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Tampines Industrial Park A #02-222, Tampines Industrial Park A, 9005 Tampines Street 93, (S)528839
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Hendor PE Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Hendor PE Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, HPAP, is an European Manufacturer's joint venture company with Hendor BV (Pumps) and PE (Rectifier) registered in Singapore.

Products & Services
  • Pump - Vertical pumps, Horizontal pumps
  • Power Supplies - Power stations, Pulse rectifiers
  • Heaters - PV Panels Testing
  • Chamber - Temperature, Humidity, Conditioning Systems
  • Spare Parts - Sensors, Dehumidifies, Control System, Compressors
  • Hendor BV, (Netherlands)- Chemical Pump; Filter Media (Disc, Paper, Cartridge & Bag)
  • Filter Chamber; PP/SS/PVDF
  • Plating Electronic GmbH, (Germany)- Switch Mode DC Power Supply/Rectifier
  • Programmable, Profiles, Pulse, Reverse.
  • PROCESS TECHNOLOGY (USA)- Immersion Heater of Teflon, SS316, Titanium & Quartz Heat Exchanger, In Line Heater For DI Water & Chemical For Semiconductor Applications.
  • HOWATT (USA)- Design & Manufacturing of Industrial Heaters, Cartridge Heater, Ceramic Strip Heater.
  • TEMPCO (USA)- Cartridge Heater, Band Heater, Cast in Heater, Radiant Heater.

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