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About Us

OOI.i.n.c. is an independent shop for both men and women with alternative jewelry and leather products, and self-branding.

Cindy Ong Currently, jewelry 5 Jun 2013 12:21:03
Products & Services

OOI.i.n.c. carries only genuine leather bags. Main collection is from a British company where in-house leather master develops edgy vintage inspired leather finish and patina. Every effect and texture is the result of months of creative and technological forces at work. Each bag design is a blend of modern and timeless British heritage.

OOI jewelry pieces are creatively designed mainly by not focusing on a particular material or concept due to the use of natural materials where colours, shapes, textures and sizes come differently. Each creation will evolves in different ways. This creates an excitement from the unusual contrast of materials to achieve an unexpected end product design where no two products are the same, and projects a understated symbol of individuality.



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