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About Us

Feature films inspire our imagination and stir our emotions; while video games take us to far away galaxies and challenge our beliefs. The world of Entertainment is all around us.

However, it takes very talented individuals to design and create these experiences. The FZD School of Design was established to provide a high-caliber training environment geared specifically for the Entertainment Design industry.

Founded by veteran Hollywood designer Feng Zhu, with credits such as Transformers the Movie, Star War Episode III, Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, FZD is the only premier training centre in Asia backed by solid industry experience.

In addition, FZD is fully credited and supported by the Singapore government through the Work Development Agency (WDA) and the WSQ subsidy schemes.

If you love comics, films, games and toys, then consider pursuing a career in the Entertainment industry with the FZD School of Design.


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