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Try their quesidilla. They have chicken and beef so mexican i love
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27 Apr 2013 17:44:07
Try their quesidilla. They have chicken and beef so mexican i love
Cheese Quesidillas - it tastes exactly like a cheese prata foldover. EXACTLY. The oily, crisp flour especially.The sizzling smoked chicken fajitas is the house favourite and everyone seems to be having it (you hear the sound almost every other minute) and yes you might end up smelling like smokin meat too. I thought it was pretty average actually, tender chicken chunks to wrap in the soft tortilla wraps.
snacks! The crispy nacho is tasted nice with the tomato bolognese sauce given.mexican spicy chicken plate The chicken is tender and full with Mexico style and taste. Good choice!this is some kind of popiah skin / crepe wrapped with stuffs (can be chosen) and besides there are refreshing salad which is very nice!! The crepe wraps is nice to eat with the sour cream given.tortilla with pickles and salad! This is also another dish full with mexican cuisine flavour! the tortilla is nicely pan fried so the skin is very flavourful. I love the pickles too, very refreshing!
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