About Us

AKIRA is a homegrown International global brand registered worldwide. We offer a comprehensive range of consumer electronics products consisting of audio-visual, home appliances, digital cameras, lighting, toys etc. AKIRA is committed to extensive product development, and efficient after-sale services to a expand Market coverage.

Products & Services

Wide range of products in various categories
-Extensive research & development to improve product quality and features
-Aggressive marketing campaigns to promote brand awareness and loyalty
-Efficient after-sales customer care service

products we offer:
Color TV, DVD/DVR/VCP/VCR, Air-Conditioners, Small Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Plasma/ LCD/ProjectionTV, Audio/Hi-Fi Products, Lightings, Toys, Communications, Recording Media, Digital Imaging, Massage Chairs, Water-based Vacuum Cleaners, Car Audio, Wine Chillers/ Dish Washers and many more.


Aggressively marketed since 2000, AKIRA has been expanding its range of Audio-Visual, Household and Home Appliances products, including CTV, Plasma/ LCD TVs, DVD/ VCD Players, Home Theatre Systems, Air-Conditioners, Microwave Ovens and Washing Machines etc, to include higher-end products like Massage Chairs and the latest range of Digital Products.


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