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Al - Ameen has been around for years and we have been committed into providing our customers with our speciality in Thai Cuisine, casual dining, excellent food and catering services.

This 24 hrs coffee shop is definitely all time favorite of many, try their super-sized Milo dinosaur!
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24 May 2012 11:57:54
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This 24 hrs coffee shop is definitely all time favorite of many, try their super-sized Milo dinosaur!
The french fries here is very crispy and not too oily.The stall owner will only cook it upon your order to ensure the freshness of it is still maintained.Not much salt is added to it so you will not feel thirsty after eating it.Generous amount of cheese sauce and mayonise sauce have been topped to it which make it really delicious and make you crave for me.The price is very reasonable and well like by me and also my family members as well.Portion is also quite generous so you need to top up money to request for a bigger portion of it.Spending: Approximately SGD 3(Other)
Came here for lunch with friends. Ordered one Cheese and one Egg prata. The egg prata was very thick yet soft and fluffy and the curry complemented it well. The curry was rich and very flavourful! The cheese prata was yummy as well except that the cheese was only in the very middle of the prata and the rest of the prata was plain. However other than that, the cheese prata was absolutely delicious as well with the curry. Yummy!
Went to Ameen eating house for a late dinner with parents and this time we decided to try something different so we got the pothina prata.Hmmmm,interesting taste I would say. For those of you who didn\'t know, pothina is mint. OH and the prata tasted nothing like prata..It was actually pothina on naan -.- Good try but don\'t think i\'ll try it again.LOL.
i always thought naan is a very common indian dish but apparently it isnt, so ameen is one of the few places whereby i can get to eat naan instead of the normal prata. i think plain and garlic naan are the best among the choices they have and especially garlic naan because it is very tasty with the garlic. compared to prata, naan goes better with masala and those thicker gravey dishes. and i felt that vegetarian masala taste better with naan than those meaty masalaSpending: Approximately SGD 10(Dinner)
first time try the pataya maggi with beef. perhaps i am not really into pataya so i found it just average and i think pataya goes better with chicken or seafood than beef. I also ordered the chili prawn to try since the staff recommended it but it was still too spicy for us though the nice staff said he prepared less spicy for me. but i think is still quite a nice dish and relatively generous serving of prawnsSpending: Approximately SGD 12(Lunch)
So after a movie, all of us were hungry. We headed to Al-Ameen. The place I go regularly with my cousins. The food was from Ok to how come the food suddenly taste very good. HahahaWe ordered Roti John Black Pepper, Cheese Fries, Nasi Goreng Pattaya, chinese style stir-fried rice with hot & spicy chicken and Kway Teo goreng with cockles. I should say the service became very good. The food was served to asked quickly as well. And when we call them to ask something they are quick as well.The business there is very good. Especially at night. You will be able to see a lot students, foreigners and local people. They also have home-delivery. I would really recommend you all to try out this place.
It was sooooooooooo good to have some super spicy soup on a cold cold day. My mouth was burning after my first spoonful of soup! Anyhoos,the soup came with squid,fishball and other seafood. The fishball was abit hard-ish so I didn\'t really like it. We ordered some other dishes and it was sooo good to have the tom yam soup with the dishes. YUM!
When we were looking through the menu me and my cousins actually laughed because we came across dishes named after bush and obama.We decided to give obama a try and it came with yellow rice,egg and beef in some sauce. I liked how the egg was prepared..the egg yolk was soggy and spilled out when I cut the egg(YUMYUMYUM), The beef was really tender and good too!!
my friend was telling me there is a very nice prata shop in bukit timah so went down to try and it turned out to be ameen. as usual i eat my pataya and this time i choose with beef filling. i think pataya still goes better with chicken or seafood. my friend also ordered some omelette with crabmeat to share. i think itwas not very nice and i could hardly taste any crab meatSpending: Approximately SGD 5(Lunch)
i really felt like eating something spicy. so my cousin and i head to al-ameen for dinner. I had nasi goreng kampong and my cousin had mee hailam. the nasi goreng kampong was really spicy as it comes with sambal belachan , egg and keropok (Cracker). I really enjoy my food. the mee hailam is a bit blend as it\'s not really spicy but it come with vegetables. small pieces of chicken. but you can eat it with the green chilli which is soaked invinegar and salt....
Al-Ameen Eating House serves really good cheese fries and prata! I absolutely love their cheese fries! Nicely fried but not too hard. The cheese is very good too! Very thick and goes so well with the cheese. There is also a generous portion of cheese and mayo unlike some other places where the chese is not enough for all the fries.Spending: Approximately SGD 3
Another night out with my family at Al ameen food house and I decided to try the Ikan Bilis Fried Rice.It came with an egg,prepared the way I like it (sunny side up) and Sambal Belachan. The fried rice was already quite spicy and when I ate it with the chilli it felt out of the world!!Spicy food rocks!! It also came with crackers which I didn\'t really like as it was quite bitter.Other than that,i thought this dish was pretty good! Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Dinner)
My family and I had spent the entire day at Universal Studios Singapore and we were looking around for a restaurant there to have supper but we were abit too late.They were all closing already So we decided to go to Al Ameen Foodhouse and for starters,we got cheese fries. The fries were not too salty,unlike the fries at certain places. It was also very crispy as it was fried on the spot.The amount of mayonnaise and cheese was just nice. In fact this plate of fries was shared among the 4 members of my family(probably because we were too hungry ) Can definitely be finished by 1 person though!Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Dinner)
my friend came and pick me up for supper to al-ameen. i did not want to eat their roti prata as it was kind of heaty and i was feeling quite hungry so i opted for their fried mee goreng. one thing i like about their mee goreng is the taste. it somehow taste different from the malay mee goreng. the colour is somewhat different too, this one the noodles are on the reddish side while the normal mee goreng is yellow in colour. i like it that their mee goreng is not too oily as well!
I’ve been coming to Al-Ameen for many years, partially due to its location (its near to where I live) and partially due to the food.Normally I wouldn’t have thosai and naan for dinner, but at Al Ameen’s, you can. Their portions are GIGANTIC, so do share with somebody. And unlike some other Indian places, Al-Ameen serves a generous saucer of curry as well. This time round we also ordered the murtabak which 3 of us girls had trouble trying to finish! The only thing to note about Al-Ameen is it is very hot there, and very noisy. Its only good for a meal with a couple of frens, anymore and you’ll find yourself having to shout. And do not wear long sleeved/jackets/leggings/long pants. You will end up sweating over your meal no matter how many milo dinosaurs you order.
i went for some tea with a couple of good friends. they were craving for some prata and delicious indian food so i suggested here. i was not too hungry, so i just ordered their teh tarik. their teh tarik is simply heavenly, we milky and foamy. the tea is very smooth, it does not have any after taste. really good, kept me warm in the cold and rainy afternoon.
Went to bukit timah for some Indian cuisine. Had milo dinosaur $2.50, brayani rice $2, and butter chicken $6, sotong $5 and milo cino $2. The milo is not too sweet and the milo powder is very rich. The butter chicken is very tender and the gravy is very nice and the butter taste blended well with the chicken, with the brayani rice it makes a well-balanced dish. The milo cino is simply milo added with lots of condensed milk, it’s quite fattening in fact.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
I use to love to go to Al Ameen for supper. It a super chillax place to go hangout till morning but lately i think the standard has dropped and the food are not as nice as it used to be. Not sure if they changed their cook or whatever but a normal tomyam soup was already a dissapointment. It was quite watery and i could count the seafood they serve in that bowl of tom yam soup. My friend ordered the sambal stingray and that was a dissapointment as well. the fish sticked to the banana leaves on one end so they could eat one side of the side.
A friend of mine had travelled down from Malaysia and were hanging out till late when we decided to go for supper at this much raved hangout. After the prata dinner (love the curries) we were looking at desserts when my friend saw fried ice-cream. We were truly excited for this is the first time my friend is having fried ice-cream (the type with ice-cream wrapped in dough and deep fried till crispy while ice-cream inside is still cold) in Singapore. Though I have personally tasted it before at local Pasa Malams some years back, it seem to have disappeared from the face of Singapore. However as it turned out it was disappointing. There were several pieces of it in a serving. Though the skin were deep fried till cripsy the ice cream inside were not cold and frozen anymore. Before we could finish our first piece in hand every other piece still untouched on the place were alrdy soggy as the ice-cream inbetween has already melted. Having to pay for hardly whats called a fried ice cream. We decided to call for the waiter who had served us the dish less then several minutes ago. We asked for a new proper serving to be replaced. In reponse was a very unwelcoming statement made by the waiter without hesitation that we will have to take what is already left on the plate and will have to pay for another serving without guarantee that the quality of the ice-cream will be better. Understand that the frying of the frozen ice-cream in dough requires skills with accurate control of timing and oil temperates. We would have been happy if the price of the dessert was taken off our bill or if we are offered a discount off our total bill or replaced with something else like a drink. However even having asked, the waiter rudely rejected and walked away. We ended up wondering why we had to pay for the horrid so called fried ice-cream and service.
Opened 24 hours a day, great place for supper. Prices are reasonable and the portions of food served is not small. The menu is extensive and varied. i particularly enjoyed the Milo dinosaur and the cheese prata. Gets pretty crowded at night as friends gathered to chit chat over a cup of piping hot teh and prata.
Al Ameen has closed down its first section (the alley side) — not sure if it's for renovation purposes or otherwise. But whatever it is Al Azhar pwns Ameen hands down in terms of food and 'feeling' soundtrack.
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