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1-Caramel (The Luxe) 1-Caramel (The Luxe) 1-Caramel (The Luxe) PEANUT BUTTER AND CHEESE TART 1 CARAMEL CREAM OF WILD MUSHROOM SOUP Fraise and Framboise CARAMEL TEA-RAMISU Chocolate Slut($8.90++). “Multiple layers of chocolate flourless sponge, caramel peanut butter mousse, marshmallow chunks, crispy struesel dough and glazed with dark rich coating
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Patisserie by 1-Rochester Group Singapore enters you into a delightful world of sensational sweets, customised cakes and freshly ground gourmet coffee.
Teguh Aryawan Wow, maltheser 20 Mar 2013 00:13:13
- customised cakes
- wedding cakes
- desserts
6 Handy Road 229234
Tel : 6774 1302
1 Raffles Place 048616
Tel : 6534 0996
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Wow, maltheser cheesecake is really addicting!
Enter a delightful world of sensational sweets for the ultimate journey of pure sensory bliss, savoring their sweet.
Had coffee and cake with hubby at 1 Caramel in 2009. Venue: On a weekend, nothing to look at, not much people going by. The display of cakes in shop was the only interesting view around the place. What we had: ala carte - 2 coffees, which were slightly more bitter than what we\'ve had elsewhere. Banana pancakes (about $10) and choc pudding (about $10). We sat outside in the open and the ice-cream on the plates turned to a watery mess in a blink. Nothing worth mentioning about the food. As the pictures show, there\'s not much on the plates. The ice-cream balls on each plate were ungenerous, the taste nothing to remember, the presentation pretty boring. Service: Took 25 minutes for the coffees and another 10 minutes for the food to arrive! Don\'t even think you\'re going to get your water refilled. It took 30 minutes for chlorinated tap water to be served in the first place! Did they make it all from scratch? We were the first people there at 12:30pm! We saw at least 4 staff hanging around. There was no apologies or explanation provided. Why is the service in Singapore so generally distracted and unmotivated? Therefore, value: below average. To save time and money, better stick to the specialty cakes on display and NOT order ala carte due to the wait time. Then again, their cakes on display have had bad reviews too...
Wonder where is this outlet? Guess most will get it right if you are a frequent patron to Cathay @ Orchard Road. This dessert bar is situated right beside the popular cinema hotspot. Serving delicate dessertmenu, this joint will pump you up with a heavy dose of sweetness. My personal favourite is the brownie that will never go wrong on your date as it just melt both of our hearts! We love this dessert to the max and for those that always walk pass with a peekaboo, its time that you pay a visit to this dessert bar as you will melt!
I have tried their desserts afew time... some dine in...some take-away I have tried their strawberry shortcake...too creamy for my liking, cheese cake...the coconut crust at the base over power the cheese cake flavour . Haave also tried their chocolate cakes , brownie and cookies are good

Tried their Smoke Salmon Pizza and it is indeed worth it.
With a thin, crispy crust, it is a little sweet from the cheesey base but the big chucky slice of smoke salmon made my day! I am a sucker for fresh, well-prepared salmon.

The taste is unusual and unique. My wifey loves it.!

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Tea time so it's time for cakes. If you are hanging around Dhoby Gaut, consider checking out this outlet right next to The Cathay. Just wanted to have a piece of cake and share a pot of tea with a girlfriend so we had the matcha sponge and azuki bean compote layer cake aka Midori. Soft texture and it's very light on the palate. Lovely for ladies who just want to munch on something in the afternoon after shopping therapy. Will come back to try the Maltesers Cheesecake next time.

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1 Caramel is part of One Rochester Group. 1-Caramel offers customized 3D cakes for birthdays and other celebrations. Breakfast set at $7.50 (Tuesday to Friday), Muffin: 2 pcs at $7(after 3pm daily), Tea time set at $10.70 (3pm-6pm on Wednesday). Located right next to The Cathay. Nearest station: Dhoby Ghaut MRT.
Heard raves abt 1 Caramel @1 Handy Road The Luxe (next to The Cathay) tat its cakes/pastries are v nice (but comes wif a price). So we decided to check this little cafe out. & I need to emphasize it is indeed a little cafe, not many seats avail. Probably it can only sit not more than 30 pple? ;)

We ordered a Warm Apple Crumble ($14++) and a slice of Secret Garden ($8.90++). Both were ok, nice to the tastebuds, but doesn't give u the "WOW" feel. For tat price I would've expected my apple crumble to taste beta than Swensen's which costs slightly less than this. So we were a bit disappointed. As for the slice of cake, my fren liked the soft fluffy sponge cake & preferred this over the apple crumble. Yes it's spongy but then again, for the price, I tink I wouldn't b rating it so high up. There are comparable ones out there which are more reasonably priced.

My fren ordered a Cafe Latte ($5++), which was jus normal since she didn't say anything positive or negative abt it.

For me, I had the Tropical Blend ($8++). The drink is a refreshing blend of pineapple, mango and passionfruit. When I got the drink I jus took a sip & it was bland. Only when I stirred & mixed it well then it tasted good Both of us likes the brilliant bright color of this drink.

Wonder if it's due to high expectations for this cafe, I wouldn't think tat it'll b on my high priority list when scratching my brains for a nice cosy tea-time place. It's nice but not tat worth the price tag tat comes wif the F&B they serve. At least that's what both of us thot. Or mayb we didn't try the best food they have yet. Saw many customers ordering the Strawberry Shortcake.

Oh 1 thing must mention is tat we reach the cafe 3-ish on a Sat afternoon & it was almost packed wif 1 2-seater table left aft we sat down. So this cafe seems to b well received......

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I was invited by 1-Caramel and OpenRice Singapore for the Open Rice Tasty Union (ORTU) event. It was a nice chance to meet new people and find out more about each other whilst indulging in the fine selection provided by the establishment.

1-Caramel is a quaint dining location located at The Luxe at Handy Road, this is one place you can go for a nice evening chill out with friends or a nice romantic dinner with your loved one.

The interior decor is pleasing and setting is quite nicely, with even spacing for any type of occasion.

The stars of the show for the ORTU event, were the pastries and desserts that 1-Caramel is known for. However, to prepare us for the stars, the management was kind to serve us appetizers to whet our appetite.

It was a fun event, with lots of photo taking and sharing of life-experiences.

Once again, thank you OpenRice Singapore and 1-Caramel for organising this fun event!

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This is a small cozy dessert place at The Luxe which is situated beside the Cathay building. The decor is chic and light, invoking the feelings of a French dessert cafe. However the seating is also very small, with only very limited indoors seating and even the outdoors seating is not a lot.

Foodwise, I ordered a slice of the strawberry shortcake and charlemange tea to go with it. The strawberry shortcake was layers of juicy strawberries, vanilla genoise and strawberry cream, all coated in puff pastry flakes that are baked till golden. The taste is simply amazing! This is a must order over here. The charlemange tea was a heady blend of white and green tea, with hints of sweet roses and strawberries. A great complement for the strawberry shortcake!

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Thank you Open Rice for inviting me to this event.

The first dish served was the savoury platter, which consist of Garlic and herb toast, Cherry tomato and oregano bruschetta, Petit croque monsieur, Mini quiche, Twice baked gruyere souffle - $22.00

It's my first time eating roasted garlic. Surprisingly, it's quite fragrant and the spice of the garlic was removed. It goes very well with the toasted bread.

The twice baked gruyere souffle is very delicious

Next, I tried the Smoked Salmon Pizza. It has this sweet onion and herbs on top of the thin crispy crust. The salty aftertaste of salmon, the sweetness from the onion and the herbs, blend very well together.

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A beautiful restaurant, dedicated to everything sweet and delicious, catering to the sweet tooth inside you, cakes and desserts that make you wish to try everything there. This is 1-Caramel, where I found myself surrounded by everything awfully sweet and lovely desserts, sweets, cakes !

First and foremost, I would like to thank1-Caramel and OpenRice Singapore, for inviting me down for the Open Rice Tasty Union (ORTU) event, making new friends, networking and catching up too, with the accompaniment of nice and delicious food, followed by the a wide variety of sweet desserts and cakes. It was a nice place, great ambience and cosy, excellent for relaxing and enjoying desserts, cakes and drinks.

Before we had desserts and cakes, a nice big plate of different appetisers were served followed by pizzas. All of us being bloggers, began taking photos of the different food spread on the tables first, followed by the tasty and delicious eating and enjoyment, chatting and eating, taking it slow and easy, having a great time with all around.

The highlight of the ORTU at 1-Caramel arrived with the arrival of different cakes and desserts on the table, all of us were big and wide open, glued to the different cakes and desserts on hand. The action immediately kick started with photography of course, all of us bloggers wanted to get nice beautiful photographs to share with their family, loved ones and friends ! Once that is completed, we all started to tuck in and enjoy the various cakes and desserts !!

Do not underestimate the power of your sweet tooth calling out for you ..... to go and try those cakes and desserts out, resistance is futile against amazingly sweet desserts and cakes ... Go try them out at 1-Caramel !

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