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Cafe Monochrome Photos
14 reviews, 50+ booked.
$40 cash voucher for $36!
After similar cafe concepts have appeared in Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia, it is Singapore turn with Cafe Monochrome at 216 Syed Alwi Road. They serve Asian-Western fusion mains, speciality coffee and waffles.

- Try these dishes; Softshell crab burger, Ragu pasta & Wagyu donburi
- First 2D Cafe in Singapore!

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-> SGD40 Cash Voucher; $36
-> SGD50 Cash Voucher; $42
Address : 216 Syed Alwi Road216 Syed Alwi RoadSingaporesingapore, 207749
Category : Dessert Shop, Cafe, Coffee Cafe, Dessert, Dessert Cafe, Dessert Pastry
Tel : 9239 1240
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Grin Affair Photos
40 reviews, 600+ booked.
$6.90 double scoop for $6.25
Grin Affair uses natural and real ingredients that you would have in your own kitchen.
They are a homey cafe serving cakes layered with mousse, fruit & chocolate, plus ice cream, in jar containers!

- Grin Affair uses less sugar and less oil in their desserts so that they don't taste sweet and sickly.
- Must trys; Cookies & Cream, Banana Dark Chocolate & Matcha.

Purchase It Before It Runs Out

-> Double Scoop Gelato; $6.25
-> Double Scoop Gelato Waffle; $10.75
-> Bundle of 2 Jarcakes; $14.25
Address : HDB Everton Park, #01-77A, 3 Everton ParkHDB Everton Park, #01-77A, 3 Everton ParkSingaporesingapore, 080003
Category : Dessert Shop, Cake Delivery, Cake Shop, Cakes, Dessert
Tel : 8282 7375
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Kooks Creamery Photos
26 reviews, 400+ booked
$13.30 ice cream set for $11!
Kooks Creamery specializes in creating artisan ice cream and molten lava cookies which is really refreshing on a warm day.
Some of these flavours are really interesting and unique compared to other ice cream stores.

- Try out their Unicorn Lava Set that comes with a drink.
- Ice cream flavours; Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk, Brown Sugar Tau Huey & Arabica Coffee.

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-> BYO (Build-Your-Own) Unicorn Lava Set with Drink; $12.50
-> Kooks Signature Lava Set and Drink; $11
Address : Kooks Creamery @ Bedok, HDB Bed..., #01-09, 218 Bedok North Street 1Kooks Creamery @ Bedok, HDB Bedok Town Centre, #01-09, 218 Bedok North Street 1Singaporesingapore, 460218
Branches :
Category : Dessert Shop, Dessert, Dessert Cafe, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Shop
Tel : 9006 8748
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LiHO Singapore Photos
12,577 reviews, 100k+ booked
$3.90 Milk Tea for only $2.50!
So Tasteful, You'll Want More
At LiHO TEA, we are not just selling a drink. We are bringing you an experience. A feeling. An adventure.

- Get a cup of refreshing Milk Tea to beat the hot weather.
- Freshly brewed tea daily to ensure quality.

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-> Milk Green Tea with Golden Pearls (Medium); $2.50
-> Milk Green Tea with Golden Pearls (Medium - Min. 5 Cups); $2.30
-> Calpis Triple Peach (Medium); $3.69
Address : LiHO @ City Square Mall, City Squa..., #B2-K3/K4, 180 Kitchener RoadLiHO @ City Square Mall, City Square Mall, #B2-K3/K4, 180 Kitchener RoadSingaporesingapore, 208539
Branches :
Category :
Tel : 6509 3803
Website :
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Oriental Ice Bistro Photos
(122 reviews), 600+ booked
$12.90 Bingsu for only $10.95; buy now!
Located just few mins away from Farrer Park Mrt Exit B. A hidden gem Cafe selling dessert such as monster milkshakes, Korean Bingsu with local twist, waffle and toast. Also served western food, thin crust pizza with local flavour.

- Must trys; Injeolmi Bingsu, Matcha Azuki Bingsu & Chocolatey Banana Delight Bingsu
- Halal certified dessert shop; bring your Muslim friends along!

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-> Bingsu; $10.95
-> Shake; $10.95
Address : Urban Lofts, #01-02, 89 Rangoon RoadUrban Lofts, #01-02, 89 Rangoon RoadSingaporesingapore, 218375
Category : Dessert Shop, Cold dessert, Dessert, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Shop
Tel : 6635 7426
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Original Herbal Shop Photos
Address : 414 Balestier Road414 Balestier RoadSingaporesingapore, 329806
Category :
Tel : 6250 5567
Website :
Sugarkid Tang Zai Desserts Photos
265 reviews, 1k+ booked
$6 cash voucher for $4.80; buy now!
Another new product from Lao Ban Soya Beancurd that includes a range of soya bean and grass jelly.
The new brand will pave the road for future company growth while also providing our existing Lao Ban Lovers with a larger range of soya products.

- Signature TZ Soya Beancurd/Grass Jelly with many different toppings.
- Toppings include; Watermelon, Pearls, YouTiao, Grape, Corn and many more.

Grab Your Deals Before It's Gone

-> SGD6 Cash Voucher; $4.80
-> Tang Zai Signature Salted Egg Fish Skin; $6.40
-> Tang Zai Signature Beancurd and Grass Jelly (Two Bowls Set); $4.35
Address : #B2-10, 191 Rochor Road#B2-10, 191 Rochor RoadSingaporesingapore, 188476
Category : Dessert Shop, Dessert, Snack Food, Snacks Store
Tel : 9088 1028
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11 Reviews, 200+ Booked
1 for 1 Double Scoop Gelato with Cone at only $9.80!
Madly Goods travels served as the inspiration for their flavours of their ice cream, and the full bodied coffee beans they utilised were painstakingly sourced with a fair balance of acidity and nuttiness. What a more delightful way!

- Must Trys; Buttered Up Peanut Butter Waffle, Guilty Swirl Gelato & Cafe Latte.

Get deals now!

-> 1 for 1 Double Scoop Gelato with Cone; $9.80
-> Buttered Up Peanut Butter Waffles Set; $16.60
-> Muddy Banana Caramel Chocolate Waffles Set; $20.90
-> Original Buttermilk Waffles Set; $14.50
-> Blueberry Whipped Cinnamon Waffles Set; $19.80
Address : The Clementi Mall, #05-22, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue WestThe Clementi Mall, #05-22, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue WestSingaporesingapore, 129588
Category : N/A
Tel : 6694 3235
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Yenly Yours Dessert Photos
56 reviews, 300+ booked
After experimenting with numerous recipes and ideas beginning in 2010, Yenly Yours ultimately won the hearts of many Thais and rose to the position of No. 1 Thai Mango Cafe with at least 15 locations in Bangkok.

Their first overseas location is in Suntec City, and their second is at AMK Hub. Yenly Yours intends to provide delectable desserts to every resident of this charming tiny island.

Buy while offer lasts!
->[Suntec City] Mango with Mango with Mango Jelly; $7.15
->[Suntec City] Mango and Mango with Sago; $7.15
->[Suntec City] 2 Mango Lover Drink; $15.85
->[AMK Hub] Mango with Mango with Mango Jelly; $7.15
->[AMK Hub] Mango and Mango with Sago; $7.15
->[AMK Hub] 2 Mango Lover Drink; $15.85
Address : Suntec City Mall, #01-K6, 3 Temasek BoulevardSuntec City Mall, #01-K6, 3 Temasek BoulevardSingaporesingapore, 038983
Category : N/A
Tel : Call now
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Andersen's of Denmark (Asia) Pte Ltd Photos
Award Winning Super Premium Ice-Creams
Made Based on a Traditional Danish Recipe

Best for Belgium Chocolate, Rum & Raisin, peanut chocolate fudge ice cream
Address : Tanglin Mall, #B1-15, 163 Tanglin RoadTanglin Mall, #B1-15, 163 Tanglin RoadSingaporesingapore, 247933
Branches :
Category :
Tel : Call now
Love to buy ice cream from Andersen's of Denmark. They serve nice and delicious ice creams. Yummy.