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Xian De Lai (NEX #B1-05/06 23 Serangoon Central)
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Welcome to Xian De Lai !
We provide wide variety of steamboat dishes, from our very own handmade food to meat, vegetables and seafood.


Xian de lai offers shanghai style steamboat buffet with 5 types of soup base like duck soup, spicy ma La soup, chicken pork ribs soup, tom yam soup and bak kut teh soup. Must try dishes include crispy fry potato, bacon balls, fried wanton cheese prawns, handmade fish, prawn and meat noodles.

Operating hours:

Lunch at 12pm till 2:30pm @ $19.80++
Dinner at 6pm till 10pm @ $19.80++
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Steamboat Buffet | Hot & Spicy Steamboat

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Beach Road Shop Houses , 18 Liang Seah Street 189039
Tel 6336 7505
20 Cheong Chin Nam Road 599744
Tel 6468 3774
Nex #B1-05/06, 23 Serangoon Central 556083
Tel 6634 4630
Jurong East Mall (JEM) #B1-09, No. 50 Jurong Gateway Road 608549
Tel 6339 4366
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STEAM BOAT BUFFET Xian de lai offers shanghai style steamboat buffet with 5 types of soup base like duck soup, spicy ma La soup, chicken pork ribs soup, tom yam soup and bak kut teh soup. Must try dishes include crispy fry potato, bacon balls, fried wanton cheese prawns, handmade fish, prawn and meat noodles. Operating hours: Lunch at 12pm till 2:30pm @ $19.80++ Dinner at 6pm till 10pm @ $19.80++
Xian De Lai provides a wide variety of steamboat dishes to choose from, especially to all seafood lovers out there.
Ever wonder why Xian De Lai is so popular? Well, gather your feasting buddies and try it for yourself with a Steamboat Buffet that’s going at only $18.90!
Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine is located at Liang Seah Street and serves Chinese steamboat.
The hot pot is so beautiful! What a wonderful dining experience!
I like the sauce there~! Hotpot sauce~! Also the duck soup which is quite unqiue from other shops
Hot pot buffet shoved into a pretty vase. There are 2 choices available, either hotspot set meal or ala carte hotspot buffet. The soup is flavorful. Give it a try.
Unique dinning experience where each of us enjoy our own mini steamboat !
I felt so full and good after the dinner every items is fresh
Live crab available, deliver the freshness every day for you.
My no. 1 choice for steamboat! The fish glue is a must have
Their complimentary spicy chicken is really good! Must try Xian de Lai coz you'll never get disappointed!:)
normal steamboat at bugis, must try their new steamboat concept at their new outlet located at Serangoon Nex shopping.
Spicy chicken and their "MA LA" soup base steamboat really delicious! Xian de lai never fail to disappoint me! :)
Special steamboat buffet experience i had, with personal pot each. You wont be afraid that the soup base is not suitable for yourself. They do have Duck soup base which is worth trying!..very special..thumbs up..
I just had my steamboat session with my girlfriends.. Never failed to attract me to come again although they have few branches but all of us still prefer at liang seah street.. The Spicy chicken is super good!!!! check it out...
i dropped by their store today @ Nex. Their secret recipe duck soup is a must try for all . A unique way of steamboat with a wide variety of dishes to choose from. the spicy chicken is a must try too !
I went to xian de lai for buffet steamboat. They have a wide variety of steamboat dishes, from yong tau foo to a lot of fresh seafood. they have crabs, fish slices, clams, prawns. All are very fresh and delicious. they steamboat pots come differently from other pots, it is like ceramic kind. And have intricate designs. The soup is really tasty, not too salty. Goes well with the dishes.
My girlfriend wanted to try out xian de lai so we decided to head in to try their steamboat buffet. unlike the normal steamboat buffets, where the soup is serve in a metal hot pot, theirs is served in an exquisite design pot. I chose the spicy soup, it tasted rather spicy, but when you cook the ingredients inside. It does not taste the hot anymore. The ingredients were very fresh and does not come in huge portions so we managed to try quite a number of ingredients.
These are side dishes from xian de lai steamboat ala carte buffet. Fried pork slices, fried prawn dumpling and fried chicken cheese ball. The chilli sauce is very spicy so those who doesn\'t eat chilli, better don\'t try. The pork slice taste a bit dry sort of over cooked. The chicken cheese ball quite surprise me as you bite, the cheese will be liquid texture and mix well with chicken. Their fried prawn dumpling use fresh and whole piece of prawn.
I like the concept of having steamboat together with individual pot. You can cook whatever you like and for hygiene purpose too. Their ala carte steamboat ingredients are very fresh. There are plenty of sauces for you to mix. But their service is not good during peak hour. The food that i ordered for 1st round come only after my 2nd round food has served finish. I almost forgot that i ordered earlier and will cause double order and waste food.
I was first interested in the steamboat pots which Xian De Lai was using as they looked rather exquisite and antique. That sort of enticed me to have my dinner there, even though it was rather pricey. The concept was also rather interesting - one actually ticks on a list of food items on what to be ordered and hand it to the staff. There were also a range of appetizers to choose from. However, I was disappointed by the whole dining experience. First, I was allocated to a table which was hidden at a corner and blocking everyone who wanted to cross the passageway. Next, when I noticed that the screw in the cover was rusty, I informed the staff who pretended not to hear me! That was serious rude service and I\'ll definitely not recommend anyone to dine there.Spending: Approximately SGD 31
Xian De Lai was not new to me and my hubby as we had a few times of steamboat dinner at their Liang Seah Street outlet. The differences in these 2 outlets are the steamboat and as well as the price. Nex outlet\'s steamboat is individualized whereas the Liang Seah St\'s is those normal 2-types of soup base steamboat. With such arrangement, that is why Nex\'s pricing is higher as compared to the other. The spicy chicken bits appetizer was really good and my mum learnt and cooked that at home for us now. The dishes are ala-carte, so you just order whichever dishes you want for your steamboat. My hubby ordered the mutton slices and the mutton smell was too over-whelming that his whole steamboat has the mutton taste and smell even till the end of the dinner! So be careful, maybe the next time, leave the mutton slices to be last. The special and unique selling point of this steamboat would goes to the noodles... they are packed in packs and you get to make your own noodles. See my picture uploaded. The prawn noodles are the best among all the flavours. Have fun!Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
I was leisurely walking at Nex shopping mall on one Thursday.It is a typical neighbourhood mall, many restaurants to choose from, many jewellry shops too! As usual, I was hesitating what to eat for my leisure lunch.Having walking around the mall with an empty stomach, I decided to have go on steamboat as the waitress standing politely with a warm smile to greet customers at the entrance.It was around 12noon, not many customers though. I was led to sit along the wall with 1-1 table, straightly I felt the cramp, I have to leave my bag and camera at my right hand table for 4. Ordering~a waitress came to me for order, she showed me a piece of food list, simply she said buffet or ala cart.I chose ala cart for a price of S$21+, not even serve me a cup of water! For buffet, it needs to add another S$8+.The waitress didn\'t wait for my order and walked away, so I was left alone!!!After selecting my food choices, I put the piece of order on my table, there wasn\'t anyone bothering about my order for at least 5~10mins, remember there was only 2~3 tables with customers. Anyway, another wait of few minutes then someone pour the hot soup on my pot, it was lit but I have to wait at least 10 mins then it boiled. Here was my food: few really thin slices of beef and mutton, mutton with black blood near the vein(?!?!), marinated pork ribs 6pcs, handfulf of beef noodle, 3 not-so-fresh prawns, sandy clams(couldn\'t eat at all) with a bowl of dry rice. The soup was fine, I didn\'t taste msg though. For such quality and quantity of food, it shouldn\'t take very long time to finish, what it took me long was the slow fire!It took ages to boil the soup till bubbling hot. When I foot the bill, it was S$22.85, I wanted to settle by credit card, the waitress said S$30 and above then could use, so I put exactly S$22.85. Overall, for such price on weekday lunch with such food and service, it was under my expectation.Sorry, no return for sure. Spending: Approximately SGD 23(Lunch)
Ever since I went to crystal jade’s xiao long bao buffet, I have not been very open to the idea of going to another restaurant for steamboat buffet. So when a friend said he wanted to celebrate his birthday at Xian De Lai, I was not very willing to go. However it turned out better than I expected.

They had a unique kind of soup, the own recipe Duck Soup, it was very tasty and goes really well with the ingredients. The pork rib soup was somewhat normal as compared to the delicious duck soup.

They had a wider selection of steamboat food choices as compared to crystal jade. And they did not provide free drinks! But if you are craving for something different, do drop by to try the duck soup, it is something unique!

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unlike many steamboat restaurants, xian de lai offers a unique soup, Duck Soup. u may wonder if duck soup will it be nice, i can guarantee u it is awesome, even better then their pork ribs soup. the soups are all very tasty and not oily at all!

they have a huge variety of ingredients ranging from normal chicken meat to squid to crab to sliced beef.

yummy! everything is eat all u can. the steamboat concept is same as crystal jade XLB where u order they serve. their variety is more too, but they dun have the yummy XLB and dian xin that crystal jade have.

On top of that, the drinks are not free flow. was very thirsty after eating all the food. if only they had free flow drinks then it would be awesome!

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This is one of my favourite steamboat restaurants. The main attraction to me is their spicy chicken soup base. It is served with deep fried chicken with dried chillies. Very crunchy and you will get addicted to them easily. Its their signature soup base. For those non-spicy lovers, you can try out their fish soup. Not too bad as well.

There is also a wide variety of dishes such as dumplings, wantons, thin sliced pork/beef, flower crabs, prawns etc. The quality of dishes are relatively good, much better than most of the steamboat places at bugis area. Do try out their special meat balls. They are deep fried and they taste really well with the spicy soup.

However, just like any typical steamboat buffet restaurants, do not expect A-class service from them. It gets worse as you are seated higher up the levels. Remember to make reservations if you intend to go in big groups. Otherwise, you can expect to queue for a good half an hour.

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