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Incorporated in 2005, headquartered in Singapore and focus on Asia Pacific region, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Taiwan, China & Australia.

Our main priority will be to address and tackle business needs, issues and requirements of our clients rather than concentrate on the product.

That’s explain why many businesses do not really reap the true benefits of ERPs even though they had stretch their budget beyond their limits, since most ERPs are not focusing and addressing on their client’s organization problems, but instead on their ERP product function & features.

So functions remain as function, while problems remain as problems and there is no synergies between the both.

These are facts of ERPs implementation in today world of information technology. We are moving out from this traditional approach and focus on our client’s businesses problem and it solutions than on the product.

This is our unique approach and we will continue to strive with this vision in mind.

Apart from SQ ERP products & services, we also do support other software , such as BPCS, SAP & Microsoft Dynamics.

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