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The desserts are worth a try.
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31 Dec 2012 22:32:15
The desserts are worth a try.
Pizza, salads and many other western cuisine! Oh so yummy!
The cakes is a must try esp spike d! D for durain!
Before you step into this cafe, you will be greeted with the friendly smiles from their waitress.Love to come to this cafe quite oftenly as they do offer different choices of set meals during lunch and dinner hoursOne of my favourite choice of soup will be their tomato soup.Filled with generous amount of thick tomato paste in it which is with a bit of sourness and sweetness from the nature tomatoes.The texture is quite thick and great to have it with a piece of french loaf as well.
Those soup lovers who love their soup in the sour version, this will be quite suitable for them, which includes me as well.The soup base is filled with generous amount of smashed tomatoes which is not only juicy and is also very good in vitamin A and fibres as well.Besides, there are also many cubes of potatoes, carrots and beans in it as well, which make this western soup really nutritious and very ideal for all age group of people.
Flipping through the food menu in this restaurant was quite boring as there are no pictures shown on every pages of it.So you will have to image the foods you have ordered base on the description stated on the menu book.Have order their large sausages with mashed potato.The sausages are abit too hard and not juicy.The mashed potato is also abit too dry and the gravy on it is also too little.The whole presentation was nice but the over taste was just alright and I believe there are still rooms for improvement.And the price here is abit too high and not really affordable.May not visit again provided there are promotions going on. Spending: Approximately SGD 30(Dinner)
Big O Cafe serves a wide variety of food, local and Western, and their staffs are very attentive and friendly. I ordered the Sauteed Crab meat Liguine ($18.95). The portion is satisfying, and the taste is good! Not only you get generous amount of crab meat, but the pasta also served with tomatoes, chilli and fresh herbs. It\'s quite a good dish to recommend.Baileys Me! ($14.95) is such star with \'wow\' factors! The baileys irish cream cheesecake is very rich and smooth, the french vanilla ice cream served with the cake is creamily good too. But the real \'wow\' is the baileys sauce that drizzled around the cake. Fully indulged for sure!
my girlfriend wanted to try at this cafe since it looked kind of cozy but when we sat down and looked at the menu carefully then found that there was not much things that we would like to try from there. nonetheless we managed to squeeze out something to order from the menu and i ordered the beef stew with rice. when i saw the rice portion we were shocked, is barely half a bowl of rice, i bet not enough even for a small kid. but the beef stew was not bad, quite tasty but the sauce was too salty so we kept drinking water after thatSpending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
passed by this cafe several times but only gotten to try it recently. although the menu looked quite nice, somehow i had a hard time finding something that was suitable for me to eat so i ended up choosing a bacon sandwich. the sandwiches came with a side of either salad or garden green and i chose latter and it tasted quite horrible cause the veggie was so bitter. the sandwich itself however tasted not too bad and i quite like it but the portion was slightly small
My friend and I went to Big O yesterday. We went to eat pizza as the main course and Spike"D" as the dessert. The pizza was delicious. However, I still prefer a pizza that I ordered at Timbre. Then talking about Spike"D", this cake is very unique. It is a durian cake that is covered with a layer of chocolate all around. I think the chocolate should be a dark chocolate. The first bite on this cake was amazing. I could taste that the chocolate really blend well with the taste of the durian. It tasted sweet but mixed with a bit of bitterness that comes from the chocolate. Which makes it perfect. We planned to buy a Spike"D" and share. However, after the first plate, we go for another serving. Therefore, I suggest this cake to you. It might look simple, but it taste great. Should give it a try. It is not very costly. Enjoy.
My friend and I chose this restaurant because it wasn\'t packed even on a Friday night. So,we easily got a table there. They were a bit understaffed so we had to wait a bit for the waiter to take our orders.While waiting, I looked around the restaurant and noticed their disturbing puppy photos on the wall. I don\'t know understand the reason why they would choose that kind of decor. Anyway, the waiter approached us and took our order. I had the meatball spaghetti because the menu said that it was one of their signatures. As expected, had to wait a while for our order. But it was worth it because their serving was big enough for 2 not-so hungry people. Sauce was very generous, and it wasn\'t sweet. I like how the red sauce tasted of tomatoes and cheese. =D The meatballs seemed like they were baked, I would\'ve preferred it to be crispy on the outside. But overall, it was a good meal. I will defiintely come back soon. Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
https://thechosenglutton.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/big-o-cafe-restaurant/ We’re probably thinking the same thing – why Big ‘O’ Interestingly, being the N.Y.D.C.’s sister restaurant (and conveniently located right across N.Y.D.C. at Wheelock Place), they’ve named this cafe/restaurant after their famous cheesecake, Big O Cheesecake. I’ve never noticed this before today (maybe it’s because they’re being overshadowed by the N.Y.D.C. every time I past the area) – only decided to try this when scrolling through the list of restaurants over the net.Spiced Duck ($19.95++) :: A very typical duck confit, in my opinion. Up till now, I have yet to taste a duck confit that is outstanding and isn’t ‘gelat‘. A slice or two of this is fine. But well, the mashed potato that comes with it helps you in completing the course – that’s the beauty of sides. Hah.Spike ‘D’ ($5.95++) :: Very popular amongst the crowd, we decided to join the club. If you’re a durian lover, this simple-looking cake is for you. Sheltered with a coat of chocolate, the durian in it is a twist of taste for you in this dessert course.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Lunch)
Big O – Ordered a Barbequed Baby Ribs that costs $19.95 with an additional set meal which comprise of a drink and a soup which required an additional of $7. You are allowed to choose either the fragrant rice or the baked potato and I have decided on the baked potato. The baby ribs was quite nice, however, I don’t quite enjoy the sauce that spread across the rib. It’s probably the taste of the spice which I don’t really appreciate it. However, the rib is quite easy to consume. It is ease to separate the meat and the bone. The broccoli soup of the day was delicious but I couldn’t taste the broccoli taste.
That day BIG O was having a special promotion set which is an order of their rocket fuel crushed salmon and a set meal which includes drink and a soup and it costs $24.95. Their salmon are very fresh. I love their crispy salmon skin which is very crunchy with the soft and smooth salmon flesh, it is marvelous. The fragrant salmon smell with the garlic, it is simply heavenly! Ordered their Ice Lemon Tea and you have to add your own sugar syrup if not the whole drink will be quite bitter and tasteless.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
Big O\'s cake seems huge as well but as for this cheesecake its normal size to me this is Bailey\'s Me! Cheesecake served with vanilla ice cream.. chocolate bits... and oreo cookies powder?? the cheese cake itself on top its oreo powder.. overall i love it maybe i should try other cakes too
Big O is good we ordered Barbequed Baby Ribs as well as Bacon Wrapped Chicken Leg the baby ribs were soft and tasty.. served with fried rice. how i wish i can get more if the ribs xD while the chicken comes with a black sauce as well as served with brown sauce.. and potato salad.
I had dinner with 2 friends at this outlet one Saturday, as this was one of the very few restaurants that didn\'t have long queues for food at Paragon. It is not somewhere that I would strongly recommend as I don\'t feel it\'s value for money. This Millionaire Salad was quite pricey, with just small bits of duck & chicken meat, with egg, avocado, and a mix of vegetables. I still prefer my normal Caesar Salad My main course was Big O\'s specialty dish - Barbecued Baby Back Ribs, but frankly I didn\'t really enjoy it. The "pork smell" was too much, even for someone like me who doesn\'t mind eating pork! I prefer Tony Roma\'s ribs haha. Luckily it was a very big portion, at least can justify for the price My friend ate the Seafood Marinara & she said it was pretty good. Well it definitely looked appealing, just that I couldn\'t try due to my allergy...Surprisingly a chicken main course- Chicken Schnitzel, could be the most expensive amongst all the dishes we ordered! Another friend ate this & said it was average, as the sauce they used was a bit funny. Well... how come we had no luck in ordering nice dishes?When we were selecting our dessert from the menu, the Love Bug Mudpie tempted us a lot as it read: "an irresistible combination of macadamia nut and mocha almond fudge ice cream. between them are balley\'s Irish cream soaked biscuits, all this is done on a bed of oreo cookie crust, served with hershey\'s chocolate sauce". Sounds yummy right? Luckily it was really a shiok dessert, though the Bailey\'s Irish cream aroma was very faint. But it was a good choice, finally To conclude, guess this is more of a desserts place than anything else. So next time I shan\'t waste my $ on its main courses anymore. ;)
We had a pineapple upside down cake and a big O cheese cake at Big O after dinner in town. The Big O cheesecake is made up of 3 layers: Chocolate mousse, cheesecake and oreo base. It is absolutely heaven. And the best thing is, unlike many other chocolate cakes or cheesecakes, despite its sizeable portion, its surprisingly not difficult to finish by yourself. Finally a cheesecake that i can eat all on my own =) The pineapple upside down cake was a little on the sweet side, and the pineapple flavour tasted a bit artificial, so i didn\'t quite enjoy it. It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the side.
Nice and spacious environment to hangout with friends and family.Their tomato soup was very yummy, with lots of fresh ingredients in it.Main courses were alright and would have done better.The price was abit high, and fortunately there were some credit cards promotion during my visit.If not, this could have been quite a costly meal.My verdict: 6/10
The soup was thick and tasty.... highly recommended.However think both the main courses still need some improvement.My verdict: 6/10
I have always wanted to try Big O Café & Restaurant, but the timing when i passed by the shops are always not at the best of time, either too early for dinner or too late for lunch. But there was this one time too many, i decided might as well settle two meals at a go. Order the baby back ribs, and it came with some rocket salad and potatoes. Not really my type of dish as the meat was really tough and hard to cut. I had the urge to just use my hand and bite the meat off (But i didn\'t) I love the dessert though! I ordered the Spike D, which looks totally chocolaty and is filled with durian mousse inside. Yummy! The chocolate outer layer is not too thick, so that it do not cover the taste of durian. I guess i wont mind going back for the dessert somedays.Spending: Approximately SGD 25
It was my first time dining at Big O Cafe and frankly, I was really surprised by what was placed on my table- in a good way. I was under the impression that this sister chain of nydc would serve similar standard of food since their menus are relatively similar anyway but I was proved wrong. I settled on ordering the baby back ribs which turned out to be amazing. The meat was firm but tender and came off the bone easily, I practically polished them off. The baby back pork ribs were served in a stack with grilled baby potatoes beneath it, accompanied with a side salad. It was good as the honey bbq sauce went well, it was neither too sweet nor salty. I would definitely make a return visit for more or try the other items.

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The ice cream on waffle was pretty good, but the other food are just so-so~ the environment was abit cramp & it's always long wait anywhere in Paragon but luckily we have great companies ;)

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