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For those who enjoy HongKong dishes, the wanton noodle here is a must try! In addition, the environment is really cosy and the price is reasonable.
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3 Apr 2013 00:06:23

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For those who enjoy HongKong dishes, the wanton noodle here is a must try! In addition, the environment is really cosy and the price is reasonable.
Ambience:It\'s a large restaurant with lots of tables and chairs.Very pleasant, surrounded by a fresh environment.Very comfortable.Bench like chairs Food:This is where they are outstanding.I finally can get good HK milk tea or "Lai Char" pretty close to what I enjoy drinking.We ordered a clay pot of chicken and Chinese sausage for $6.50 - tasty but I counted only 4 pieces of sausage.Loads of chicken though, in a tasty sauce covered rice. Spending: Approximately SGD 20
Had lunch here with my cousin. Price is a average for a meal in a shopping centre. a good place for gathering and chilling. But the food is not really really nice. Can try... a little salty though. Recommended for all day, tea, lunch or dinner. i did enjoy the meal.Spending: Approximately SGD 10
Portuguese chicken baked rice. Tasty! it came with a huge well marinated chicken drum stick with tasty rasin rice with chesse melted on top of it. And it also came with a bowl of their soup of the day. The soup was really tasty too!Beef egg rice $7.2 Tasteless. The beef and egg is normal. the only nice is the soup which is lotus root soup. The service is not good.
This fried chicken is so sinful, but really finger licking good. We couldn\'t resist ordering this after seeing the table beside us order it as the fragrance of the chicken is really too tempting for us to resist. The full name is Prawn Paste Chicken, where the chicken is dipped into the prawn paste batter before frying. The skin is really crispy and veyr yummy, I can taste the seasoning perfectly. The chicken is also tender and not hard. You must really order this if you dine in there! The chicken is served hot, so it is only fried upon order, making it very fresh and cripsy.
Hong Kong\'s yuan yang is really very nice..! It\'s hong kong style milk tea. Dont know why,it is a bit different from the normal one. Maybe there are some special ingredient. The sweetness is just right.Not too sweet. It\'s really make me feel that the yuan yang got the hong kong taste.This soup is some kind like mushroom soup. It is very concentrated,but not very creamy,i prefer more creamy one. But it is still ok for me,if add more pepper,it will taste nicer.
Yuan Yang ($1.5) Very fragrant milk tea + coffee smell and this is probably the best drink in this restaurantbeef crispy fried mee $7.8 The mee is crispy fried and the gravy is not bad but overall normal.Portuguese style curry chicken baked rice $8.5 The nicest thing among these. VERY big in portion and not too greasy. Till the last mouth I still can enjoy the taste. The drumstick given is really big and tender too.Chinese sausage and chicken rice (include soup) $6.5 very tasteless. Highly NOT recommended!
I went to wan chai for a group outing. I was rather spoilt for choice by their wide variety of food. In the end, I finally settled for seafood crispy noodles and hot milk tea. They are very generous with the seafood. their seafood is so fresh and sweet. the noodles is very crispy and crunchy. The gravy that they topped on the noodles is so tasty. when the noodles touch the gravy, it soaks up the delicious gravy. The milk tea is so smooth and delicious. the tea is very fragrant. The milk added to the tea gives it a milky taste. one mouth of warm milk tea and one mouth of noodles = bliss!
Lazy to go far for lunch, so just popped by Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room for a quick fix. Ordered the shrimp wanton noodle. S$6 per bowl. Today the noodle is quite disappointing. Cooked too soft and "kan sui" smell is too strong. However the shrimp wanton is ok though. Prawns medium size and fresh. Just learnt that they just launch their VIP card. You can purchase the card and they will give you back some vouchers to be utilised plus discount in future visit.
Went to Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room at sembawang shopping centre with my mum. Ordered quite a number of dishes. First i ordered a yuan yang coffee. To my suprise, it comes with a ice cream. However, the cup was quite small considering it was $3.i think it was not bad. Considering the ingredients. The seafood hor fun was yummy.It also comes with a bowl of boiled lotus soup.We end of the meal with a bowl of dessert. This bowl dessert for the saving grace for the whole dining experience i had. Overall, i think the meal was below average. The food taste bad. The appearance of the food look good but the food don\'t taste how it look. The ingredients used were fantastic but the taste does not coincide with the food. The baked rice that i ordered was not as good as i thought. The rice was very milky. I did not even complete the meal as it was that bad! I think i will not visit or bring my friends to Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room for meal next time after such bad dining experience.
Wanted to collect some stuffs frm my fren who worked at Bishan Junction 8, so since I hardly set foot ard this area, I decided to just dine here for dinner as well. Initially, I didnt knw wat i wanted to have; there were soo many choices to choose frm here! However, my fren was practically draggin me into the Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room, saying we should eat this... so i just went along. haha Since it was my 1st time there (yea this hong kong tea room has been here for ages & i have not step foot in b4 at all), i took time to take in my surroundings. The menu was intensive, plus they have a small menu which consists of all the chef\'s recommendation (i tink that\'s pretty gd!). One have to fill up a little sheet of paper wat u want to have, b4 u take it to the counter & pay for it, & then the food will b served at the table. There wasnt much people when we were there, so the service was pretty fast, i just paid at the counter & the fried rice my fren ordered arrived! The waitress would then cancel the order 1 by 1 on the receipt after the food have arrived. The egg with floss fried rice looks nice, and since i ordered a baked rice, it would take longer, i decided to try a mouth of her rice. It was tasty, but abit salty. The floss on top also help enhances the taste of the rice. The chicken Portuguese curry baked rice i had was a very huge serving, i was shocked when it arrived (how am i gg to finish it?!?!). However, the cheese & curry on the rice make it really delicious! The chicken drumstick was big, plus the meat inside was very tender. I actually finished all of it (i have a very small appetite so i was pretty surprised as well as my fren)! They could improve on it though, it was a tad too salty. The honey lemon i ordered came with aloe vera, though i had written on the sheet of paper when i ordered that i didnt want any aloe vera. The honey lemon drink was really sweet, sweeter than wat i usually drink b4 from outside. My fren had a milk tea, as she prefers hot drinks when eating. It was nice & she loved it Overall, the food is actually quite nice, but u may want to ask to cut down on the salt & sugar level? Then mayb it will be \'healthier\'.
I had an awesome dinner at wan chai hong kong tea room, I ordered their curry chicken baked rice. the portion is really big, I could barely finish three quarter of it. they really add a lot of cheese, it is very creamy and cheesy. The chicken is a lot as well. My dish came with a payaya fungus soup. I think it is very worth it!
i love to eat out at this Hong Kong style restaurant. They have a variety of dishes, dessert, soups, porridge and fried rice. If you order their steam rice, it comes with daily soup too! I normally go for their ala-carte dishes. Lotus root soup is very sweet as they put in a lot of pork meat and even carrots. Hong style kai lan with oyster sauce is good too. The kai lan is crunchy and not too oily. Their prawn paste chicken wing is one of the best. I always order this dish. It comes in 3 pieces of chicken wing per plate of order. Chicken wings are well marinated with prawn paste and fried to golden brown perfection. Their fried taufu top with pork floss is quite interesting too.
Famous for their Cantonese toasts and noodles, I frequently visit here for toasts! Peanut butter toast is absolutely a delight. The 2 slices of butter placed right on top of the thick toasts are divine. Actually their noodles is also ok as it is not those instant noodle kind which other ‘HK’ cafes served. If you are super hungry, try the fried beancurd with pork floss. It’s crispy on the outside and is delicious at each bite with savoury pork floss enticing the palatte. But beware of the lunch crowd! It’s horrendously crowded at times
the hong kong food here is quite common as it offered the roasted meat rice, wanton mee and char siew mee. Don\'t be mistaken and though this is one of the xin wang outlet as the concept is quite different. I think the food is quite common and taste just ok, therefore i will not be going there unless for group gathering. Spending: Approximately SGD 4
Wan Cha HongKong Tea Room serves delicious steamed rice. In order to taste this delicious steamed rice, one has to wait for 20 minutes as they are freshly steamed only upon order. There are altogether 5 choices of steamed rice, namely Spare Ribs with Black Beans, Chicken with Sausages & Black Mushrooms, Minced Pork & Salted Fish, Beef with Oyster Sauce and Teriyaki Beef with Onions & Mushrooms.These steamed rice course will come with a complimentary bowl of doubled boiled soup.

I personally have tried the Spare Ribs with Black Beans steamed rice. It is pretty okay but gets too ‘gelat’ to finish the whole bowl. The spare ribs are nicely marinated to the right taste.

I have also tried their House Special Beef and House Special Seafood Hor Fun. The beef hor fun deserves thumbs up as the hor fun gravy is tasty and beef slices are overwhelmingly generous. A large serving for $6.80, perhaps 2 female eaters could be able to share one. The seafood hor fun on the other hand, has room for improvement. The prawns and cuttlefish have got ‘fishy’ aftertaste and the hor fun simply tastes bland overall.

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