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About Us
The Blue Ginger Restaurant

The inspiration behind our starting "blue ginger" cannot be fully explained without first sharing with you aspects of peranakan culture. Our journey of rediscovery was prompted of hearty feasts at grandma's. The Blue Ginger was created simply through our desire to share our unique culture with others. Today, the restaurant is run by a team of people who are passionated towards this end.

Jimmy Tan Blue Ginger was the 15 Aug 2013 23:51:21

Ngo Heong

  • Homemade rolls of minced pork and prawns seasoned with five-spice powder wrapped and fried to a crispy golden brown

Ayam Panggang ‘Blue Ginger’

  • Deboned chicken thigh and drumstick flavored with coconut milk rich in exotic spices and grilled to perfection

Seabass Masak Assam Gulai

  • Fresh seabass simmered in spicy tamarind gravy flavored with lemongrass

Sambal Udang

  • Stir-fried prawns in rich, hot and spicy chilli paste
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Blue Ginger was the first place I've really tried Peranakan food and as an introduction I thought it was very good.
For me, this is the best Peranakan restaurant in Singapore. This is one of the restaurant I go to for comfort food. It tastes like home cooking which I love. The quality is consistent and all the dishes I tried there are very tasty. Definitely a place to bring guests visiting Singapore.
Otak Otak, enhanced with tumeric, lime leaves, galangal, chilli, candlenut and shrimp paste had a very homestyle appeal to the lightly spiced and bouncy fishcake.
Tired of the usual local cuisine food catering??? The Blue Ginger Restaurant serving Peranakan Food also do food catering service. Try something new..Contact them @ 6224 4028
The Blue Ginger Restaurant Ayam Buah Keluak Braised chicken flavoured with turmeric, galangal and lemongrass cooked with Indonesian black nuts # additional Buah Keluak nuts at S$1.50 each
The Blue Ginger Restaurant I simply love peranakan food cos i myself is a pure pernankan. The food is awesome but the price isnt that awesome. Specially their KUEK PATI
Enjoy mouth-watering spread of spicy and aromatic dishes, that many can't resist letting their palate to sizzle once more.
This is quite a good peranakan restaurant, the food is sedak, appetising and fulfilling and the price is quite resonable. We have ordered quite many dishes, like sambal kang kong, otah otah, asham prawn and curry vegetables. Their serving is quite generous too, i have to refill my rice in order to finish the dishes. Ha. Actually, its the dishes really open up my appetite, thats why i need second serving of rice.

Overall, the ambience and the meal is quite satisfing.

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i simply love peranakan food and my friends were kind enough to bring me to this fairly classy peranakan restaurant. the food is awesome but the price isnt that awesome

we order Itek Tim for our soup, it is duck with salted vege. very salty and sourish, but tje duck is very soft and tender after being boiled for sometime.

the babi pon tay was very tasty! love the gravy, thick and delicious, goes really well with the rice! the meat is cooked until it is soft and tender. so yummy!

the Chap Chye Masak Titek is very good as well, the vegetables are cooked until they are very soft! the gravy got this prawny taste, very thick and tasty.

the Udang Kuah Pedas Nanas is the ultimate killer. they used tiger prawns and the prawns are so fresh and sweet. it is crunchy when u bite into it. the pineapple gravy is very sour, opens up ur appetite.

the meal is very fulfilling! very satisfied and pleased with the service as well! ambiance very good too! yum!

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Traditional peranakan cuisine. My fave is the ayam buah keluak n durian chendol.value for money. reservations recommended as it could get pretty packed.
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