SD Maps Marker

Marker Manager
All marker in SD Maps API manage by MarkerStaticManager, we must define that before add new marker in map. In the example below, we create an icon to signify the position of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia:
function initialize() {

    var myLatlng = new GeoPoint(131.044922, -25.363882);
    var myOptions = {
        zoom: 4,
        center: myLatlng 
    var map = new SD.genmap.Map(document.getElementById("map_canvas"), myOptions);
    var image = 'beachflag.png';
    var myLatLng = new GeoPoint(151.274856, -33.890542);
    var markerManager = new SD.genmap.MarkerStaticManager({ 
        map: map 
    var marker = markerManager.add({
        position: myLatLng,
        map: map,
        icon: image

Every time MarkerStaticManager add new Marker will return instance object of SD.genmap.MarkerStatic, this is real class marker that we using. See Map Marker Static Reference for more information.

Icon's offset in MakerManager can be change using setOffset.
marker.setOffset(new Point(-100,-100));

Marker Image
You can user your own image for the marker, and you can set other options for marker image to. Below is the example to create new image marker. You can also see Map Marker Image Reference for more information.
var icon = new SD.genmap.MarkerImage({

    image: "Map_icon_s.png",
    title: "Tile icon",
    iconSize: new Size(15, 15),
    iconAnchor: new Point(5,12) 


Info Window
You can set info window size by using setSize(width, height) method. Width & height must be integer. If width & height specified below the min value, API will display the min width & height.