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specifically like thier dimsum. They provide the best dim sum with fresh ingredients. Waitress there al are very friendly and always with thier smiley face.
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4 Mar 2014 17:59:48

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specifically like thier dimsum. They provide the best dim sum with fresh ingredients. Waitress there al are very friendly and always with thier smiley face.
The staff was very attentive and they frequently helped to refill your tea cup. Dim sum is the best the list of dining preference for lunch, one can enjoy delicate Cantonese cuisine if time is not a concern. My take I'll be back for their dishes but not for their dim sum.
Har Gow is one of the better versions around, with thin translucent chewy skin, fresh bouncy sweet prawns.
Food was very well cooked and delicious, the service staff was very attentive and they frequently helped to refill your tea cup.
Man Fu Yuan is pulling out the stops with their "Mao Shan Wang" durian mooncake. The thick creamy durian pulp is made even more decadent with the addition of coconut milk. The snowskin covering is also so thin that it almost melts away under your touch. InterContinental Hotel 2nd Floor, 80 Middle Road, (S)188966 6825 1062
My mum read about Man Fu Yuan’s 17th Anniversary Special promotional menu in the newspapers and the next moment, we were booking a table for lunch the next day. Man Fu Yuan is celebrating its 17h Anniversary this August and they are offering 17 of their signature dishes for just $17+ each. Each dish comes in a one person portion, but $17 for delicacies such as shark’s fin, lobster, sea cucumber, abalone… is just a good deal! But for some reason, we ended up ordering dishes with less bang per buck, but decent nonetheless. We were a little disappointed with the service staff, who didn’t really offer much helpful suggestions or meal recommendations, but then again, I guess that’s the cause of going with a family of fussy eaters. They do have a nice selection of customized premium tea which deviates from the usual chinese tea selections and the menu even recommends different tea pairings.This is the Roasted Meat Platter ($17), which comes with soya sauce chicken breast, roasted duck and char siew. The chicken and roasted duck were surprising not tough and an absolute delight to eat. The char siew slices were too thick for my liking but still very well marinated and flavourful. Also part of the special anniversary meal is this Sauteed Clam dish ($17). The server took the initiative to split the dish for each person. The slightly salty brown gravy went really well with the fresh clam meat, but we realized the clam meat served was rather small and it was a hassle to pry open some clam shells that remain stubbornly tight shut.Stewed Vermicelli with King Prawn and seafood ($17) is a really tasty *premium* seafood beehoon dish. It is fried with generous scallop and clam bits and sitting on top of the vermicelli is this really huge sized, fresh succulent king prawn. The vermicelli is freshly fried on the spot, as it is evident from the piping hot steam emanating from the dish when it arrived and the vermicelli isn’t too dry at all. We also ordered some dim sum items which were rather impressive. The Fried Radish Cake ($5.20) didn’t look appealing at first, but take one bite and you will be wowed by how perfectly golden crispy its outer skin is. The fragrant radish encased inside was really soft and smooth and it serves as a nice contrast against the crunchy outer layer.And another staple in dim sum menus- Liu Sha Bao or Custard Bun ($12 for 6 pieces). Man Fu Yuan serves out a unique Deep fried version of custard bao, which has nice golden brown outer layer. The fillings for both steamed and deep fried versions are similar- rich, molten yellow blots of salted egg and custard that ooze out as you puncture your buns. I personally prefer the deep fried version- it’s a bit like eating man tou with custard filling, but both versions are really tasty. The rich, generous custard flowy fillings really make this bun worth trying. Do remember to ask them for the deep fried version, because it is not stated explicitly in the menu and out unhelpful waiter did not mention about it until asked. The meal ended with a complimentary shot of sour plum concentrate, which was supposed to aid in digestion. Overall, food here is good and has gotten even more affordable with their $17 promo items. They dish out decent great cantonese cuisine food here, but I would definitely not miss the unique deep fried custard bun. For more details and photos, do visit http://mrfoodnotes.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/man-fu-yuan-满福苑/
On account of the complimentary Peking duck, I decided with much trepidation, to give Man Fu Yuan a chance to redeem itself after my previous dim sum lunch there turned out absolutely disastrous. This time it was for dinner though. Peking Duck - I honestly didn\'t expect much from a complimentary dish and to say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. The duck set the tone right for the evening with its crisp skin sans the fat, wrapped in a lightly chewy/elastic crepe that reminded me uncannily of kueh. Interesting and definitely a change from the usual ones. The sliced meat did pale a little in comparison though, coming across as a wee bit too tough but at least it wasn\'t too gamy. Just for the record, the duck goes for $60++ on the menu. Braised Homemade Beancurd with Live Prawn, Shimeji Mushroom and Minced Pork Sauce - The homemade beancurd had a nice savoury and mildy sweet taste to it, coupled with relatively small but fresh and sweet prawns and drizzled with a full bodied meat sauce - A simple yet appetising dish. I would have liked the beancurd a little more silky though. Poached Asparagus with Bamboo Piths, Chinese Lyceums and Greens in Superior Broth - This was a simple yet tasty dish, with the superior broth (上汤) light yet flavourful. The asparagus, which came wrapped in crunchy bamboo pith (looked to me like fish maw at first glance), was cooked just right - crunchy and not too soft. Mango Pudding - We rounded up our meal with a heart shaped mango pudding that was probably the sole disappointment that evening. The taste of mango was rather watered down but the sole consolation was that it didn\'t come across as too milky. Red Bean Pancake - Well at least the red bean pancake fared better. Flaky exterior with just the right amount of flour, it would have been great if the red bean paste was slightly more concentrated. Still a good eat nonetheless. I would say my perception of Man Fu Yuan has turned on its head 180 degrees after this dinner, putting me at a crossroads as to whether I should return. Prices are definitely not cheap and comparable to renowned Chinese restaurants in other hotels. Service was alot better this time round and so was the food. My take I\'ll be back for their dishes but not for their dim sum.
Sitting on the 2nd flr of the Intercontinental Singapore is the popular Man Fu Yuan Cantonese Restaurant. While dim sum reigns high on the list of dining preference for lunch, one can enjoy delicate Cantonese cuisine if time is not a concern. Whenever I dine @ Man Fu Yuan, I like to start off with the Crispy Silver Fish @ S$8 a portion. The restaurant serves one of the best besides Lei Garden & Li Bai. Ladies will be delighted in the nutritional Double-boiled Fish Maw in Shark’s Cartilage Consommé @ S$26, which is believed to be beneficial for the complexion. The soup is painstakingly boiled for hours to extract the nourishing essence from the shark’s bone cartilage. Personally, it’s the best in most restaurants I’ve tried. Rich & milky. Delectable creations include the Braised South African 5 Heads Abalone. This hard-as-rock mollusc is slowly braised into velvety smooth & subtly chewy abalone. For abalone lovers, this is one meal not to be missed. Seafood lovers, you may also like to try the Sauteed Fresh Scallops with Cripsy Conpoy & Garden Greens @ S$38. The scallops has a delicate sweetness that could have come only from absolutely fresh seafood & I love the crunchy broccoli. I’m a fried rice fan but many failed to tease my taste buds. Besides the fragrant smell, the Man Fu Yuan Fried Rice with Fresh Scallops & Conpoy is simply delicious. Plus, the tiny salted egg-yolk cubes add flavour to the rice. Winner of several accolades, Man Fu Yuan is the perfect venue for a joyous family get-together, a business luncheon or an intimate dinner.
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