hoon is still as heavenly as ever. In order to scoop the bee hoon, logical way is to scoop up the crab to the side plate first. Most people will choose to have the crab last so as not to dirty our hands. In doing so, the crab turn cold and the crab isn’t that nice. Thus, the crab for me wasn’t that nice. Maybe if I have the crab while it is hot it may be different. The golden prawns too wasn’t that nice. The cereal was nice but the shell of the prawns wasn’t crispy enough so I couldn’t chew the shell but to remove the shell. In removing the shell, I face difficulty as the shell was stuck to the flesh. Overall I just feel that the priority at Uncle Leong Seafood is the taste of the food, the food definitely taste yummy but once you remove the sauces from the dishes it is actually quite ordinary. However for the heavenly soup base I will still return! If only they have the soup base for steamboat! They will open up another market for sure with so many devoted fans over their crab bee hoon. Spending: Approximately SGD 35(Dinner)
Other than their crab dishes, i enjoyed eating their fried longevity noodle and thai chicken. The fried longevity noodle is a must order particularly if you are celebrating a birthday for an elderly at home. It was nicely fried in savory sauce with generous serving of ingredients like different type of vegetable, mushroom, minced meat and prawn. Another favorite dish is their thai chicken, it served along with shredded mango, cucumber and onion with thai chilli, the chicken was well-fried with a nice crispiness and the juiciness still intact. Strongly recommended.
Uncle Leong\'s Seafood is the brother of Melben seafood. They are just opposite one another. Here, it is less crowded but served equally delicious crabs! They are known for their Golden Shimmering Crabs which are cooked in butter cream sauce with chili padi and curry leaves topped with toasted oats (so called golden sand). I love it\'s creamy texture with a tad of spiciness in it. Perfect with fried buns. Just dipped it in and enjoy! THUMBS UP!
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