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GoGo Frank was established in 2003 to satisfy the craving for sausages with an Asian twist, using only fresh, halal-certified chicken. With flavours like Chilli Chicken, Scrumptious Mushroom, Cheesy Chicken, Intense Tandoori, and even innovative creations like prata-wrapped sausages, one can always count on a delicious grab and go snack from GoGo Frank.

Gogo Franks, Favorite snack to eat goes well with the lemongrass drink!
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18 Nov 2012 11:04:36
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Ngee Ann City # 07-05-02, 391 Orchard Road 238872
Harbourfront Centre #02-02B, 1 Maritime Square 099253
Tampines MRT Station (EW2) #01-02, 20 Tampines Central 1 529538
Lot One Shoppers' Mall #B1-K26, 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 689812
Causeway Point #B1-K27 , 1 Woodlands Square 738099
Tel 6893 0316
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Gogo Franks, Favorite snack to eat goes well with the lemongrass drink!
Yummy sausages with different flavor only at Gogo Franks!
An delicious quick snack.
Can you finish the Hulk Mega Cup filled with sausages? It's a whopping deal!
I loved the blackpepper hotdog balls from GoGo Frank because of their quality is always promising. It is easily cooked which you only need to put it under boiling water awhile and you can consume it already. It is because i was told that the hotdog has been cooked already therefore needed to be heat up only.The blackpepper hotdog has bits of pepper which you can truely taste it which mix well with the meat!
i happened to pass by gogo franks decided to try this mini cocktail sausage. I ordered their full house which has eighteen mini cocktail sausage. The lady asked if I wanted all the different flavours and I agreed. There was the black pepper flavor. I found it a little spicy. The cocktail sausage was very juicy and tasty on the inside. I like the cheese flavor best, it is very cheesy, and when you bite into it, the cheese oozes out. She topped the mini cocktail sausage with chilli and mayo.
I was passing by Gogo franks & noticed their juices. They had a lemon grass orange flavour, Since i love lemon grass, I decided to try it out. It is an orange juice with a slight tint of lemon grass flavour,which is really mild. It was chilled, rightly sweet too. It is a very refreshing drink, I wouldn\'t mind having it more often now .
My hubby & I were in the mood for a quick snack Sunday evening while we were at Vivio city, so we happened to someone eat a GoGo snack, that made us too head to the GoGo kiosk. We looked at the menu & decided to have the mix sausages. We were served with 8 assorted bite size sausages in a cup,topped with mayo & chilli sauce. Wow, it was so delicious. each sausage was so yummy and different. Sausage lovers will definitely love to try this out.Spending: Approximately SGD 3
While waiting for my husband to come, I headed to gogo franks to buy myself a snack. I ordered their sausage balls. It cost me $3 for 8 pieces. There were various flavours available and I opted for the mixed one. I like the black pepper and satay flavour ones the best. The satay flavoured one was very juicy. The black pepper one had this special spicy taste. It tasted really delicious. I asked them to add mayo to give it another flavour. As a whole, it was really delicious cos of the juiciness of the hotdog.
This is a memorable dining moment for me because...I found the perfect sausage prata. Gogo franks has yummy sausages. They offer different wraps or even plain sausages. I had a sausage prata with a cheese sausage. The prata wrap isfilled with a sausage,salad & sauces. Its really delicious & irresistible. The sausage at gogo is tasty, cheesy & juicy,unlike other sausages available in the market. Go Go to Gogo franks :-).Spending: Approximately SGD 4
not a great fan of prata but i think the concept of using prata as a wrap is still interesting to me. the good thing about this store is that there are variety of sausages to choose from and personally i only like the chicken cheese sausage. another bonus point about this store is they always prepare "fresh" meaning they will heat up the sausage and prata when you ordered so you will not be eating cold food
Stopped for a break at GoGo Franks halfway during shopping cos we were uber hungry. I mean, shopping requires lots of energy and energy comes from food right hehehehe.ANYWAYYYY i got myself the spicy sausage prata. I usually get the cheese sausage but wasn\'t craving for cheese so i got myself the spicy one..Hmmmm....not worth it because the sausage was nowhere near spicy OR my tastebuds are just messed up. Lolss. The prata and everything else was good though!
Went to vivo yesterday for some shopping and just couldn\'t resist getting myself gogo franks Made mummy try it and she loved it.yayyy. This time I bought ham instead of sausage..oops i forgot if it\'s turkey or chicken ham though. Have to say that it tasted better the spicy sausage I had a few days ago..This one was something different.Loved it!
i saw the shop was showing a poster that say having 10% discount on the sausages so i decided to try some but after that the staff told me the promotion was only for kids which kind of turn me off because the poster did not clearly state that but nonetheless i still bought the sausages. there was a combination of several types: satay, red meat and normal cheese sausages. i think the cheese sausages tasted the best among the threeSpending: Approximately SGD 6.50(Other)
ordered this chicken prata wrap kind of thing to try. i think is quite a unique concept to combine prata into a wrap form. the prata was quite crispy but slightly too oily for me. inside was wrapped with veggie and a cheese sausages. i quite like the cheese sausages but i think i am not adventurous enough to try it again with the prata
You can choose to have your sausage wrapped in prata and there\'s a bout 5 or 6 sausage varieties to choose from. All very delicious and flavourful. A bit too salty and very hot to handle. Rather expensive for sausages. Would prefer if they had thicker sausages as well. It tastes meaty enough but not fully real meat - there are fillers in the sausages - and for the price, it would have been better if there weren\'t that much fillers. No place to sit and eat your very hot sausage so have to hide in a corner somewhere. If you leave it till it cools, the pastry will get soggy.
I was in Ion the other day and i felt like eating something really Light. So when over to Gogo franks and bought myself a 11pcs Sausage balls mixed. They had black pepper,cheese,satay and red sausage i forgot what flavour it was. BUT MYFAVOURITEONE WOULD BE THE BLACK PEPPER. cos it\'s spicy. I love to eat spicy food. this cost me $4 for 11 pcs. For those who hasn\'t tried it yet.Go and try it now.
I like rota prata and I like hotdog. This is a combination of the things I like. It looks weird at first and tastes funny but you will soon like it. Filling too. I think it\'s smart to combine these two together. You can choose which flavors of hotdog you want. I always order cheese one as it sounds nice. Cheese hotdog. But there are satay, bbq and more. All tastes good. Normal price. Not bad.
I am at a loss sometimes over what to prepare or buy for lunch for my children, but I thought this Prata Wrap by GoGo Franks was a wonderful idea. Instead of the usual wheat flour wrap that we usually come across, they have used a familiar local Prata to do it. It is a simple idea but with a local twist and flavour.I had the Turkey Ham wrap which came with freshly toasted Prata, grilled Turkey Ham and lettuce with some mustard. It would be even better had the dressing been curry, then it would make the wrap more local flavoured Spending: Approximately SGD 4
Hougang mall used to have this store,but closed down i like their 5pcs chicken cheese sausage balls & prata wrapped sausage ,inside there\'s sliced lettuce and mayo The prata skin is thick & nice,sausage is big & chewy Their cheese sausage ball when bite,the cheese will melt out, but their price is abit expensive $2++ for few sausage is not very worth they also sell packet of frozen sausage,3 for $10 overall i rate 7/10
I like rota prata and I like hotdog. This is a combination of the things I like. It looks weird at first and tastes funny but you will soon like it. Filling too. I think it\'s smart to combine these two together. You can choose which flavors ofhotdog you want. I always order cheese one as it sounds nice. Cheese hotdog. But there are satay, bbq and more. All tastes good. Normal price. Not bad.
Overpriced at $4 for a decent sized hot dog. You could get the same at Brad Talk for $1.50! But it does taste alright. The cheese ones are pretty good as the cheese is stuffed into the hot dog and oozes out when you bite into it. The sweet chilli sauce is alright - very Asian. The hot dog is nestled in a bun that appears to have been steamed after being baked to keep it hot. There\'s not much in the hot dog except a little bit of lettuce. Service is polite and efficient. There are other flavours of sausage to choose from - black pepper, cheese, plain, etc... Not really recommended unless you really need a quick fix and have a severe hot dog craving. There are better hot dogs out there!
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