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One of the places that I frequent for good pretzels. A must go to for all pretzels fanatics! Multiple locations makes it convenient for people to visit!
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29 May 2013 12:50:02
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One of the places that I frequent for good pretzels. A must go to for all pretzels fanatics! Multiple locations makes it convenient for people to visit!
One of my favourite snack! If u craving for some food to bite, it is a light snack for u !
I love auntie anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel. Always be my favourite.
This cinnamon crunch from this mini kiosk has been always one of my favourite choice of finger food when comes to having my teabreak.The biscuit is very crunchy and love those generous amount of cinammon powder topped on the biscuits which make every mouthful filled with the nice fragrant from the cinammon.The price is also quite reasonable since per piece is quite big in portion too.
my favourite place for a light snack or have something to bite on-the-go or in the cinemas my favourite is thecheese breadstick - love that its not as sweet as the other varieties its flavourful, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside can be slightly oily so remember to get tissues from them . breadstick goes well with coffee and other beverages such as coke , lemonade or bubble tea. May also try the cinnamon one if you have got a sweet tooth
I was shopping around plaza singapura with my girlfriend. I decided to stop by auntie anne’s and grab a pretzel. I am a fan of the auntie anne’s pretzel, I ordered the cinnamon sugar pretzel to share with my girlfriend. The pretzel was very chewy. the crusty sugar gave the pretzel a crunch. It was a contrast of texture with the pretzel. It was pretty filling if you were to eat one by yourself but when I shared with my girlfriend, it was just right.
i bought my favourite auntie anne’s pretzel from jurong point. So glad they opened a branch at jurong point. I ordered my favourite cinnamon sugar pretzel. The pretzel was real good, it was chewy on inside. The cinnamon flavor made the pretzel taste nicer. I love the crustiness of the cinnamon sugar, it adds some contrast in texture. The pretzel on its own is tasteless, but with the cinnamon sugar, it gives it a whole new flavor.
Out of the 3 types of pretzels from Auntie Anne\'s that I have tried which include the sour cream pretzel, the cinnamon sugar pretzel and the seaweed pretzel, I think the sour cream pretzel tastes the best. It tastes so good that I can have 2 at the same time! The cinnamon sugar also taste quite good. However, I feel that it is a sinful indulgence as it is coated with sugar. As for the seaweed pretzel, don\'t bother trying as it tastes almost the same the plain one as the seaweed coating is simply tasteless. Not recommended.
I actually wanted to try out the sour cream but in the end I got the green tea flavour instead because I am a great fan of all things green tea. The green tea powder is unlike those which I have tried before. This green tea powder is sweet instead of being bitter, but the sweetness goes well with the pretzel since the pretzel is saltish. I thought the contrast of flavours is pretty nice and I will definitely get this flavour again next time, after I tried the sour cream.
I have not had Auntie Annie\'s pretzels for quite sometime, so I decided to grab it when I passed by the stall. There are quite a lot of different flavours available, like original, sour cream, almond, cinnamon and raisin etc. I choose the cinnamon and raisin pretzel. The pretzels are still quite warm when I held it in my hand when I was eating it. The pretzel is quite chewy and it is slighty crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The cinnamon flavouring is also very nicely spread and it provides more depth to the taste since the cinnamon is slightly saltish while the pretzel dough and raisins are sweeter tasting. I enjoyed it a lot after not eating it for so long. Will definitely be back to try out the sour cream next time.
another favourite snack shop. love the pretzels here. totally not authentic like at swiss or german bakeries but i think this is more suited to asian tastes. the pretzel is less chewy, sweeter and more cakey than the german pretzels. it\'s also more expensive here. love their many sweet flavours. not a fan of the savoury flavours. love the very sugary ones like cinnamon. i think that\'s my favourite. service is always polite. the smell of the baking pretzel when you walk past just makes it so hard to resist getting the pretzel!
although this pretzel doesn\'t taste authentic like when you get from the swiss or german bakeries, it\'s pretty good for snacking. it\'s pretty expensive. the dough is soft and even when cold, it is still relatively soft. it is very sweet and buttery. it is very fragrant when you walk past the store and you just have to buy it. i prefer the more sugary pretzel flavours like green tea, chocolate and cinnamon. but they only had the plain ready when i was there so i got the plain. it\'s not too bad. nice polite service.
I have always like auntie anne\'s since young, it has been my snacks all the while for the pass years. They would come up with new flavors every now and then. Recently, Tampines 1 basement is on renovation and I am so afraid that auntie anne\'s would be in the list too. Luckily, it didn\'t! I personally like the chocolate dip & cheese. Fresh from the oven and it is actually dipped into melted chocolate. YUM YUM! The cheese one taste nice as well, as it doesn\'t have a very strong cheesy taste. It really goes well inside your mouth. I am not sure what is the red one, I thought it looks weird. But it turns out nice as well. Go for a try if you had not try auntie anne\'s before. It good for tea-break!Spending: Approximately SGD 4(Other)
Sudden crave for Auntie Anne\'s so went all the way to Dhouby Ghaut and had it. Ordered the premium combo, which include one regular drink and a premium choice at S5. I had ordered lemonade and almond flavor. The taste still remain, nice and delicious. It could be even more delicious if only it is served warmer. Well for premium order, they usually come with a small box of kaya, but still, I prefer eating them without the kaya. Anyway the auntie that served us was kind and friendly too. Too bad is that we got to go to the standing table provided by the mall to enjoy our food.
All Pretzels at Auntie Anne\'s are well mixed, risen dough that’s hand-cut, hand-rolled, and fresh-baked every thirty minutes. Whether you like it to be coated with butter or salt, they have a variety of pretzel products to satisfy your anytime craving. This Zesty Roselle pretzel is no different from the rest which has it\'s very unique taste and not too sweet.It is thick and crispy, and usually quite filling after your first one.Other flavours such as the almond, original, cinnamon sugar,raisin and sesame all have their own unique taste
I was shopping around town with my girlfriends when one of them suggested we grab a bite from auntie anne’s. it has been a while since I indulged in such sinful snack but nevertheless I gave in to the temptation. I ordered the most sinful pretzel, the chocolate eclair. It was coated in warm chocolate. The chocolate had a little bitter sweet taste. The pretzel was really good, very nice and soft and chewy. I feel that the chocolate éclair flavour was the nicest after tasting my friend’s cinnamon sugar.
Whenever my husband and I walk pass auntie anne’s, we will definitely stop by and grab a pretzel. My favourite flavour is the chocolate éclair. I simply love how the coat the top of the pretzel with chocolate. Their chocolate is really good. It is really sweet and totally fattening, but it just goes so well with the pretzel. The pretzel is really to die for, it is very fragrant. I love to eat it when it just come out, very crispy and warm topped with the warm chocolate. HEAVENLY! and this only cost you $2.70.
This sour cream and onion is very very delicious. The pretzel itself is very soft and chewy. The sour cream and onion topping on it compliments the taste of the bread very well by giving it a salty taste. The sour cream and onion is very flavorful and the amount coated is very generous. The service is good and fast.
As i was looking for something light for dinner, i ordered the sourcream pretzel and small lemonade drink. The set costs $4.50 which i find it slightly expensive. The pretzel is flavourful, i love the sour cream taste, which blended well with the pretzel. However, the pretzel wasn\'t hot and was quite hard, maybe because it was already close to the end of the day. The lemonade drink was average but was quite a refreshing drink.Spending: Approximately SGD 4.50
I love eating soft pretzel especially Auntie Annie\'s pretzel. Not only is the pretzel soft, it has a fresh buttery taste. I will normally order the almond pretzel together with the caramel sauce. The almond pretzel tastes best when consumed hot when you just buy it and it taste really great when you dip into the rich creamy caramel sauce.
Serves as a fun snack or appetizer. I happened to grab the last piece of this Pizza Knot Cheese and it\'s only 2 pm in the afternoon. This shows how popular this item is. The tangy pizza sauce and shredded cheese makes this soft pretzel knot super yummy. Love the taste and convenient of eating this while window shopping. Save the time of sitting down and eating a whole pizza.
During one of my study sessions at Great World City, I had a craving for pretzels and headed for Auntie Anne\'s. I got my usual Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel. As always, the service there is great as the lady is very friendly! The pretzel is served very warm and soft and there\'s a generous amount of cinnamon sugar on it. An absolute delight to eat this, especially on cold days!
The first time I tried Auntie Anne\'s pretzel was when i went to Malaysia for a holiday. My cousin was the one who introduced it to us. Auntie Anne\'s Almond pretzel is THE BEST pretzel I have ever tried in my life,truly.I\'ve tried pretzels at so many other places before and they were forgettable. But this one,wow. Trust me,you will be addicted. I LOOOOOVE their almond pretzel dipped in caramel.Best thing is,they\'re always making the pretzels so we dont have to worry about them not being hot. If u still think its not hot enough,fret not! They\'ll be more than willing to heat it up for you.This one\'s a MUST TRY.
One of my favourite snack of the day, Auntie Anne’s. Love their pretzels! Especially the cinammon Pretzel, Sea weed Pretzel and the Chocolate Pretzel. Very suitable for a snack in between meal times without making you too full. They also allow you to order your pretzel according to your personal preferences-with or without butter. How awesome is that! Spending: Approximately SGD 4
I love Auntie Anne’s pretzels;D Especially the cinnamon sugar, chocolate mint and the green tea flavour. The pretzels are crispy and nice! The cinnamon sugar flavour smells good and taste delicious, and the flavouring is always so generously flavoured on top of the pretzel.(:As for the green tea pretzel, the flavouring was made with real green tea and as such, it may be a little bitter, but I still liked it Everytime I walk pass an Auntie Anne’s shop, the nice and strong aroma would tempt me into buying it :x Although it may be quite expensive for a pretzel with flavouring which cost $2.70, I felt it was worth it…no harm pampering ourselves a little once in a while
I love auntie anne A long string of pretzel rolled up into a pretzel shape I always go for their sour cream pretzel plain prezel with sour cream powder The dough is very soft & their sour cream really damn nice & tasty the sour cream is not very sour,is quite sweet & salty but the price is abit too expensive overall i rate 8/10
How can u say no the aroma of soft Auntie Anne\'s pretzel. It\'s fresh, buttery, and makes you happy smelling it every time you passes by. My absolute favorite here is the almond pretzel which come in a tube of caramel. Generous portion of caramel which i usually have left over. Perfect sized snack while you\'re cruising around the mall.. Their pretzels are pretty pricey, almost sgd4 for a almond caramel pretzel which u can actually have a bowl of noodles at foodcourt with that price. But once awhile, why not?
These special pastries from Auntie Annie are simply delicious.All items sold here are baked, so a much healthier choice forthe health conscious.Even is a healthier choice, it still taste great!The pastries are always crispy and there are quite a few choices to choose from.Definitely there will be at least one flavour that suit your taste bud. Two thumbs up!My verdict: 7/10Spending: Approximately SGD 3.00(Other)
I was so exicted when I saw the promotion items that they were having at Parkway Parade this school holiday. The first thing that caught my eyes immediately was the green tea Pretzel at Auntie Annie\'s. It was selling at half the price from 27 May to 26 June 2011. I think if not for this promotion, I would never get myself to buy this flavour as I will always go for the cinammon sugar instead. The sweetened green tea powder was a good combination with the Pretzel .Taste was just right and not too sweet. But it has to be consumed immediately or else the green tea powder will turn moist and become dark green in colour.Spending: Approximately SGD 1.35
This is one of the snack which I find it to be expensive but I will still pay for it. I love to consume this as it was always served hot. With the coating of sugar and cinammon on it, the taste is perfect. The bread is soft and spongy and has a nice chewy texture.Together with the cinammon sugar coating, simply delicious!
Been on a pretzel spree and having lots of pretzels lately. Some kind of craving just struck and we just had to have pretzels after pretzels! Auntie Anne\'s is the only pretzel store with a variety of flavours to choose from. It\'s not authentic and more a novelty, but it tastes great because of the sugar overload. The green tea flavour has a green tinge to the pretzel which makes it look awful but it tastes great. Generally the pretzels taste great when they\'re hot and fresh, so catch them when they\'re just baked! The smell is enough to draw you to the store. It\'s efficient service and a convenient carbo load. It\'s so good you just can\'t stop at one!
The Green Tea Pretzel has a light green tea powder and sugar coated on the bread like texture. The dough is twisted into the shape like a sideway "8" and bake to golden brown.It cost $2.70. Now there is a promotion in Parkway and it cost only $1.35 for the green tea pretzel until 26th June. There are other flavours such as original, cinnamon sugar, garlic etc. It also has Pretzel Dog which Pretzel is wrapped around hot dog. Spending: Approximately SGD 2.70(Tea)
Service is very average. Hi Bye type. No frills. None needed I guess. I love the cinnamon sugar pretzel and the green tea pretzel because after you finish the pretzel, there\'s all this flavoured sugar left in the bottom of the bag and you can lick the sugar! Mmm yum!!! The prices are steep for such a small, unauthentic pretzel. $2.70 for one! But they\'re addictive. The premium ones with nuts and other stuff wil cost $3.30! They smell great - all buttery and fresh and warm. If you eat it warm, there\'s a slight crisp to it. It hold pretty well for a few hours before getting too soft and soggy. There\'s a right amount of chew. Quick efficient service. No queues. Easy to find. You can usually follow your nose to find the shop - it\'s so fragrant! It\'s next to an ice cream shop so you can have ice cream after you have a sweet pretzel. They have salty pretzels too. I wish it wasn\'t so expensive!
was looking for a quite bite while shopping at plaza sing when i chance upon auntie ann\'s. there is always a queue for this delicious dough treat. i ordered the orignal flavour and it was simply delicious. the dough was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. it also had a nice buttery taste. the sweetness level was just nice.
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