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Through a wide selection of products ranging from miscellaneous daily goods to food, cosmetics, home décor and traditional Japanese arts and crafts, together with amazingly low prices, Daiso endeavours to bring pleasure and satisfaction to its customers

Love Daiso!
Everything at $2.
Even the price is $2, their quality is good and they offer many kind of things.

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12 Apr 2014 00:24:09
Products & Services

Daiso offers a variety of products, ranging from household goods to hobby materials, stationery and school and office supplies, at the amazingly low price of 100 yen (about 1 dollar). This wide selection of goods derives from our desire to absorb and meet customers’ needs.

Daiso offers around 70,000 products, nearly all of which are original products developed by Daiso through repeated trial manufacture with customer satisfaction uppermost in mind.


Daiso has expanded its product lines and number of shops on such a scale that it can no longer be categorized solely as a 100 yen shop. It is now so well established as part of everyday life that it has become the destination of choice for the purchase of daily commodities. Our aim is to develop and sell products which are of true value to our customers by focusing on originality and quality.

ION Orchard #B4-47, 2 Orchard Turn 238801
Tel 6634 7801
Chinatown Point #B2-02, 133 New Bridge Road 059413
Tel 6509 9533
Bugis Junction #03-01/27/28, 200 Victoria Street 188021
Tel 6259 5112
Plaza Singapura #05-01/02/03, 68 Orchard Road 238839
Tel 6884 9210
Parkway Parade #03-26B, 80 Marine Parade Road 449269
Tel 6348 9837
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Love Daiso! Everything at $2. Even the price is $2, their quality is good and they offer many kind of things.
This shop sells items (Beverages, tidbits and daily sundries) at only $2 and they've a wide variety of products to choose from have been around for quite some time. Always pack with customer rushing to get stuffs as they're very sell able and also stationeries at a very cheap cheap price which attracts loads of students and kids with their parents to get them. Great deals and bargains for great variety to choose from. Check them out at vivocity, Imm and other outlets...
All items @ $2! bought a set of bright n colourful clothes pegs fm Daiso, can't resist the bright color. Like their plastic wares too vry useful and a whole range of shapes and sizes to choose from.
All $2 stuff n still my fav caramel popcorn is the best from Daiso
My favorite snack food from Daiso! Easily spotted as they have a whole shelf full of these!
I love shopping here cos everything here is only $2!
They have really really cheap stuffs here. My friend came to find an ash tray. I think I've bought a tie with white spots on it at $2 I think....? I know it's below $10, or even $5 la.
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