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They are already open on the 2nd day of CNY.
Under the Ichiban Boshi group, they also sell CNY Yusheng

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11 Feb 2013 15:42:22

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They are already open on the 2nd day of CNY. Under the Ichiban Boshi group, they also sell CNY Yusheng
Their japanese dishes are surprising, very refreshing and good. Worth a visit!
Famous for its ramen. But their rice set is also totally yummy!
After a good badminton session, we were hungry and decided to try out this relatively new Japanese restaurant at Northpoint level 1, which often sees long queues. Fortunately there was only 1 family in front of us in the queue at about 1.30pm. The service staff told us that a table would be ready for us soon as they "were preparing it now", but the "soon" became about 15 min and we got even hungrier.

Luckily the food were served quite fast after we ordered. We ordered 1 bowl each of the following: Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen, Curry Cheese Ramen and Crabmeat & Mushroom Omelette Ramen (forgot the nice name they gave to this last ramen ).

The Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen and Crabmeat & Mushroom Omelette Ramen's soup base actually tasted exactly the same, other than the added chilli on top of the spicy tonkatsu version. My friend and I both felt that the soup base was a bit diluted, and the aftertaste was very oily for me. I had the Crabmeat & Mushroom Omelette Ramen without spring onions. There wasn't too much of crabmeat or mushroom in the omelette, most of the time I was merely eating the plain fried egg.

As for the Curry Cheese Ramen which another friend ordered, I tried some of the soup & it was better than ours, thicker with a good Japanese curry flavour. However he thought that it was only average when he finished his bowl.

Overall we all thought this restaurant is nothing much to rave about, perhaps the long queues especially at meal times had given people a wrong perception that it would be a great ramen place.

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The ramen that men-chi serves is simply delicious! The soups are very tasty too. I love the char siew, very soft and tender and big piece too!

My girlfriend loves their curry cheese ramen, I tried the soup, another thumb’s up dish. The soup is thick and tasty, not too spicy and the cheese when mix with the noodle, sticky and yummy.

They also have a wide selection of sushi too. You can choose to take away the sushi for supper or next day breakfast!

however this restaurant the seatings a little limited, best to avoid peak hours!

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I admit, the setting of this restaurant is really attractive and I can't help but to think that the interior designer of this store is really smart to make a open-view of the restaurant while people are walking up and down of the escalator near it and to and forth outside. Every time I pass by, I said to myself that I have to go try their food someday! It is really tempting.

However, after trying... I don't think I would make a visit there again.

2 Reasons of not going to this restaurant again:

Weird service:
I have no idea how they trained their waiters/waitresses. When I went there with my boyfriend at dinner time (around 7pm), there were still a few empty tables of six and the waitress that was serving us told us to sit with another pair of customers just because "it is dinner time so...."

We were closely packed between two pairs of customers with a very narrow space to walk through. Even though their service is readily available, the waitresses seem to be quite blur and do not get the situation well. Boyfriend made a quirky request to have some sugar because he does not drink the plain ocha... unless it is sweet. The manager who happened to take the request looked shocked and puzzled (as if there's no sugar in the kitchen -.-) and the waitress took our sugar to other tables. It was totally not that kind of service that I expected.

For customer service to be like this made me felt unimportant and not respected as a customer. I am fairly reluctant to pay for service charge, especially after they mistook our request as other table's.

Food is not as nice as I expected
Ordered the Curry Cheese ramen set with gyoza (main course + side dish + hot/cold ocha) @ S$15.90 (without GST and service charge) and he ordered Spicy ______ ramen set with fried chicken pieces.

I almost fainted when I tasted the gyoza. There's ginger in the meat filling instead of the usual vegetables, ALL meat and ginger, how nice can it be to someone like me who do not like to eat ginger?

Limited choices of ramen and their ramen is only so-so too. Nothing special nor heavenly delicious. I would probably prefer thicker curry base with udon instead AND WITHOUT BEANSPROUTS.

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Mother's Day lunch was a simple one at the newly open Men-Ichi near our area. This shop was always crowded with people and long queue waiting to eat their Ramen and Gyoza. So today after our church sermon, we decided to drop by before the weekend lunch queue begins........

Both Mum and Vivian ordered this Tempura Curry Set which served with miso soup and cut fruit. I love the presentation of this Tempura Curry and from the look at the curry sauce you know that you will fall in love with it. The prawns and vegetables are coated with a layer of batter and fried till crispy and golden brown. One good point about this dish is, both mum and Vivian agreed that the items are not oily like some of those served in other restaurants. Overall they are very satisfied with this dish but a little setback is their serving speed are kind of slow maybe good things have to wait slightly longer...

inally here comes my Kyofu Tonkotsu Shio Ramen. According to menu, their Kyoto-style ramen soup is light and shoyu based but rich with collagen and kotteri from the long hours of boiling. In Singapore, there are about four popular types of ramen which are shio(salt based), sho-yu(soya sauce), tonkotsu(pork bones) and miso(fermented soy beans). The one that I am having today is a combination of Tonkotsu and Shio which is the salty pork bones soup broth giving tonkotsu ramen its characteristic richness.

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