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Delicious burgers taste as good as it looks! Matcha latte's good too!
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18 Dec 2012 08:56:23
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Nex #b2-48/49, 23 Serangoon Central 556083
Century Square #01-37, 2 Tampines Central 5 529509
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Delicious burgers taste as good as it looks! Matcha latte's good too!
It is a pity that Freshness Burger at Causeway Point has been closed down. The main outlet at The Central is the only surviving store now. This means i would have to travel all the way to there whenever a craving hits. Freshness Burger served one of the healthier burgers among the fastfood chains. The ingredients used indeed are the freshest. I always go for their Classic Burger that came with a thicker patty together with a melted piece of cheese, a slice of tomato and lettuce. Though their prices are higher but the quality made it worth the value.
At first, i thought that the burger was just like any other burger. Its the omelet bacon burger. On first bite, i did not expect the juice to lick out. The burger was so juicy and the sauces was thick. Barbecue sauce. And, the omelete was not just an ordinary egg. It hasrich flavour in it. The burger taste SUPERB~ The burger wa quite big too. The omelete and the baco and the barbecue sauce left me speechless. Go try it. Its a different taste and feeling from other burger
staff very friendly and helpful - always smiling and even small-talked with me, asking about my day etc.. love their bacon omelette burger -size is just nice for ladies, very flavourful, egg is soft and tender, beef adds to the flavour while the lettuce makes it crunchy - a great combination!! like that its not too heavy on the stomach, I still feel good and healthy after the meal. macha latte - love the milky taste and its not too sweet. good quality and slightly premium burgers ambience is great - love the covers they play in the outlet
Bite into a burger made with freshest ingredients and served hot off the griddle top!
With the freshness stated on their burger, you will certainly have high expectation that the foods serve here should be very fresh and good.Tried their fish burger and was quite agreed with this.The lettuce and sliced tomatoes are fresh and juicy.The fish cutlet used is abit too small but the fish meat is crunchy and fresh.The bun is the usual which does not have any x-factor to it, other than it is really soft.The price here is abit too high as the burgers here are not really big and do not really fill your stomach well.Good effort by them but really look forward for more satisfying meal here.Spending: Approximately SGD 4(Lunch)
They carry pretty good burgers. Love their wide range of sauce. somehow, it gives a healthier feeling as compared to other fast food restaurant. I don’t know if it’s just an imaginary difference but i’m pretty sure, at least for the thick fries, that absorbs lesser oil. Price may be higher than other fast food restaurant but i’ll definitely visit again.
We has the classic chicken cheese burger, baby cakes (rosti) and mashed potato. The chicken was hot and tasty, the bread was fresh and soft, overall i must say the burger was really delicious! The baby cakes were too oily though they tasted good as well. Mashed potato was average. We also had the summer berries soda and cold earl grey tea. The summer berries soda was too sweet for me, whereas the tea was refreshing. Good service as well, overall it was a good dining experience and I will definitely patronise again!Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Dinner)
How about a burger for younot an ordinary burger but FRESH burger )) freshness burgers have been seen to set up quite a few outlets in Singapore, and today i finally get the chance to try the fish burger ^^ ....Unlike mcdonald. the burger\'s top layer bread is with sesames that made a good combination with the mayonnaise sauce. As for the fish, is was abit over fried and resulted a hard texture instead of the juicy one i imagined. so quite disappointed. Nonetheless, i will still give a chance to freshness burger and considering trying other burgers the next time i patron freshness
We got some vouchers so that we can get a Tori-Katsu Burger at a very cheap price of $1.90. Their Tori-Katsu burger is as what the restaurant name suggests - FRESH! It was a simple burger - soft fresh bread with nicely fried breaded chicken cutlet top with a generous portion ofmayonnaise accompanied with fresh crunchy lettuce. Quite nice! will visit the restaurant if I hunger for a burger.Spending: Approximately SGD 2(Dinner)
Freshness Burger is famous for serving tasty and healthy burgers using the freshest ingredients. We were there to redeem the vouchers for the Classic Chesse Burger ($7.90) won on the facebook contest by the Freshness Burger. We ordered a coke to share then seated down to wait for our burgers. We were one of the 2 tables there at 5 pm. Our burgers were served in 10 minutes. All their burgers were made upon order to ensure good quality so a certain amount of waiting time is expected. The Classic Cheese Burger was bigger in size as compared to Bacon Omelette Burger that we had the last time. The buns were still warm when i held it using my hands. The melted cheese accompanied with a freshly grilled patty and fresh lettuce and a thick slice of juicy tomato sandwiched in between the toasted pumpkin buns. It was happiness to enjoy such a burger. Their burgers might be a little pricey or the portion might be a little smaller as compared to other fast food joints but it is still much cheaper here then in Japan. This is my prefer choice for a unpretentious and healthier burger.
I had always been pretty curious about how good this burger joint is, so when I had to settle my lunch at The Central alone, I decided to give it a try. As the counter staff in the joint told me that Spam Burger is one of their popular burgers, and no other burger joints have such items, I ordered this to see how good or weird it may be, together with fries and iced earl grey tea.I like the bun! The Spam Burger is pretty tasty too, but 1 thing I don\'t like about it is that as the egg was quite runny, my table was in a mess when I was eating & I had to keep covering my mouth to prevent the yolk from oozing out! The fries were similar to Mos Burger\'s, which I like, but maybe a bit soft compared to Mos. It was good that they did not add syrup to my iced earl grey tea but gave me syrup separately in case I need it sweet. The overall experience is good and I would surely go back to try other burgers in the future. Spending: Approximately SGD 7.50(Lunch)
Freshness Burger\'s Spam burger epitomizes comfort food at best: soft buns sandwiching tender, salty luncheon meat with runny egg oozing out with every bite. Oh boy. I would gladly return for many, many rounds of this. The onion rings were fabulous as well. Unlike those from a familiar fast food chain, Freshness Burger\'s version of this dish are prepared from fresh, sweet onions, which are then encased in a light and crisp batter. Worth every calorie, I say. If only the serving was more generous!
I am not a fan of their burgers but i do enjoy the fried onion rings quite abit. This is probably one of the nicest fried onion rings if not the nicest amongst all the fast food joints. A real onion is being sliced and coated with a thin layer of batter and fried well. If you eat it soon enough, you can taste the nicely crisp texture pretty well. A nice snack if you want something extra. Recommended.
"the introduction of freshness burger gives another choice for fast food" i thought. yup, undeniably, the food is good but i\'m deeply disappointed by the poor standard of hygience! can you imagine seeing swamps of housefly in a fast food restaurant?? really spoils my appetite! i was pinning high hope from my last visit at nex which was a good experience. great food and nice ambiance. overall, the food is worth a try. i suggest a take-away though. try the terriyaki burger! price.. reasonable. service...quite good. high efficiency.Spending: Approximately SGD 8
i saw reading newspaper & saw that they recommend this fast food so decided to go for a try i think that it look like mos burger but was really disappointed we ordered teriyaki chicken burger it was really just so so only ,burger bread was not soft & wedges was not well cooked i think their drink menu was quite little,not much choice Spending: Approximately SGD 6(Lunch)
Freshness Burger launched a promotion on 0.46 cents burger selected from the hamburger range with any drinks and sides purchased on the National Day. Expected to see queue but surprised by its quietness when i gotten there near 5pm. I was the second person in line waiting to order. As this is my first visit thus i made my order based on certain reviews i came across online. I went ahead to order a Bacon Omelette Burger and Cheese Burger together with Onion Rings and Chicken Nuggets and Orange Juice as well as Cranberry & Lemon Soda. I enjoyed the Cranberry & Lemon Soda quite abit. Please, do not drink it straight, you have gotta stir it well else you might be turned off by the bitter taste of soda. The Onion Rings were nice, they sliced the real onion into rings and coated it with a layer of batter and fried it well. The Chicken Nuggets were pretty plain but tasted alright. I prefer the Cheese Burger to the Bacon Omelette Burger. I loved the caramelised onion rings with a slice of thick tomato, lettuce and cheese. The patty was a little too thin, even thinner than the slice of tomato thus very little beefy taste. And, the Bacon Omelette Burger is mainly a scrambled egg made patty with bacon bits. It would be good if an option is given to upgrade the hamburger range burgers to the classic burgers at a cost. Overall, it was a refreshing experience tasting the burgers at its freshness in celebration of the 46th Birthday of the nation. Spending: Approximately SGD 13.72
This burger has won over my taste buds and I think I will be coming back here soon. I have tried the cheeseburger, which is simply a smaller version of the classic cheese burger. The classic burger has a thicker beef patty, which is kept juicy and tender and everything nice! It comes with a slice of tomato, onion and lettuce. It does not look very big, but it is fulfilling and so delicious. You can add a side dish and drink for a complete meal, at $2 off the total bill.
Foods here are only prepared upon order.However still can\'t feel \'any X-factors\' after eating their burgers, fries and nuggets.Their soft drinks are served in \'too small\' cups which I feel that they should at least upgrade their small drinks to at least 16ozs.Currently all drinks are served like a \'kid\'s meal\' drinks.My verdict: 6/10Spending: Approximately SGD 12(Lunch)
stumbled upon this new fastfood outlet in NEX. ambience quite nice unlike most fast food outlets.. but ordering and service is kinda slow tried the set meal. burger bun is soft, meat normal taste, greens are very fresh. but size rather small for the price. overall ok. "hokkaido" fries is thick and crispy. nice! onion rings taste normal, nothing to shout about. perhaps will give more satisfaction if can have promotional prices..Spending: Approximately SGD 8(Lunch)
This outlet is quite small, with the seats quite closely packed. Located right beside McDonald\'s, a nice fight between the two fastfood chains. Ordered the hotdog, different from the usual burgers. Was not a bad choice, but I find the beef burgers better still. The hotdog was topped with onions and pickles. The bread was soft but nothing special. Sausage was big and juicy, with a little peppery taste.
There is a m1 promotion - buy 1 burger and have the teriyaki chicken burger free. I ordered the cheeseburger, while my friend ate the teriyaki chicken burger. The cheeseburger is really quite good. The beef patty, though small, is very tender and well seasoned. You can taste it quite distinctly even though it looks really small. Together with a big slice of tomato, caramelized onion and pieces of lettuce, it gives the burger a little more crunchiness and juiciness.
Freshness Burger is a new fast food burger contender from Japan to enter the Singapore market. I\'d tried it previously in Japan, and I can say that the Singapore experience is not markedly inferior. Think of Freshness Burger as MOS Burger but with a nicer ambience, and you\'d get a good idea of whether or not you\'d appreciate Freshness. It even has it\'s own Freshness Burger \'Freshness Burger\', which is like Bolognaise and a thick chunk of tomato between two soft, toasted buns. Sound like MOS Burger\'s MOS Burger? Tastes like it too. One differentiating factor is Freshness Burger\'s Fried Potatoes, which are delicious and a side worth ordering. They are full in flavour and actually taste like potatoes, even showing some skin. As wedges they aren\'t crisp enough. But they\'re called Fried Potatoes, not wedges, so I\'ll give them a pass. As their own thing they are delicious enough. Burger wise the selection is limited and ordinary. Outside of the humongous $12 Classic WW Burger (a giant double patty big mac clone I think), the burger portions are generally too small and not satisfying. Outside of soft drinks, the drinks here are interesting and different, like their Matcha Latte. They are also very expensive and not value for money, being small and ordinary by premium drink standards. Only for big wallets. At the end of the day, I would still recommend them over Burger King or McDonalds, and they win MOS Burger in atmosphere and ambience. For more food photos, check out Omnivoracious (!Spending: Approximately SGD 9(Lunch)
Freshness Burger is a japanese fast food joint and opened its first outlet at Serangoon Nex. After hearing about the raves from my friend who dined there once overseas, we decided to try out the joint at Serangoon Nex.

The ambiance of the place is really nice, like a old school chill out cafe like spot and was pretty quint and relaxing.

The burgers here are expensive, and i ordered the fish burger ($4.90) while my friend bought the cheese burger ($6+?) and a coke and avocado salad.

The cheese burger, according to my friend, was delicious. The patty was thick and fat and less fatty and oily as compared to other burger joints.

My fish burger was great too, apart from tasting a bit fishy, the fish was fried to perfection, with the batter being crispy and the fish being soft and juicy. There was also a delicious egg mayo filling and a healthy serving of fresh greens in the burger. Definitely a healthier choice as compared to MacDonalds.

The avocado salad (which i forgot to take a picture of) was delicious! They have the tastiest sauce and the avocado was fresh and delicious. The salad also had cherry tomatoes and lettuce. At $3 a small bowl, it isn't the cheapest salad but makes up for the price with great taste.

My only gripe is the fact that they do not offer side meals and the drinks are pretty costly. You can however ask for plain water which they offer free of charge.

Will be back to try out their signature cheese burger when i'm feeling a bit richer.

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