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Reg. Name: United Remedies Sdn Bhd
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About Us

United Remedies Sdn Bhd (URemedies) manages and operates URWELL ONE-STOP RECOVERY CENTER (URWELL) to administer TCM Drug Treatments. TCM Herbal medications constituted as a dietary supplement are used in conjunction with URWELL's Detox & Recovery Plans:

1) Basic (for addiction 5years & below)

2) Advance (for addiction 6-10 years)

3) Chronic (for addiction 11years & above)

to address and resolve in 10 to 10+ days, the biochemical anomalies, impaired body faculties and damaged biological parts/organs/functions brought about by drug addiction.

Drug treatment facilities in Malaysia are required to be registered. Such a facility is expected to adhere to strict standards according to acts or regulations passed by the
government or its governing authority. When an addict attends a registered centre, the level of addiction treatment maintained at these centers can be a solid stepping stone towards a continued Recovery.

At our URWELL drug rehab facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru Tengah (Local Town Council) has licensed URemedies and the Police &
Fire Brigade have sanctioned the premises to operate as a Pusat Pemulihan Dadah (Drug Treatment Center). The premises have also been sanctioned by Agensi AntiDadah Kebangsaan (National Anti-drug Agency) for operations.

We at URWELL understand the intricacies of successful rehabilitation and Recovery from a drug addiction. The URWELL drug rehab program is the most effective rehabilitation program anywhere as seen by the high average effective RECOVERY rate achieved at both its 1991 and 1994 Clinical trials held in China and Malaysia

Obviously, the higher the average effective RECOVERY rate, the more likely your loved one will succeed in their journey to terminate their bondage to drug addiction and dependency.

Our Aim is to provide an effective high-quality drug rehab treatment at a reasonable cost. To URWELL, it’s not about the money; it’s about saving and restoring a normal life to an otherwise hopeless one.

URWELL’s general intent is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social and physical consequences that can be caused especially by extreme drug abuse.

URWELL is dedicated to provide treatment resources for individuals suffering from all kinds of drug addictions. URWELL administers successfully the "one size fits all" approach.

We at URWELL also acknowledge and respect the need for an absolutely private and discreet drug rehab treatment. Our service has been designed to ensure treatment in an assuredly safe and caring environment besides maintaining ONE’s confidentiality and privacy.

Products & Services

1) URWELL offers a private world-class drug Treatment & Rehab service.

2) Our Rehab & Treatment services are affordable and offer the best value for one's Treatment Dollar.

3) Our Treatments have a high average Recovery rate of over 90% as they detoxify the body of drugs and resolve in 10 to 10+ days, the biochemical anomalies, impaired body faculties and damaged biological parts/organs/ functions arising from drug abuse.

4) Our alternative TCM medical program helps patients safely withdraw painlessly from drugs and overcome their addiction and dependency without the help of structured
aftercare or need for sustained medication after recovery..

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We give addicts a 2nd chance. URWELL detoxify patients from drugs and stimulate the ventral tegmental area of the brain to resume secretion of chemical neurotransmitters so as to re-start sending, receiving and processing information normally for the autonomous brain functions, behavioral characteristics, rational thinking, decision-making, memory and etc present before drug addiction set-in, to be reinstated in 10 to 10+ days. HERE at URWELL, we GUARANTEE to release patients only when they experience complete recovery after treatment is completed