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Located at 73 Haji Lane, S189266.

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29 Jun 2014 22:06:05

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Enjoy 15% off storewide at Soon Lee. Terms and conditions apply. Call 6297 0198 for enquiries. Visit in-store for more details. Located at 73 Haji Lane, S189266.
although staying in clementi for many years, i never notice about this porridge store existed till my friend told me about it about 2 years ago. the porridge is quite smooth and tasty. i like their pork porridge but i will always ask aunty to skip the organ parts because i do not eat them but other than that the porridge is really nice especially for such a cheap price of only $2.20!Spending: Approximately SGD 2.20(Dinner)
This coffee stall is just next to a oyster ork lua and fried carrot cake as we ordered our dinner from them. The ice milo sold here is one of the best i had tried in a hawker center. It is made with generous amount of milo which make the drink tastes the fullness of milo and the sweeten milk. The milk tea is also very good as the tea leaves are strong enough to give the nice aroma and it tastes like a milk tea from a Hong Kong restaurant which is slightly on a lighter taste. The service is good too as the man server was friendly and we usually dont get such friendly services in a hawker stall in Singapore Spending: Approximately SGD 1.10(Dinner)
Located in the buzzling Clementi Food centre is this stall called Soon Lee selling Hainanese Porridge. Their porridge is a comfort food for me. For $2.50 (including egg inside) it\'s really tasty and value for money. They do not practice self-service as their porridge is all cooked on the spot upon order so required some waiting time. I waited for about 30 minutes before it was served to me, piping hot. The rice is boiled till disintegrated yet retaining the grainy texture. So it\'s not exactly the smooth type of porridge. Their pork meats are fresh and savoury which is also another factor why it attracts the crowds. I must say that Soon Lee porridge is my choice of food when I felt that I have eaten too much oily food or during cold weather. Spending: Approximately SGD 2.50
I can get frustrated when it comes to waiting for my food but this is the one of the few stalls which I am willing to wait patiently. I have been patronising this stall since school time. I have only tried their pork porridge and has been eating since then. I love their meat ball and the texture of the porridge, it is not too "gluey" andnot too watery. Customers can also choose to add a raw egg, and as it will be half cooked by the time it is being served. Half hour waiting time is normal for this stall so make sure you are not in a rush if you want to eat this porridge.
I do not know about you but i do want my dry prawn mee to have a little of ketchup taste and not just pure chilli. If you too, have such a preference then you would not like this prawn mee as well. It is pricey, for $3.00, you will only get 2 prawns and 1 piece of pork ribs and a few slices of fishcake with kang kong. It is not one of the best but this stall has its own supporters, i wanted to order Lor Mee but it was sold out much earlier so i ordered a dry prawn mee instead. And, i waited about 10 mins for my prawn mee. The soup has no taste of prawn. I would not say this is disappointing but it is not as good as those big names for prawn mee. Spending: Approximately SGD 3.00
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