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Daily freshly baked bread.
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9 Jan 2013 19:54:35
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Tampines 1 #B1-14, 10 Tampines Central 1 529536
Tel 6260 5909
JCube #01-18, 2 Jurong East Central 1 609731
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Daily freshly baked bread.
Yamazaki's sandwiches are my favourite! A tasty sandwich as breakfast is the best to kick start my day.
I have been to Tampines 1 countless of times and everytime i walked passed this bread/cake shop, i am captivated by the strawberry shortcake on it's display shelf. Finally, with courage (and cash in my pockets) i walked asked for a slice of the meancing cake.

Together with that cake, i also choose the cream puff as i am a total sucker for strawberries, and Japanese food. Such a combination really make me drool.

What i liked about the pastries @ Yamazaki is that it gives one a full satisfaction upon its first bite and it is not too sweet like what is shown on manga. It's cream does not have a very oily texture and yet soothing for those who need an occasional indlugence in life.

The strawberry shortcake is highly recommended for those who love strawberries WHOLE.

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It looks like just your typical Japanese Bread shop when you walk past this at Tampines 1. However, I see queues of people waiting for something while the kitchen gets busy. Within minutes, the shop girl comes out with a tray with strange looking bread, squarish in fact.... and puts it down, and within minutes, it's gone.

I stood then feeling astonished, and waited for the queue to clear. The next batch came pretty quickly, and I took one immediately. The bread is soft, squarish, like a cube! The shape is really cute, and strange... as I have never seen a bread that looks this way. Upon eating it, the bread tasted quite creamy, and there wasn't any fillings in it. it cost around $1.50.

I must say that this bread truly left a memory in me, as the shape was special and unique!

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What brings to your mind when I mentioned Yamazaki? For me it would be the cream puff, the croissant and the freshly baked cakes, especially my beloved Blackforest cake. The blackforest cake was supposed to be a birthday cake. It was so beautifully decorated with fresh fruits...strawberry, peach and blue berry. The texture of the cake was spongy yet it melts in your mouth. The layers of cream and the cake was just right so that you will not feel guilty in consuming so much cream. The sweetness of the cake will linger in your mouth and you just want to have another bite non stop. You must definitely try out their cakes although the price might be a bit high, it is worth it.

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When I happened to be in Tampines, one of my favourite hunt will be Yamazaki as I loved their bread,especially their crossiants and cakes. The crossiants are rich in butter taste and very frangrant. The full flavour lingers in your mouth and it was so heavenly.
One of their best sellers is the Cream puff that is filled with cream and topped with strawberry at the side. It is fresh and if you have it cold, it is very shiok. However, when I went there yesterday, I was shock to discover that there was no more strawberry on the cream puff. Without the strawberry, the cream puff is not appetising at all...no appeal. So sad.

Although I will give up on the cream puff, I will still go for the bread and cakes.

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The array baked goods at Yamazki never fails to beckon and tempt me whenever I pass by. There are quite a wide range of breads, pastries, and cakes around, with prices normally around $1.50 to $2 per bun. Though the prices here are a little more pricey than most bakeries, it's worth the money, especially if you know what to buy.

Milk Bread: Soft with a delicate milk taste.

Queen Bread: Essentially thick, buttered slices of bread which are perfect for toasting. Soft and fluffy!

Hawaiian bread: My favorite loaf from this bakery, the Hawaiian Bread is superbly soft and remains so for the next few days!

Double-taste bun ($2): Half of this large, soft bun is filled with chocolate cream while the other half is filled with custard cream. The chocolate cream filling is rich and satisfying, and is balanced out by the mild-tasting, smooth custard. One of my favorites! There's even a triple-taste bun with adzuki bean paste.

Belgian waffles: A must-get whenever I spot them fresh out of the oven, when they're still warm and fluffy on the inside. They're still good when cold though, the crackly, crunchy sugar coating goes well with the dense, cakey interior very well! These beat the soft ones from Sweet Stone D'Paradise in my opinion

Their light and flaky sugar puffs are lovely too.

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