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Uses of Curtain Wall An outer covering of a building which is non-structural and can be created and built with lightweight material to reduce construction costs. Normally it is designed with extruded aluminum and is usually filled with glass that gives benefit like day lighting but parameters related to solar gain control like thermal comfort and visual comfort. Curtain walls diverge form store front systems and they are designed to span multiple floors. One type of curtain wall is copper cladding that allows architects to include visually attractive features in building design. Most buildings construction build curtain wall for the purpose of reducing building sway and movement, water diversion and cost effective cooling, lighting and heating by producing thermal efficiency.
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Curtains & Upholstery within your budget!
Choose amongst hundreds of designs and fabrics to create the best look for your home without burning a hole in your wallet. Fastest delivery service guaranteed!

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Opening : Opens Mon - Fri : 9am - 5.30pm ; Sat 9am - 5PM ; Closed on Sunday
Address : Golden Wall Flatted Factory, #01-26, 2 Jalan RajahGolden Wall Flatted Factory, #01-26, 2 Jalan RajahSingaporesingapore, 329134
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Specializes in Architectural & Roofing Installation Since 1989
Provides design expertise and installation at competitive rates
Complete all jobs within timeline to quality & expectations!

Specializes in the design and installation of:
- Roofing (Aluminium, metal, stainless steel, titanium, zinc titanium)
- Facade cladding (Aluminium composite panels, aluminium panels, metal)
- Curtain walls, Dry walls, Ceilings, Louvers
- Glazing, Space frame, Windows, Trellis
- Prefabricated green labelled BACE Panels for external wall cladding.
We do work for public sector buildings & infrastructures to institutions, factories, warehouses, oil and gas, and residences.
Address : SG-Bogen, 164 Joo Chiat RoadSG-Bogen, 164 Joo Chiat RoadSingaporesingapore, 427438
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Tel : 6344 2322
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Address : Bukit Timah Plaza, #02-14, 1 Jalan Anak BukitBukit Timah Plaza, #02-14, 1 Jalan Anak BukitSingaporesingapore, 588996
Category : Curtain Wall, Bed and Mattress, Curtain, Fabric, Pillows, Textile
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Address : Vertex, #01-78, 33 Ubi Avenue 3Vertex, #01-78, 33 Ubi Avenue 3Singaporesingapore, 408868
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Address : Tampines Industrial Park A, #02-35, 9008 Tampines Street 93Tampines Industrial Park A, #02-35, 9008 Tampines Street 93Singaporesingapore, 528843
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Address : Premier @ Kaki Bukit, 02-18/34/35/43, 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4Premier @ Kaki Bukit, 02-18/34/35/43, 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4Singaporesingapore, 415875
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Address : Compact Group, 120 Pioneer RoadCompact Group, 120 Pioneer RoadSingaporesingapore, 639597
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They provide customized solutions according to the needs of their client.
Address : Courts Megastore, Level 2, 50 Tampines North Drive 2Courts Megastore, Level 2, 50 Tampines North Drive 2Singaporesingapore, 528766
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