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Bring your children down to Zone X and let them try Ice Breaker, the popular 2-player game where players whack acorns to crack the ice.
at 23 Apr 2012 18:29:05
With it's newly renovated wing, this place has got lots to offer now! With NTUC as the main owner, this place has got a Cadbury indoor flyer that is so colorful that you can't miss it. With shops like NUM, BBQ Chicken this place is a revamp.
at 10 Oct 2010 01:48:07
With theme parks, waterparks, variety of stores, children's playden and cinema, Ehub proves the place to be on weekends!
at 5 Oct 2010 17:02:06
They have different restaurants, arcade, and also a cinema. The cadbury ferry's wheel seems cool. The mall's lights infront of the Ferry's wheel is very nice too!
at 5 Oct 2010 01:45:11
insufficient parking lots for motorcycles. end up parking outside escape theme park lots where its dark. might wana add more motorcycle lots at e!hub on the higher levels too.
at 24 Sep 2010 17:09:11
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E!hub - Downtown East
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