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Coffee House- A Place For Interactions Coffee house or commonly known as coffee shop is a business that serves primarily made coffee or any hot beverages. Coffee houses share the same features of a restaurant or bar, however it is very diverse from cafeterias. These kinds of business concentrate on giving tea and coffee and light snack as well. A lot of coffee shops in various countries provide shisha, a flavored smoke by means of hookah.
Coffee house is the core of many social interactions, it gives social members with a proper place to talk, write entertain and read. At this moment, there are many coffee shops out there that offer various beverages.

Central Mall Coffee House Photos
26 reviews, 300+ booked
$18 edible helium for $16!
If you are a fan of the TV sitcom series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you have definitely heard of Central Mall Coffee House.
The Coffee House also features the seats that the characters in the show always gather at, so make your dream come true by dining at a replica of the set of the show.

- Hang out with your friends over a cup of coffee and desserts
- You can also get mains such as their I Can't Eat Meat Steak or Fisherman Stew!

Hurry Up And Book Now

-> Chandler's Edible Helium Balloon; $16
Address : Central Mall, #01-01, 1 Magazine RoadCentral Mall, #01-01, 1 Magazine RoadSingaporesingapore, 059567
Category :
Tel : 9025 2524
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Coffeesmith & Cafesmith Pte Ltd Photos
42 reviews, 300+ booked
$7 Vanilla Latte for $6.30
At Coffeesmith, they have the finest Arabica beans that are meticulously blended-or "crafted"-for the genuine coffee enthusiast in you.
Their cafe is know for being a pleasant hangout for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy and socialise.

- Coffeesmith connotes "for coffee lovers, for coffee lovers."
- Some interesting things you can try at Coffeesmith would be their Sweet Potato Latte, Royal Delight Fruit Tea & Brownies!

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-> Hot Cafe Vanilla Latte; $6.30
-> Hot Sweet Potato Latte: $6.75
-> Iced Chocolate; $6.75
-> Brownie and Hot Regular Drink Set; $11.70
-> Sliced Cake and Hot Regular Drink Set; $13.50
Address : OUE Link, #02-11, 62 Collyer QuayOUE Link, #02-11, 62 Collyer QuaySingaporesingapore, 049325
Category : Coffee House, Cafe, Coffee Cafe, Croissant, Sandwich, Western Cuisine
Tel : 9339 6878
Website :
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Kafve Coffee Photos
Newly added activity, 100+ booked
$36 bundle deal for $31.35, buy now!
Kafve Coffee specializes in speciality coffee on-the-go and caters coffee to both private and corporate events! With professional baristas, they dedicate their professionalism, passion and commitment to offering an extraordinary coffee experience to all our clients and guests!

- Ivory Coast Cocoa with Almond Milk, Cold Brew Concentrate Paired with Tonic Water & Hojicha Latte.
- Freshly brewed and refreshing cold brew coffee to your door step!

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-> [Delivery] Coffee and Tea Latte; $33
-> [Delivery] Bundles With Free Delivery; $31.35
Category : Coffee House, Cafe, Coffee Cafe, Coffee Speciality
Tel : 8779 8380
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Killiney Kopitiam Photos
Address : Killiney Kopitiam @ 67 Killiney Road, Killine..., 67 Killiney RoadKilliney Kopitiam @ 67 Killiney Road, Killiney Kopitiam, 67 Killiney RoadSingaporesingapore, 239525
Branches :
Category : Coffee House, Cafe, Coffee Shop
Tel : 6734 3910
Website :
Nanyang Kopi Kia Photos
Newly added activity, 100+ booked
$13.80 2 toast sets for only $10 now!
Coffee lovers out there, this is something you must try. Nanyang Kopi Kia is unique and definitely the first in Singapore to provide claypot coffee.

- Enjoy traditional Claypot coffee with butter kaya toast set!

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-> [1-for-1] Claypot Coffee with Butter Kaya Toast Set; $10
Address : HDB Kreta Ayer Heights, #03-22, 333 Kreta Ayer RoadHDB Kreta Ayer Heights, #03-22, 333 Kreta Ayer RoadSingaporesingapore, 080333
Category : Coffee House, Coffee Cafe, Coffee Shop, Traditional Bread
Tel : 9228 3344
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Old Town White Coffee Signature Photos
Sip by Sip, Cup by Cup! Best White Coffee Possible. ★★★☆☆!
Brewed with the finest Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica coffee beans.

From toast and coffee to a full satisfying meal from Hor Fun, Pan Mee, Egg Noodles, Nasi Lemak and western food.
Address : 8 @ TradeHub 21, #08-03, 8 Boon Lay Way8 @ TradeHub 21, #08-03, 8 Boon Lay WaySingaporesingapore, 609964
Branches :
Category :
Tel : 6338 4009
Starbucks Coffee Photos
Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability. Premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world since 1971.
Address : Starbucks @ Lakeside House, Starbucks @ La..., 106 Yuan Ching RoadStarbucks @ Lakeside House, Starbucks @ Lakeside House, Lakeside Garden, 106 Yuan Ching RoadSingaporesingapore, 619616
Branches :
Category :
Tel : 6910 1219
Website :
The Moment Photos
Newly added activity, 100+ booked
$11.60 Milk Tea bundle for $5.80; buy now!
Hailing from the Zhongli District in Taiwan, the chain has launched their first Singapore store at Telok Ayer. Here, you can expect the usual suspects of fruit tea and milk teas, all of which are pretty affordable, with the most expensive drink costing under $8!

- Must Trys; The Moment Grey Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea & Passion Fruit QQ.
- Indulge in healthy and high-quality bubble tea concoctions at The Moment.

Purchase Them Before It Runs Out

-> 1-for-1 Fresh Milk Tea; $5.80
-> Medium Size Pearl Milk Tea; $3
-> Large Size Kumquat Lemon Green Tea; $4.90
-> Large Sized Passion Fruit Lemon Juice; $4
Address : China Square Food Centre, #01-06A, 51 Telok Ayer StreetChina Square Food Centre, #01-06A, 51 Telok Ayer StreetSingaporesingapore, 048441
Category : Coffee House, Bubble Tea, Coffee Cafe, Tea
Tel : 9654 5289
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Tong Ah Eating House Photos
Newly Added Activity, 368 Reviews
$6 combo set for $5.70, purchase now!
Tong Ah Eating House is one of Singapore's most recognisable coffee cafes, with foods like crispy kaya toast on its menu.
Get yours hands on some tradtional crispy Kaya Toast to kick start your morning.

- Their set comes with Kaya Toast, soft boiled eggs and a cup of coffee/tea.
- Must Trys; Kaya Toast, Kopi & French Toast

Grab Your Set Deals Now

-> Combo A: Traditional Kaya Toast Set; $5.70
-> Combo B: Crispy Thin Kaya Toast Set; $6.10
-> Combo C: French Toast with Kaya Set; $7.40
-> Combo D: Steamed Bread with Kaya Set; $5.70
Address : 35 Keong Saik Road35 Keong Saik RoadSingaporesingapore, 089142
Category : Coffee House, Asian Cuisine, Asian Food, Coffee Shop
Tel : 6223 5083
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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Photos
Address : The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Palawan Beach, ..., #01-02, 50 Beach ViewThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Palawan Beach, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - Sentosa, #01-02, 50 Beach ViewSingaporesingapore, 098604
Branches :
Category :
Tel : 6270 6218
Website :